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½ February 6, 2017
Shocking story about finding lost love in the most bizarre way.
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½ October 3, 2016
Twisted as hell. But you know, Eva Green... I kind of expected it!
Woman gives birth to her deceased boyfriend by cloning him and raises him as her son despite being in love with him. It doesn't end well.
November 9, 2015
Let's not mix words this is an uncomfortable movie to watch and therefore not commercial (spoiler alert for the rest of this review). However this is no reason to write it off. Yes, it is slow paced. BUT for me this an important part of this brilliant film. The subtlety is in the palate....the moments of change are few, sudden, and profound. The acting is top notch. The moral dilemmas are extended to further conclusion in this tale, not spoon fed to you either which is nice. I think it is a worthy addition to the archives.

This isn't a straight forward moral dilemma but layered. I think it is exquisite and delicate. Anyone who sees only one plot line is missing a number of points (or maybe I am reading too much into it but I don't think so).

I am not surprised it didn't rate well but I don't think that is because it isn't well put together (on the contrary I think it is well put together) - it just isn't commercial, it is also controversial and it is quiet.

Controversial in a traditional Oedipal sense - but it does take the concept a bit further culminating in an ultimate rejection, implying that the first true love can never be recreated and that technology doesn't solve that. I very much think this adds to the tale using the implications our technology is presenting to us.

There are other layers here about Tommy's (the original Tommy) mother who does not necessarily want Tommy to be cloned? How does she feel about seeing him again? The reactions are mixed but the implications are clear enough.

The landscape is so very devoid, friendships are few, and the concepts are left to populate the space in a surrealist's impression of a cloned lost love. I don't think the content appeals to many (including myself) but comments by others about script and pace seem harsh given the point that is being made about the timelessness of love (and clearly the weirdness of love in this case) and loss.

I don't know how else to get across the eternal nature of love without the pace of this film (perhaps some are suggesting it could be dealt with in a 30 minute short film). I don't know how else to point out the completeness of the loss without the desolate environment and the pace. By the end there is so much invested in it, when Tommy leaves for the second and final time due to moral conflict Rebecca is left once again but perhaps this time without hope.

I thought the point was that love and loss were eternal....technology gives us (perhaps) false hope but it really is fleeting.

