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June 18, 2016
This film despite some flaws is a must watch - even if you aren't familiar with The Wombles
Mike Batt's score is charming and whimsical while the comedy is down right silly and reminds us of the fun American International produced-Beach Party films

The funniest part of the film is the Japanese couple (played by real Japanese actors) with the husband being a head of a japanese car company, What makes them a riot is the Wife speaks traditional japanese while the hubby speaks Engrish

The main plot is a bit shaky given the actor who player Mr. Banks (who died after the film's release) played the same film structure as he did in Marry Poppins [the stuck up father who gave in to the whimsy out of the blue in the latter half of the film]
but overall, Given the film is typical B-movie cheese
You should at least enjoy the film for it's campiness as well as the brilliant music composed by Mike Batt
November 28, 2012
it was an good movie, it was a good movie, David Tomlinson starred in it, I want it on DVD, it starred Bonnie Langford, Kenny Baker, Brian Jones , it's a ok movie but could be better
July 14, 2007
This film is so cute!
Bonnie Langford is such a cutie in this and it's quite cheesy!
Overall, good kids film, not such a great film for adults
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