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Winx Club 3d: Magic Adventure Reviews

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½ September 24, 2015
I hate how insulting this movie did to any of the fans' favorite cartoon pairings.
February 21, 2015
Good but prefer winx secret of the lost kingdom
October 31, 2014
I love the wind club
October 24, 2014
Nick chopped this movie from an hour and a half to forty five minutes, changed prince Sky's proposal into an invite for a Princess Ball and overall made this movie wis worse than the original.

The original was pretty poor as well. The winx sans bloom defeat the Trix and then complain that the need Bloom. Get some better writers.
June 7, 2013
I watched this on tv it is awesome. I LOVE THE WINX CLUB
June 6, 2013
this was better than the first movie they made wait who am I kidding it wasn't this one was a little bit stupid for me
October 10, 2012
I do want to see it but it will come out in 2013 in USA
September 26, 2012
June 19, 2012
i like this movie would come out soon i wonder what day what month
February 20, 2012
My daughter loves the WINX CLUB!
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