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½ October 18, 2013
If it weren't for the acting... Wow! I haven't seen a film this bad in a REALLY, REALLY long time. :0/ The writing and cinematography KILLED this movie. If it weren't for the acting, in particular my recent obsession with Nicole Beharie, I would've stopped watching this movie about 30 minutes in. I actually fell asleep on it and had to restart it and finish it the next morning. Decent idea/concept, terrible execution in writing. Pam Grier's performance was very disappointing. If it weren't for the obvious ways they inserted New Orleans into the film (I recognized my alma mater (XU) instantly & other locations) I wouldn't have known the setting. The accents were so disturbingly terrible! The story & plot was very flat. You see the ending coming about 15 minutes in. A poorly written, decently directed, actor-carried film that probably never should have been made. The most exciting thing about this film aside from Nicole Beharie's performance was seeing my alma mater. -__- Sad.
October 10, 2013
woman thou art lose on t

he 7t day
October 1, 2013
Such a good movie. Great plot and solid performances.
June 7, 2013
This movie is deep on so many levels!! Oh how the decisions you make affect your live and family; Secrets and lies can cause unspeakable things to happen. This movie shines light on tragedy, forgivness, judging others and of course relationships. My heart goes out to every parent I know that has had something happen to a child. :( I pray everyday that God keeps my little one safe and healthy. #sigh
May 28, 2013
nice movie good actors
March 31, 2013
I seen it on cable it is good
March 25, 2013
I loved it it kept me on my toes the whole time
½ February 11, 2013
Pretty-Good movie; hyped-up more than it should have been but, all-in-all a tolerable movie.
January 27, 2013
Excellent! Loved the concept.
January 19, 2013
Very enjoyable movie. And I am biased because Blair Underwood is one of my "TV Boos". But even with that bias this was still a really good movie. I'd recommend it!
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½ December 31, 2012
Melodramatic and contrived. It could have been so much better had it not been so dumb. A good cast is victim to a poor script.
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½ December 24, 2012
A good story made this interesting. It was very confusing at times though. Would be nice to see again for additional clarity.
December 14, 2012
This is a good movie!!!!
December 10, 2012
Breaking All Strongholds so we can live again..Great Movie...
½ November 2, 2012
½ October 30, 2012
I think T.D.jake did a good job
½ October 28, 2012
Movie was pretty good, i think it had a good story line going on. It was sad and made me cry in some parts.
October 27, 2012
This is a reality of how you can run from your past but it never goes away.
October 22, 2012
This could have been so much better. The cast was good, but the story just dragged on and on and there really was no reason for it.
October 15, 2012
Loved it great movie!!
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