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January 8, 2014
Phenomenal.. Kevin Bacon was touching (no pun intended) & Mos Def surprisingly delivered elegantly.
December 31, 2013
Very unusual drama. This film deals with child molestation. Dark, tense and very well acted this film is highly interesting but really not funny in any ways.
December 23, 2013
The story sends out conflicting messages and never really offers a solution or answer which will infuriate some viewers but the strong performance bu Kevin Bacon deserves accolades and for juggling such a sensitive topic and doing so without coming across judgmental on either side of the issue Nicole Kassell also deserves recognition. The Woodsman is definitely not for everyone but for people who enjoy thought provoking and depressing films The Woodsman is a must see.
½ December 9, 2013
The movie is quite interesting, because you get to see the story from a child molesters point of view. You see his anger, pain and remorse and you see how his actions have destroyed his previous life.
I simply love Kevin Bacon's performance. He just acts so realistically.
½ December 1, 2013
Muy buena! excelente música.
November 6, 2013
Even if it's not very explicit, The Woodsman remains one of the most confronting films I've ever seen.
½ August 30, 2013
A very strange story, Kevin Bacon played the role very well, making you feel for his character...
August 19, 2013
Kevin Bacon is fantastic.
½ August 14, 2013
A film that leaves you to ask yourself many questions about the normal mind and instituted judgment of humanity
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July 20, 2013
A child molester adjusts to post-prison life and falls in love with a co-worker.
I applaud Kevin Bacon's choice because this is a ballsy role for a star whose paychecks are secure, but his performance, which is meant to be subtle and aching, comes off like he's squeezing too hard.
The film doesn't make Bacon's Walter a particularly admirable character nor is he someone we might love to hate. Instead, the film's central conflict is about getting Walter to realize the depravity of his own desires, which he does along the way, but his realization doesn't become actionable until the climactic scene. It's an interesting source for conflict, but it doesn't carry a lot of suspense.
Overall, though the film is admirable in its attempt, I wasn't too compelled by the final product.
July 18, 2013
Able to use delicate subject matter with grace and precision, "The Woodsman" is a controversial piece as much as it is an extraordinary film. Kevin Bacon proves his overwhelming skill as an actor by making his audience feel sorry for a pedophile, which isn't an easy feat. This film took a handful of risks and turned it into a finely tuned movie that should not be missed, even to those sensitive to the theme. This film is close to mastery but is bogged down, only a little, by an "acceptable" performance via Kyra Sedgwick.
June 28, 2013
I like that Bacon's real life wife is in this film.
½ June 26, 2013
Follows the Finkelhor model quite well
May 16, 2013
I watched this movie in a very bad mood but still it was quite depressing on it's own. You might feel a little sympathy for a pedophile whom you normally just want to strangle to death. So it was confusing to watch with mixed emotions.
½ May 2, 2013
Kevin Bacon is at his best in this remarkable little film about one man's struggle to come to terms with his demons.
½ April 28, 2013
Extremely controversial subject matter. Surprising that I don't remember it that well then.
½ April 17, 2013
bacon is outstanding in this portrayal of a man fighting his demons... highly recommended.
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½ April 10, 2013
Kudos to Kevin Bacon for taking on such a risky role and one that so easily could limit future roles. Unfortunately, he has a script here that takes us to places that don't need to be explored other than for some voyeuristic thrill.
April 6, 2013
Tough to watch, but worth the effort for the masterful performances.
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