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Not bad, but you really have seen all this before.

December 22, 2002

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I'm not usually one of those people that separates a film into sections, stating that 'the film is great until it falls apart during the final reel...' but for a film as promising as the Wicksboro Incident I feel that my hand has been forced. The film is shot with apparently no budget and what appears to be three guys and a video camera, though according to the credits there were a great deal more people involved in the production. The concept of the film is great, the execution is well thought out but the last third of the film sort of lapses into a prolonged first person perspective cat-and-mouse chase that made me motion sick. This, however, should by no means stop anyone from watching this film. Bobby Harwell is amazing as Lloyd, the senior citizen that decides it is time to finally break the silence he has been keeping for the past forty years, in that he pulls off a performance that any no budget film maker would kill for. This is good stuff.

Kurt Weller
Kurt Weller

ÒThe Wicksboro IncidentÓ, Richard Lowery, Vanguard Cinema. Boozehounds roadtrip taking the walk well outside the park, i.e. Wright Patterson USAF Ohio? Read: Dulce Base New Mexico, also site of a legendary mass killing of military/civilian personnel "by aliens". The standoff at the OK 'to clone humans' Corral--whatever. Junta hotpoint at any rate. Terrain likely indistinguishable from the disputed or non-existent town of Wicksboro Texas ~175 miles West of Odessa. Dulce NM is about the same longitude as Wicksboro is reported. [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dulce_Base]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dulce_Base[/URL] [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wright-Patterson_Air_Force_Base]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wright-Patterson_Air_Force_Base[/URL] "'...A deal was made with them in the latter part of the 1960s (Probably a revisioning of the 1954 treaty, which was in turn an outgrowth of the secret Bavarian Illuminati treaty with the Grays in 1933. - Branton). In exchange for technology, we would cover up the existence of the aliens.' Apparently this agreement -- engineered by an arm of government so covert that even the President may not be on the 'need to know' list -- also sanctioned the abduction of humans, which the aliens rationalized as an ongoing monitoring of a developing civilization. We asked only for a list of the abductees." "In 1973, the deal soured. 'Hundreds of people -- thousands -- were being abducted that weren't on the list. In 1978-79, there was an altercation between us and the aliens, in which they killed 44 of our top scientists, and a number of Delta force who were trying to free them. I'm not sure where this altercation occurred -- it could have been Dulce, or it could have occurred in Groom Lake"...from "The Dulce Book" So there's a 20 year gap. Wicksboro may have been a covert project more like a commune, and brokered a deal with map makers and the USGS to remain a secret hideaway, like a government safehouse or extraterritorially owned private property working hard to maintain its cover and absence from the record. Was the Hearst Castle another location for preparing the ground for the breakup of America? The site itself is important for American Public History regardless the events particular to Lloyd Peersaw's account, what was its inception, purpose...who founded, erected and operated and for what purposes? Is it indeed a hideout city for the european insurgence? [URL=http://www.hearstcastle.com/[/URL] Wicksboro gets lost in an incredible story of early WWII electronics involving microwaves and a conspiracy involving the remote ability to focus in on a humanÕs brainwaves using a portable suitcase device. The project was stolen and recodified under the insurgent coup controlling American government clandestinely, a member of the Wright Patterson design team went missing, the man in this documentary was used as a guinnea pig in an attempt to silence him or kill him. This is how vengeful eurotrash war criminals take out their petty lunacies where no one can arrest them, they use the government/military infrastructure to target Americans right inside the defense establishment. Obviously the free-range chicken nauseations turned the device on project scientists for kicks, and Lloyd Peersaw was the second out of two human test subjects rolling over the tasks of trying out the technology while also eliminating the trail of evidence and others in the know. In those times, an MP would have been within the law to aim and fire--one less piece of eurotrash carrying a grudge past V.E. day. The population was used to test the device mentioned in "The War in 2020" by Ralph Peters, an electronic weapon that kills almost instantly and over a wide area, basically rendering the neutron bomb obsolete. In the arithmatic of containing information, the testbed facade out in nowhere is the human test population too. That is Lloyd Peersaw's greivous conscience. Possibly EMP tuned to resonances and saturation boiling everybody's brain. Microwave energies have what's called a 'skin effect', so the wave travelled over surfaces and the ground, for the most part (or wave group maxima)avoiding the bomb shelter where Lloyd just happened to be, , but not without putting a permanent