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January 18, 2011
. . . Worth watching. That's all I've got to say, for now !!!
½ June 19, 2010
But despite the wealth of raw material here, the emotionally involved and politically motivated movie makers botched their opportunity to make a "Salvador" for Lebanon and the network news.
October 13, 2009
Beirut: It is the 12th year of the First Lebanon War. Don Stevens arrives as a reporter but prefers to stay in his hotel drinking sending back the bare minimum to the states until he gets a chance to interview a PLO leader, Yassin, who claims that the PLO must recognize the State of Israel and renounce violence in favor of diplomacy...the interview makes Stevens a star until it is revealed the man he interviews is an imposter and has brought unwanted attention from the Christian Phalangists. When he tracks down the real Yassin he watches as the man is gunned down in front of him...Stevens searches for the truth angry at being a pawn in this deadly game.

Taking us to the chaos that was Beirut in the 80's the film is held together by Christopher Walken in one of his more subdued roles. Showing the manipulation of the media by various factions for their own ends and the tragic results of of a society that has devoted itself to the gun. Defeinitly one to watch if your interested in the Middle East.

Side Note: The First Lebanon War/Lebenese Civil War saw Christian, Druze, Sunni Muslim and Shi'a Muslim militias fighting one another (the army disolved into the militias) as well as the PLO and other Palestinian terror grouos who had taken refugee in southern Lebanon after being expelled from Jordan and Syria (the Palestinians being the spark that set of the powder keg), seeing Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia back various players behind the scenes and the involment of American, French, Italian (all under UN authority), Israeli and Syrian forces.
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