The Woodsman Reviews

February 4, 2005
February 3, 2005
Unfolds in exactly the way you expect a sensitive Sundance indie to handle this distasteful subject matter...
January 27, 2005
[Ms. Kassell and Mr. Fechter] trick up Walter's character with so many conflicting moods and impulses and then place him within a post-prison society that is itself alternately oppressive and permissive.
January 23, 2005
January 21, 2005
An involving, intense but ultimately confused portrait.
January 21, 2005
A slightly better-made movie of the week.
January 14, 2005
There are some holes in the story fabric we can gaze through
January 13, 2005
Woodsman is an interesting look into a fractured, tormented mind, yet it falls below the truly enveloping, harrowing experience the film unfortunately only hints at.
January 6, 2005
This potentially shattering film becomes too comfortable and pat, lacking in menace.
December 28, 2004
Never comes alive as a story in itself--not even when Bacon nearly lures a young girl onto his lap.
December 19, 2004
Creepy, dubious tale of a loathsome convicted pedophile
December 17, 2004
So little is revealed about the hero than an end-shot move rings ominous and empty.
December 16, 2004
Overblown melodrama, as muddle-headed as it is palpably sincere.
December 7, 2004
Although The Woodsman's subject matter is shocking and disturbing, perhaps the most unsettling quality is its matter-of-fact attitude
October 16, 2004
Retreats, perhaps understandably, into the refuge of allegory.
February 2, 2004
A character who is doomed from the start because of his own actions is difficult to support, and a film about him is bound to feel oppressively dark.