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September 20, 2009
I'm not usually one of those people that separates a film into sections, stating that 'the film is great until it falls apart during the final reel...' but for a film as promising as the Wicksboro Incident I feel that my hand has been forced. The film is shot with apparently no budget and what appears to be three guys and a video camera, though according to the credits there were a great deal more people involved in the production. The concept of the film is great, the execution is well thought out but the last third of the film sort of lapses into a prolonged first person perspective cat-and-mouse chase that made me motion sick. This, however, should by no means stop anyone from watching this film. Bobby Harwell is amazing as Lloyd, the senior citizen that decides it is time to finally break the silence he has been keeping for the past forty years, in that he pulls off a performance that any no budget film maker would kill for. This is good stuff.
½ June 11, 2009
At one point I half convinced myself it was real! If you can get past the potential threat of motion sickness it's really a mediocre movie at best. Not the worse I've seen though! Would be interesting to see the plot in a bigger budget film.
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