burn on his arm where his wristwatch was. And it seems it nearly killed him too, by his reports of the pain in his head incapacitating him. The device would have evolved in technology and tunability, by today it has surely become the instrument of torture which motivates so many troops' suicides, a natural escape pattern when a human realizes they are being attacked with something that elicits indescribable fear and dread. It is also illegally targeted on the population, troops who return home, and likely the motivator to drive terrorist school shooters to commit their atrocities in bargaining for release from the device's control or in any afterlife, where they don't want to endure it either. Sunday, October 4th, 1953 7:30AM MST; all the government secret employees planning for a day off, sleeping in. But not Lloyd who had burnt the Saturday night oil working on the project down in the bomb shelter with the titanium lid. 20 seconds of sustained emission described as 'an eternity' (third degree burns on left wrist, the watch immediately torn off and thrown). The interveiw subject is still under certain restrictions to avoid mention of any bodies, he can mention the half eaten breakfast, the full coffee cups, the idea of an impression of a human in a bed, but he can't say he saw the bodies. But there must have been, poached like fish and probably still steaming. He must have bargained to be set free and go take an assumed identity in LA. He wouldn't have walked nor escaped the test controllers and observers along with their gunmen. His father did research in high frequency weaponry, microwave weapons. Sister claimed dead of a mysterious illness or shuffled into new i.d. program. He can't take his story to the mainstream media because he is still an item of security containment risk and instead has to play this game for their purposes, not his. And their purpose is to threaten and intimidate the public on the legacy of post WWII, Korean era war crimes perpetrated in America, as is their purpose to hold a knife to every American's throat through their drinking water supply that only needs to double its concentration of fluoridation to become a chemical weapon of widespread lethality across all ages and toxin susceptibilities. His so called alpha-penetrator is probably a design for an advanced polygraph technolgy using early magnetoencephalography, there is a head mount on the top, it's not a dish. The green/red breakdown is for identifying a neural wavelet state that indicates a person is deliberately lying. It's a peaceful application he's pround of and allowed to euphemize as something otherworldly. The suitcase is suspicious in that with all the ham handed deception being counter intelled, it more likely attempts to cover the miniaturization of the EMP into a suitcase form the same way the atom bomb was. His work was probably trying to suitcase an EMP/Scalar weapon of mass biohazard destruction, and it would have also been of a strategic materials (i.e. nuclear powered) energy source. Any shops working on hot material would have also been a radiation cleanup and disposal problem, another reason for why the town may have had to be destroyed. Or the technology violated the Navy's compartmentalization of Tesla technology, possibly hooked to the power grid or generators on military transports, even directing beam pattern through radar dishes at the town. The town or its reality remains an unresolved question at 00:28:37 when Peersaw tells the film team they are right in the middle of where the town used to be, and it is just desert prairie, flat, overgrown, no development and no remnant structures. There is no effort to fly over the terrain, photograph and scan for feint topographical declevities or soil irregularitiesÐand there appear to be sediments in the ground film of areas disturbing the natural vegetationÕs coverage, cumulation of concrete dusts, whitish, with depression and no dry wash or other cause due to ground water or runoff. The film crew is passing up details trying to play on the old manÕs booze habits or taste for wine. ItÕs a farce, not a documentary and therefore must be trying to hide something. The scare about aliens among us being profiled by a handheld toy is not tested against an intert object to see if it is just a random number generator and noise maker. It must be, because the whole concept is nothing more than a foolish cover for racism and eugenics, an excuse to peruse the public and label them or even reclassify and ship them off to prison camps. It's a joke, but the counter intel intensions must have been warmed over fascism nipping at America's heels. Such sins do get burried, but the arrogance and xenophobia never gets it though its thick head. The theories espoused however are more at risk of suggesting the crypto-fascist, i.e. racial theosophies on loan from the defeated former enemy in WWII that got infected like the mumps into the American military and intelligence community. ...they do find something...the old bombshelter door is dug out and opened, they are in the room, why the town was destroyed surely must lead to other embarrassments the government had to erase, like eugenics and insurgent naziism, a place out in nowhere to fool around. Montauk Point was the site of a hitler youth camp for hell's sake, on Long Island. What else? A fairly well acted drama, a docudrama that did hire a helicopter and at least 10 other extras. The dowsing trick is a fake, no licence plate