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August 29, 2015
good mid-career Bette
April 3, 2013
Shaking my head over this one. What were they thinking when they made this? The script is a jumbled mess that doesn't ever go anywhere, and there are long stretches where nothing seems to be happening at all.
½ August 26, 2010
This movie is terrific. I usually like the independent Bette Davis, but the guy who plays opposite her is a (Fess Parker, of TV Davy Crocket fame) total wipeout as an actor.

Bette Davis had to have been horrified to play opposite this guy. Maybe he was a last minute replacement for someone better, or he was a great friend of the casting manager, who knows?

But he is less than persuasive, unless as playing a returning naval veteran he is supposed to be stiff and wooden. In that case, he did a great job of acting! But I don't think so. If the movie had been better cast for his role, I would have given it a 100.

Even so, you simply won't know where this movie is going until the very end. He isn't the one with issues.... it's HER, as she discovers at the very end.
January 13, 2010
This is definately one of the better Bette Davis movies I've seen. Bette delivers (as always) a very professional performance as a very bright poet, Susan Grieve that doesn't look particularly good (but in my eyes, Bette always looks gorgeous of course) but still manages to swipe the handsome warveteran Slick Novak (Jim Davis) from his beautiful date (Janis Paige). In Susan apartment we very soon get the impression that Susan either was very close to her father as for a big picture of him on her chest of drawers, but nothing of her mother, whom she refuses to talk about.

They soon fall in love and Susan finally feels ready to take Slick to her childhood house, where lots of painfull memories are left.
Slick convinces Susan to tell him all her painfull memories that are stucked in her mind, and then we got to know that Susan hated her mother passionately, and blamed her for being the cause that her father went insane and ultimately died, cause she never cared for either Susan or Susan's father and left him with some other guy.

To Susan's suprise Slick didn't take Susan's side, but gently asked her why she couldn't forgive her mother.

The film took an interesting turn, and Slick told her later that he had always wanted to be a priest.

A really good movie, with a strong ending. I certainly recommend this to all the Bette Davis-fans like me, out there!
½ November 19, 2009
Having just recently seen this film after reading how awful it was and how much Bette Davis herself disliked it, I have to say it's not nearly as bad as is made out to be. Maybe it isn't up to the usual Davis 'tour-de-force' scripts but I thoroughly enjoyed it just the same. It sits in the middle of the 'waning' period of Davis' career but all of those films hailed as 'bad' are still enjoyable as entertainment in their own right. Winter Meeting's plot is somewhat strange and moves in an unexpected direction but this does not detract from enjoyment. I especially recommend it to Davis fans as she gives a lovely performance.
Super Reviewer
June 26, 2008
A little stilted but not nearly as bad as its reputation, just a bit slow.
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