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July 20, 2017
A man (Joel Edgerton), his wife and his sister-in-law must deal with the fallout after their vacation in Cambodia takes a tragic turn.
½ December 3, 2016
A bit of a jumbled mess. I had a hard time following the story and didn't care much about the characters.
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June 8, 2016
Good performances are the draw in this story that pretends to be about the wisdom of cautious vacationing while in Southeast Asia but is in fact is a typical take on "cheating husbands, what should we do about them?" Interesting if lightweight.
May 1, 2016
Absorbing Aussie mystery
January 8, 2016
Hard To Follow, Shitty Directing...
November 22, 2015
A limp script can't save the earnest performances. No impactful twists and somehow at the end, despite the menacing gang at their heals, a prosaic ending??
October 8, 2015
A slow burning psychological thriller that will have you guessing. The performances are outstanding, specifically Joel Edgerton.
½ August 17, 2015
Very dry film...in which the events unroll rather oddly and the timeline is incredibly difficult to follow. I suppose the one thing that stands out is the genuine acting.
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July 24, 2015
Every couple has a story to tell from their vacation. For Dave Flannery(Joel Edgerton) and his pregnant wife Alice(Felicity Price, who also co-wrote the screenplay with director Kieran Darcy-Smith), it is an unhappy one. Their fellow Australian and friend, Jeremy King(Antony Starr), has gone missing in Cambodia. When Alice's sister Steph(Teresa Palmer) is finally allowed to return home, she not only reports no fresh news on that front, but also some disturbing news on the domestic front.

"Wish You Were Here" is a well-acted and modest psychological mystery that works as well it does thanks to an unsettling vibe and half a neat mystery. Once that has been resolved, my only question remains why people behave so recklessly on vacation like they do in this movie when they are on very unfamiliar turf.
July 19, 2015
Small budget film that makes the grade. The story kind of holds together. Still a bit incredible the things that are blamed on booze. The mystery and explanations is well and timely revealed as memories flashbacks. Most behaviors seems credible. No boring moment. This was a good little film.
July 19, 2015
Small budget film that makes the grade. The story kind of holds together. Still a bit incredible the things that are blamed on booze. The mystery and explanations is well and timely revealed as memories flashbacks. Most behaviors seems credible. No boring moment. This was a good little film.
July 8, 2015
I thought it was well done until the end, which undid everything the movie had tried to build up until then
January 30, 2015
Gripping and tense drama with a trio of fantastic performances led by the Australian gem Joel Edgerton. Full review later.
November 27, 2014
A little slow but great performances.
½ October 2, 2014
Given the grand mystery that is built up throughout this rather ambiguously directed movie, the reveal feels somewhat light and unworthy of the film itself, which is a fair struggle given the lack of pace and energy within it.
September 28, 2014
four friends embark on a holiday only for one to go missing and other dark secrets come to the fore. A decent enough film and some fine performances
½ September 19, 2014
Very average movie. Acting was good but the story line didn't lead nowhere.. Left feeling it was a bit of a waist of time I'm afraid..
½ September 16, 2014
Any Australian film starring Joel Edgerton is good enough to warrant my viewing, and so Wish You Were Here was no exception.