on the white sedan, or blacked out. WeÕre given an FBI warning about copyright, citing statutes on the books, on a DVD loaded with evidence of three murders...we are to believe...or trick photography digitally edited..we donÕt know. We do know Kennedy was hit from the knoll with an explosive tipped sniper round, defeating the magic bullet propaganda. Maybe they killed Lloyd too and think they can get away with anything and brag about it, is he used for the film's example? What happens when people talk? Can we have that in this country on parade this way? Can we even have the non-disclaimered special effects simulation of it, misrepresented in a false and demeaning way to intimidate? How far will it be able to test the limits of Ameircans' patience? This is the criticality in the buildup here with the energy transportation holdup and monopolism. Those economics are driving us to its coming out party specifically for that purpose. There appears to be a head shot of Lloyd Peersaw (formerly Joe Newman) captured, no disclaimers, so it is a snuff flick or it is drama. The DVD does not rewind nor step forward evenly, however it is formatted, it doesnÕt rewind or step-forward normally. So what is the pretense of putting a legal warning on a piece of propagandistic trash trying to intimate murder at the general public? The first evidence is a womanÕs testimony about her father (former A.F.) being murdered, but that is cutoff and the DVD stops (the only excuse I needed for getting a free rental by pointing out the defect.) Getting around the defect we continue with the Blair Witch film genre that skirts with the publicÕs apprehension of threat without any visible means of disclaimer. The issue is hazardous media in relationship to applied coercion of American citizens and in their own countryÐnot Burma (Myanmar)for example, they didnÕt make this movie. Basically the American people have no need for either a case with what establishment purports its disinformation or domains of military and/or corporate advanced research and development, or assuming that in any way the premise of either national security or their lawful activities in North America and U.S. territories operate by any tenable requirement they actively pursue the publicÕs attention through adverse Ôgrey propagandaÕ or Ôblack propgandaÕ (of multiple homicide or Òsnuff flickÓ category) straying over the line (crossing the legal pale) into an enemyÕs media coercion and harassment of American citizens; essentially by taking pictures or filming their killings out in the open. (Therefore the Black Dahlia case probably accompanied a movie that was either destroyed or put on the lowest shelf as classified and for conditioning loyalty in the coup). That's how the lowest scum try to tie up government as well as their murder victims--but they know what they're good for in return. You could line up American school children on any bus corner in De Kalb Georgia, De Catur County and video your terror squad machine gunning them to death, and read it in the papers in early 2008; and it would break more laws than can be elucidated here in this film review. Yet there is a calling card coinciding with NIU, that is ambiguous or is it not? This video is ambiguous, or is it not? The crooked pool to frighten the public and kill our kids, and float the ufo fable is on very thin ice. YouÕre bluff is called: vessle on land offending in the territory; and it is extremely ripe for Prize and Capture/and all ensuing complications of capturing by force as well as eradication. YouÕre not going to have a joystick as dumb as Bush and company to play with forever. The fact is the imbedded terrorist has to so desperately hide its aggression it stoops to the lowest criminal behaviors in order to amplify as well as signature tag its spite for human rights and the American democracy. It has no alien spaceship for recourse to murder children in the schools, it has to intensively brainwash and torture the potential in a special operative, then it has to sloppily hide and obstruct evidence to lose ends as well as impose media blackouts to cover its big ass everyone can see quite plainly. Therefore it is not any advanced race of aliens trying to take over the planet, it is a bunch of criminal psychotics on vacation in a nothing more than a corrupted government establishment. Robert Patton, Bureau of Extraterrestrial Investigations, never heard of it. Impersonating authority is also something we have laws for, however it is fabricated or presented. ÒFBI WARNING Any commercial use or duplication of this copyright material without prior licensing is forbidden by federal law. Violators may be subject ot civil and/or criminal penalties. (Title 17, United States Code, sections 501 and 506.)Ó Do you really presume to lecture the public on the United States Code with this little farce of imminently indictable horseshit? What about equal protections? ..since you brought it up, guess youÕre going to have eat your words if you play by them wonÕt you.. Thanks for the free rental replacement, I watched the whole thing around 00:13:37 anyway, you owe Hollywood Video $3. keep threatening, it's become amusing [b]The Counter Media Journal of [color=red][u]Critical[/u][/color] Theory[/b] [b]www.freewebs.com/writingindependence/main.htm[/b][url="http://www.freewebs.com/writingindependence/main.htm"] Home of the Counter Media Journal of Critical Theory[/url]

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