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June 10, 2017
Beautiful and Sad film. Death of an old way of life.
July 9, 2016
Unconventional western, good but not great.
June 9, 2016
The ENDING??? Why do Movie Directors torture the populace? He had the GIRL? What's with the chastity let's be a PRIEST ENDING?? I'm keeping your 5th STAR! You didn't earn it.
October 23, 2015
Introducing.... Lee Majors & Anthony Zerbe. With Slim Pickens, Bruce Dern, Ben Johnson, & a wild-eyed backwoods pappy in Donny Pleasance! Both Joan Hackett & Heston give solid character driven performances. Good script, editing, and direction - average cinematography & sound.

This is a rough gemstone that deserves to be polished up occasionally. Watch also for the young boy Horace, who grew up to be computer-savvy Broots in the popular TV show The Pretender.
May 9, 2015
Will Penny is an incredible film. It is about aging cowboy Will Penny gets a line camp job on a large cattle spread. Charlton Heston and Joan Hackett give amazing performances. The script is well written. Tom Gries did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the romance and adventure. Will Penny is a must see.
½ February 22, 2015
a deeply meditative western
December 21, 2014
A western from 1968 with an aging Charlton Heston. Not much action, more interaction between a squatter mother and son.
½ November 29, 2014
A very good western with an excellent performance from Charlton Heston that deserves to be more well known.
½ October 1, 2014
You stupid jug-head bastard!

Will Penny is an aging cowboy who believes he took a fairly easy and straightforward job where he spends his days riding his horse along a ranch's line and ensure no invaders or squatters are in the area. He is assigned to sleep in a cabin in the hills. His first trip to the cabin he finds a deserted lady and her son squatting in the cabin. They make a reluctant agreement to stay in the cabin together through the winter and part ways in the spring. After spending some time together, they may change their spring plans.

"You weren't about to do something; were you, because I'd sure like to clean your plow for you."

Tom Gries, director of Breakheart Pass, Girl in the Woods, Serpent Island, 100 Rifles, Lady Ice, Number One, The Greatest, The Connection, and Helter Skelter, delivers Will Penny. The storyline for this picture is fairly common for the genre and straightforward. The settings were cool, the dialogue was solid, and the characters were fascinating. The acting was excellent and the cast includes Charlton Heston, Lee Majors, Joan Hackett, Donald Pleasance, Bruce Dern, and Slim Pickens.

"Sharing a blanket don't make us married!"

Will Penny is a movie I grabbed while in the mood for a western. I loved seeing Heston in this setting and genre and his interactions were as noble as you'd expect. There weren't too many memorable scenes but there were some great interaction and dialogue. This is worth watching once but may not be worth adding to your western collection.

"It's just a case of too soon old and too late smart."

Grade: B-
July 27, 2014
my dad's suggestions
July 20, 2014
I love the movie and the cast of actors and actresses do a brilliant job!!!! You must see this movie.
½ March 17, 2014
Nothing special in this western
February 9, 2014
Not an exciting western.
½ January 17, 2014
A wonderful story in a lonely frontier.
February 23, 2013
A romantic Western with a few badies in the mix.
June 30, 2012
This is an okay Western. Very slow paced. Donald Pleasance is creepy as the preacher.
½ May 19, 2012
Charlton Heston tries his game best as an aging cowhand struggling in a rough climate, but the plain truth is that he's dragged down by terrible acting (Lee Majors in a sidekick role and Heston's own stylized wooden delivery) and TV movie-level scoring and direction. Only Donald Pleasance takes full advantage of his part as a gleeful and bloodthirsty preacher. This seems like a missed opportunity not an unheralded gem (as some would have it).
January 14, 2012
Excellent, uncompromising, gritty Western with unexpected touches of warmth. Heston and Hackett are wonderful. Not an especially happy movie, but quietly rewarding.
December 25, 2010
Good movie and one of Heston`s finest moments in his acting career. The ending was bold and original, but it is said the ending damaged the gross of the film. simply because the audience wanted a typical hollywood ending. But that bold choice is awarded with a cult following and proof that the film stands the test of time.
½ August 30, 2010
Add a review...WILL PENNY-Released by Paramount Pictures. Running Time: 112 minutes.
MPAA Rating: "M"-Mature Audiences-Parental Guidance Suggested.(For
scenes of Western Violence and Strong Language). Released: 1968.

-One of the best adult Westerns made to date and one of the more mature Westerns to come out of the 1960's,comes writer-director Tom Gries(who was most known for his television work for TV shows like The Rat Patrol)casts Charlton Heston(in one of the greatest roles in his career,and also he quoted as one of his favorite films)in the title role of a cowboy who patrols for trespassers and rustlers on a huge ranch,who protects two uninvited visitors,a mother and her son from vicious outlaws in 1880's Montana. Gries' son Jon Gries,aka Jon Francis plays the boy while actress Joan Hackett portrays his mother who protects her son from the vicious outlaws(Donald Pleasence,
Bruce Dern and Lee Majors). The film was very good in bring a more darker side of ranch life in the Old West. Excellent character study in one of Charlton Heston's best roles.
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