Sep 15, 2021
This sweaty, sexy, naughty neo noir is a testament to the kind of film that could never be made today. It is so delightfully convoluted that the explanation for the film's machinations continue well into the credits
Sep 25, 2020
It's difficult to dismiss the notoriety - and silliness - of the much-talked-about threesome scene (short and incomplete as it may be), which overshadows the plot.
Jul 17, 2020
Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely riveting.
Aug 7, 2019
Wild Things might qualify as passable Southern melodrama, but Stephen Peters' screenplay is too ambitious by far. It changes the nature of the protagonists so often that the viewer is left in puzzled exhaustion.
Sep 7, 2011
Jan 1, 2011
Convoluted erotic thriller, not for kids.
Feb 11, 2008
The movie is as tawdry as someone else's lingerie, yet not without a certain prurient watchability.
Feb 11, 2008
What I'm supposed to find 'satisfying' is predicated on the idea that almost everyone in the world is trash.
Feb 11, 2008
A sleazy, seamy, flashy, steamy, vulgar exploitation thriller that revels in every minute of its own trashiness and delivers some pretty solid -- if prurient -- entertainment.
Feb 11, 2008
Sly, torrid and original, pic is certain to shake up an otherwise complacent marketplace.
Aug 14, 2007
[It's got] Neve Campbell and Denise Richards making out, all the plot twists and double-crossing of a James Ellroy novel, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards having a catfight in a swimming pool and Bill Murray as a sleazy neck-brace-wearing lawyer.
May 26, 2006
I heartily recommend Wild Things for its fits of teasing and eroticism (rare in American cinema) and for Bill Murray who has a great role as Lombardo's attorney.
Jan 26, 2006
This is one of those puzzle movies that's quite intriguing while it's feigning superficiality -- and truly funny when Bill Murray is around -- but really dumb once it thinks it's being smart.
Apr 2, 2005
May 19, 2004
Wild Things plays like a long Twilight Zone episode with a thick Everglades breeze to it. READ ON (DVD)->
May 12, 2004
One of those films for which the phrase 'guilty pleasure' was invented.
Mar 31, 2004
Aging sexpot Theresa Russell gets the most Skinemax-worthy moment in a picture that purports to humour jailbait fiends
Aug 11, 2003
Good, trashy fun, with gratuitous sex and nudity, a ludicrous (in a so-bad-it's-funny way) performance by Denise Richards, and an implausible noir plot that keeps you in the dark until the final credits. The ultimate guilty pleasure.
May 14, 2003
Apr 25, 2003
Call it gratuitous annoyance.