Again, I think it is a brilliant movie well executed but it is not commercial (not for comfortable viewing by couples, families, pensioners, etc). I think it is definitely worth seeing (I was spellbound like some others - maybe it should be classified horror - if you don't agree with me).... just don't go with your mother or son.
September 22, 2015
Very interesting concept. Makes you think about ethical questions and it is emotionally complex and fascinating. It is a slow movie, not many action, not really any sex scenes. They really focus on the ethical, psychological and emotional side of the matter. It is an interesting and grotesque movie.
August 16, 2015
Self-absorbing & unconvincing.
May 2, 2015
Something about this movie had me really grotesquely fascinated. The whole premise is actually REALLY incredibly uncomfortable and kind of gross, but I couldn't bring myself to stop watching. The ending is one of those horrible, "Why did I bother?" non-endings where the movie just stops, but overall it's actually pretty well made... in a really creepy, inappropriate kind of way.
April 12, 2015
I don't know what to think of this. One thing is for sure: I would never clone the love of my life coz I would lose him all over again. In other words, if the love of your life dies, it was coz that was meant to happen and be. Life is to short, don't ruin it. This film is amazing, yes a lot slow (since that's the idea, to let the audience think and judge the character "Rebecca" for making her life an "Edipo Rey" life, psyco, horrific, yet all for the love of her "Tommy"). The script is brilliant, the music score creepy yet wonderful and the cast (Natalia Tena, the other actress of GOT [forgot her name] even Eva Green & Matt Smith, ALL were AMAZING!). I mean, putting yourself on this character's shoes must have been a real challenge! I do recommend this film for the lovers of science, cloning and yet love/creepy romance. Enjoy. - April 12, 2015 review (super late, since is a 2012 film but today I got the chance to see it).
April 11, 2015
There are some very interesting ideas here and one can see the skill and talent right there on the screen. Yet, somehow it never clearly forms and one is left with a dull and odd sort of love story. It just doesn't ever quite work. But, some props are deserved for the efforts.
½ March 23, 2015
I have been wanting to see this for a long time mainly because of matt smith who is great in this. This film is really well shot as many British films are. But that's about it. The story was ok and this film was very boring and weird. They talk for like 20 seconds and then their is a 5 minute silence and then the characters walk away. The setting was sooooooooo dull! I think this film tired to be "indie artsy fartsy" little did they knew they tried to hard. Now why a 2.5 if it's boring well the characters were pretty good and you knew kind of the stuff they were going through. Especially the mother/girlfriend character. Also this movie is weird. From its dull boring setting to its weird flawed story this is ok/ barely passable I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but hardcore boring movie watchers (if there is a such thing)
March 23, 2015
Interesting concept with some nice atmosphere in parts, but it just doesn't really come together. And although Matt Smith does quite well in the playful/childish parts he really seems out of place in the more serious, incestuous moments.
½ December 16, 2014
It was about the dilemma going on between a mother and a son who is a biological clone of his father. When the son grow up, the situation gets worse, his mother is getting sexually attracted to his son, but it is something that is never acceptable in terms of morality, the mother has to endure that all the way. When he growed up, his girlfriend is posing another dimension to this dilemma. Jealousy started to spread through out. But apart from this dilemma, the identity crisis of his son got vanished, he came to know about the dirty secret of his life. But did it bring what the mother wish it could bring when he decided to take the clone of his lover in his womb?
November 9, 2014
an interesting perspective about the effect of love as a form of possession in relation to the approved and unapproved...
August 30, 2014
whoever came up with this is obviously a very sick person.
July 31, 2014
While this film does delve into virgin ethical and emotional territory, most of the drama is caused by the moody and socially isolated nature of the characters, which is well established well before anyone gets cloned.
July 22, 2014
A Creepy incestuous love story.
June 21, 2014
Thought it was fantastic, brooding, and emotionally complex on a level most sci fi movies can't dream of, amazed there are negative reviews of it to be honest, I thought it was something special.
May 21, 2014
the plus side of this movie is its concept. i think, the idea is original and intriguing, touching topics that to some people might find disturbing. The script has potential, but lack realization. the filmmakers didn't do the script justice. i will list the aspects that bothers me. one, acting performance, Eva Green is a good actress, but in this movie there are a lot of close up scenes that hard to pull and sometimes she could do it, sometimes she couldn't. Mark Smith didn't do a very good job portraying his character. the chemistry felt off for me, of course, it's all about preferences, but in a complicated romance movie like this it's crucial. two, the pace, it was so slow, to slow, the are a lot of unnecessary pause, there is a ten seconds shot of a dog, the character's walking in the beach, which was shot from afar (uninteresting, i would be better to have it close up), one person walking away(it take to long), unnecessary paused of one dialog to another(when it should be answered immediately), a lot of emotionless close up scenes (which i think take to long again). three, the sound, there aren't any scores, which was fine if it would feel natural, BUT jumping from one silent scene to loud waves, just no. and without score, it would depends on the actors to deliver emotional or dramatic scenes, and the they failed. so, all in all, it was a very boring movie, it's a good thing i can fast forward it.
May 20, 2014
Beautiful and brutal. I was mesmerized through the whole film, enchanted by its beauty and lost in the emotional horror of Rebecca's longing.
May 8, 2014
You need a quite mind to enjoy this Beauty--Beautiful Train Wreck at Disturbing Junction..A visually and mentally stunning film!!
March 29, 2014
That was one awkward story as the name suggests! I knew it would be something else by watching the trailer and it turned out the same. Clones?? Seriously?? That was well tried and acting by Eva Green was good but I find it very boring ! Poorly Depicted !
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