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This run-of-the mill children's story features little prince Simon (Vidal Peterson) who has had to run away from his kingdom because his father Wulfrich (Edward Morrow) has been killed by the black-hearted magician Shurka (Thom Christopher). Now that Shurka has taken over the kingdom, Simon cannot fight him off alone. So he enlists the help of Kor (Bo Svenson), a lumbering, over-the-hill warrior who still has considerable punch left -- mainly because of his size.


Maria Socas
as Acrasia
Edward Morrow
as Wulfrick/Old Simon/Gulfax
Augusto Larreta
as King Tylor
Mary Gale
as Linnea
Arch Gallo
as Bobino
Rick Gallo
as Malkon
Art Tass
as Warrior
Nick Cord
as Bat Creature
Carl Garcia
as Lizardtaur
Helen Grant
as Rongar's Sister
Art Taas
as Warrior
J.C. Topper
as Rongar's Warrior
Richard Paley
as Rongar's Warrior
Guy Reed
as Rongar's Warrior
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A king is killed by an evil wizard. The king's young son is an apprentice wizard and decides to take on the evil wizard with help from his monster and a somewhat reluctant warrior. Goofy effects and costume design just add to this. A fantasy swordplay film geared toward children (though there is some rather scary stuff and the young wizard does visit a garden where attractive women seem to "take care" of boys his age). The final battle has the worst effects. This one is in my list of PG-rated movies with boobs.


[center][font=Comic Sans MS][size=4][b]Wizards of the Lost Kingdom (1985)[/b][/size][/font] :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :( :eek: :eek: [/center] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]Need a lesson in pure, abject failure?? Look no further than [b]Wizards of the Lost Kingdom[/b], an abysmal, dirt-poor, disgrace of a flick. [size=4][b]:=8P[/b][/size][/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]As we all know, decent moovies tend to sprout horrible, horrible offspring: [b]Halloween[/b] begat many, many bad 80's slasher flicks; [b]Mad Max[/b] begat many, many bad 80's "futuristic wasteland fantasy" flicks; and [b]Conan the Barbarian[/b] begat a whole slew of terrible, horrible, incredibly bad 80's sword-and-sorcery flicks. [b]Wizards of the Lost Kingdom [/b]scrapes the bottom of that 80's barrel, in a way that's truly insulting to barrels. [/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]In which a young runt named Simon recaptured his "good kingdom" from an evil sorcerer with the help of [b][u]a mangy rug[/u][/b], [b]a garden gnome[/b], a[b] topless bimbo mermaid[/b], and [b][u]a tired-looking, pudgy Bo Svenson[/u][/b]. Svenson ([b]North Dallas Forty[/b], [b]Inglorious Bastards[/b], [b]Delta Force[/b]), is a long-time b-moovie muscleman, kind of a poor-man's Swedish Chuck Norris, without the chop-socky. Svenson had his big splash in the stinky 70's, and frankly he looks like 5 1/2 miles of bad road here - Bo looks as if he cud barely summon the vitality to swing his aluminum foil sword. He is chunky (in the finest epic-hero/Lee Horsley-vein), hairy, sweaty, and thoroughly unplesant. I think the man was paid in stale beer.[/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]In spite of these character flaws, Bo manages to defeat the forces of evil, which consist of the evil sorcerer, "Shurka", and his [u]army of badly costumed monsters[/u], giants, and [b][u]midgets[/u][/b]. At one point, a [i]paper-mache bat[/i] on a string attacks, but is eaten by a 1/2 hidden [b]sock puppet[/b], pitifully presented as some sort of dragon. These are some of the "special" effects which plague this film.[/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]The beginning of the moovie consists of what can only politely be described as bits of scenes scooped up from the cutting-room floor of udder bad moovies, stitched together in the vain hope of setting the scene for the film, and over-earnestly narrated by some guy who never appears again. Perhaps he ran away and hid; I would have.[/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][b]Words simply cannot properly convey the jaw-dropping cheapness of this film:[/b] the producers probably spent moore moolah feeding Svenson's ever expanding gullet than on the cheesy fx of this flick. And we're talkin' Brie here, folks...[/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]Just wait until you see the rug, folks, he's a guaranteed smile. Few aliens/monsters in film history have ever been so pitiful. Be that as it may, he just about steals the show from sweaty Svenson and his effete, twee little sidekick.[/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][size=4][/size][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][size=4][b]:=8P[/b][/size][/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]Director Hector Olivera ([b]Barbarian Queen[/b]), sort of an Argentine Ed Wood, presents this mish-mash in a hopelessly confused, confuddled, and cliched manner, destroying any possible hint of clear, linear storytelling. The acting is dreadful, the production levels below shoe-string, and the plot is [u]one tired cliche after another paraded before our weary eyes.[/u] That they actually made a sequel(!!!) makes the MooCow's brain whirl. [/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]James Horner's ([b]Braveheart[/b], [b]Titanic[/b],[b]The Rock[/b]) cheesy moosic from [b]Battle Beyond the Stars[/b] was lifted, screaming and kicking, and mercilessly grafted onto this turkey - bet this one doesn't pop up on his resume. [/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS]Folks, you gotta see this to believe it. The MooCow says as a cheapo rent when there is [b]NOTHING[/b] else to watch, well, it's moore fun than watching dust bunnies mate. Barely. [/font][/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][b][size=4][/size][/b][/font] [/left] [left][font=Comic Sans MS][b][size=4]:=8P[/size][/b] [/font][/left]

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