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Aspires to the whimsy and fantasy of The Wizard of Oz but doesn't really capture the magic… more a fond tribute to 'pure imagination' than a triumph of it.

July 16, 2005 Full Review Source: Decent Films Guide | Comments (16)
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Henry Hollaway

Henry Hollaway

you should go die along with your imagination and happiness which obviously passed long ago.

Jul 29 - 01:16 AM

Sebastian Montesinos

sebastian montesinos

I agree.

Sep 14 - 04:07 PM


Elijah Nelson

Why do so many movie critics think that Wizard of Oz is the ONLY triumph of imagination? The story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is very clever and ingenious, and this movie does a great job of having some of the magic of the novel while also having its own magic to set itself apart from the orignal story.
You can say the same thing for NeverEnding Story, Mary Poppins, Disney's Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland, and yes, The Wizard of Oz.

Aug 2 - 01:56 AM


Rob Schneider

I always thought the Wizard of Oz sucked. I thought the tin man and lion were too camp and cheesy, plus the main character was a girl (and an ugly one) which I couldn't relate to. This movie on the other hand was my favourite. As a kid I was 100% onboard with Charlie, and when Willy Wonka goes nuts I almost felt like I had done something wrong. I don't think another movie got to me like this did when I was a kid.

Oct 25 - 03:48 PM


Frisby 2007

So you're talking shit on the Wizard of Oz because the girl was ugly (which she's not, & show's how mature you really are), & you couldn't relate to the fact that she was sweet, kind, & an adventure-seeking girl compared to Charlie who was an ungrateful, spoiled little prick who deserved nothing more than a bullet put through his head? Makes sense to me.

Apr 12 - 07:14 PM

Mark Propst

Mark Propst

"'s how mature you really are...Charlie who was an ungrateful, spoiled little prick who deserved nothing more than a bullet put through his head?"

Not sure if serious

Oct 11 - 11:38 PM

Greg Dennis

Greg Dennis

but charlie was poor...ur crazy

Feb 16 - 06:44 PM

Colin C.

Colin Chapman

you.. you.. BASTARD!!!!!!!!!

Dec 31 - 10:42 AM

Abbie K.

Abbie Kelly

You are all that is wrong with the world

Jan 19 - 10:21 AM


Frisby 2007

You know if you're going to compare a film to "The Wizard of Oz", then make sure the film you're comparing is actually GOOD.

Mar 20 - 01:32 PM

Facebook User

Facebook User

I see you have absolutely now life. All you do now is agree with critics that hate this film, and bash others opinions

Sep 4 - 06:03 PM


Frisby 2007

Then I guess anyone who also disagree with critics no matter what the score they give this movie, & bash others' opinions no matter what the movie is has no life as well.

Dec 4 - 04:40 PM

Alex Carawan

Alex Carawan

@Frisby2007--A glance at your profile says it all: You have an unhealthy obsession with Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaborations. I want to bet you haven't even seen this movie, just the one with the pedophile look-alike (Depp) and the unnecessary Oompa Loompa backstory.
I mean, really, how can you like the Wizard of Oz but hate this movie? Other qualities aside, the Willy Wonka character was MADE for Gene Wilder.

Dec 5 - 12:28 AM

Nicholas Keane

Nicholas Keane

@Alex C
So true man.

Tim Burton's lost his shit after Big Fish w/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland. He's got all of the special effects and visual design parts down, but all of his character design and stories have lost their impact and meaning. I guess Sweeney Todd was okay, but I wouldn't call it as good as his old stuff.

He needs to stop doing adaptations - he's terrible with adaptations (cept for Big Fish).

Dec 28 - 11:49 AM


Frisby 2007

@ Alex C

Listen Alex, I wouldn't trash this movie, if I haven't seen it. I trashed this movie, because it DESERVES it. All anyone can give me about this shitty movie that's so great is nothing but "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder", "Gene Wilder"!!! This movie has nothing but shitty acting, terrible casting choices, poorly done music & poorly written songs that all sound the same, horrendously bad dialogue, a predictable story, & a laughable plot. Whereas the Burton one had realistic characters with plenty of development (I.E. a more realistic Wonka character), well written songs that have different tones & musical genres, a wonderful score, a sweeter ending that wasn't anywhere near the crappiness & cheesiness of the original book, a Charlie that teaches kids the value of valuing your family & what you have, phenomenal performances, wonderful dialogue, & special effects that overshadow the handful of mediocre special effects of the old one. And FYI, I like all of Burton's movies before I knew he ever ha anything to do with them, heck, I didn't even recognize Johnny Depp. And you know what? I'm not even a FAN of Depp; I simply admire the fact that he can pull off any role he'd given, & do a wonderful job at it. As for his Wonka role, he did better, & I have no idea what the hell you're talking about when you call Depp's Wonka a 'pedophile look-alike'. Depp's Wonka had little interest in the kids (hence him being rude to them, & thus making him a realistic character for isolating himself from humanity), while the Wilder Wonka was sure as hell interested in those kids, too much interest if you ask me.

And sorry, but the Wizard of Oz is a good film, this movie, i can compare it to watching a films with Adam Sandler.

May 30 - 12:34 AM

Dean H

Dean Humble

Whenever I want to reassure myself that I'm not a total idiot, I'll just read this review.

Nov 1 - 02:30 PM

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