Wish You Were Here deviates between focusing on the investigation of the disappearance of Jeremy King and the resulting effects it had on the characters after. Is structure was intriguing because it meant that the mystery of the film was slowly uncovered while the characters had to cope with their current situation. This meant that the mystery of the film unfolded at an interesting pace which gave the story a gentle movement, and at a running time of 93 minutes it never overstays its welcome. But the issue is that the story is not always engaging. When it focuses on the mystery of the film and the flashbacks to what all happened, it peaked my interest. But when it changed to the individual subplots relating to what the characters were facing as a result of their actions on their Southeast Asian holiday, it slowed down and decreased in interest. A lot of the subplots in Wish You Were Here rely on melodrama or sentimentality, and they are just not as interesting as the thrilling mystery at the core of the film and prove to just make the film drag on a bit. The gradual pace of the narrative is good because the slow burning heart of the film is engaging and gives the film the appropriate sense of movement and development, but the issue that comes with the slow pace is the fact that it is not always interesting. And a film which is both slow moving and fails to grasp a fully interesting series of plot dynamics is not the best form of entertainment. There are a lot of things to enjoy about Wish You Were Here, such as the characters and Kieran Darcy-Smith's thoughtful and intelligent screenplay. But in terms of narrative, the central premise is weighed down by subplots in the story and the melodrama that surrounds it.
Wish You Were Here is a lot like the 2011 Australian tv series The Slap based on the novel of the same name, because that series evenly focused on the aftermath of a traumatic event as it affected the lives of multiple characters. The difference between the structured these stories is that The Slap focused individually on 8 characters and what they experienced after the event as well as how it affected their lives in the aftermath. With Wish You Were Here, the film focuses primarily on protagonist Dave Flannery and the relationship with his pregnant wife Alice which changes after her sister Steph McKinney engages in adultery with Dave and her boyfriend goes missing. As the characters begin to piece together the mystery of what happened, Wish You Were Here goes into an interesting exploration of everything that the characters can remember or have gone through. But when it deals with the melodramatic subplot of the extramarital affair committed by Dave Flannery, it just isn't interesting. The mysterious premise of the film is more fascinating than the characters, and while the cast contribute what they can, it is the story which is engaging and not the individual characters themselves.
But Wish You Were Here does bring a lot of promise to the screen for Kieran Darcy-Smith. The screenplay he crafts for the film is great, and he contributes even more to the role of director by giving the film a stylish touch. Thanks to a lot of strong scenery and some atmospheric cinematography, everything in Wish You Were Here looks good and comes off as convincing and stylish which pays a lot of credit to Kieran Darcy-Smith as a filmmaker.
And as expected, the cast of the film give it their all.
Joel Edgerton's leading performance in Wish You Were Here is excellent. Tying the film together, Joel Edgerton delivers an emotionally intense leading performance which commands the screen. Joel Edgerton fits the profile of his role correctly because his emotions are the fine line between clear and subtle, and his line delivery is appropriately tense. Joel Edgerton's performance is one which constantly suggests that he has something to hide, and it encourages audiences to stay focused on him in an effort to find out what it is. He is easily solid in the part and constantly interacts with the surrounding cast members with natural dramatic talent and therefore creates a firm and engaging chemistry with everyone. Joel Edgerton takes on the leading role of Dave Flannery really well in Wish You Were Here, and he remains so involved in the character that it serves as another reminder of how great an actor he is.
The unknown Felicity Price also makes a fine leading performer. Sharing an intense chemistry with Joel Edgerton, Felicity Price turns in a performance which is rich with passionate dedication to the dramatic material of the film and sympathy. As her character faces the burden of her husband's extramarital affair as well as having to face the disappearance of her sister's boyfriend, she is arguably the most sympathetic character of the story. And while she is perhaps not given as much screen time as she could have been, she makes a compelling case in a performance which makes use of her ability to interact with Joel Edgerton very well. Felicity Price makes use of a lot of powerful dramatic charisma in Wish You Were Here, and her leading performance really makes a name for her and brings her talent to the attention of audiences.
Teresa Palmer turns in a strong supporting effort in Wish You Were Here, and Antony Starr's small amount of screen time shows him facing some really challenging dramatic situations as an actor which he is able to take advantage of.

So Wish You Were Here has a powerful cast, strong dedication from writer-director Kieran Darcy-Smith and an interesting mystery at the heart of the story. But it becomes weighed down by deviating between that and the less interesting character subplots of the film against the slow pace of the story.
August 11, 2014
Extremely simplistic story about the burdens of keeping secrets.
½ July 24, 2014
Pretty good story but didn't quite capture my full attention.
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