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½ January 21, 2016
MGM gave the world another Hollywood "biography" of Broadway composers - this time Rodgers & Hart (played by Tom Drake at his blandest and Mickey Rooney at his hammiest); as in most of these productions, it was the songs that mattered, and Metro didn't disappoint: Ann Sothern sings "Where's That Rainbow," June Allyson dances to "Thou Swell," Judy Garland (appearing as herself) solos with "Johnny One Note" and performs "I Wish I Were in Love Again" with Rooney (in their last film appearance together); Lena Horne does beautiful renditions of "Where or When" and "The Lady Is a Tramp," and - last but not least, Gene Kelly and Vera-Ellen do justice the ballet "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue."
March 14, 2015
An interesting and entertaining biopic on the songwriting partnership of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

Apparently, it is not entirely true to history, and sugar-coats their personalities. However, the music is great, and the story is entertaining.

Great appearances, as themselves, by a who's-who of 1940s singers and actors (Judy Garland, Perry Como, Lena Horne, Gene Kelly...)
½ October 1, 2014
ok musical bio-pic year s/b 1948 not 1998
May 13, 2014
Horrible as a bio- watch it for the musical numbers. However untruthful it is as a bio, Drake is sympathetic as could be, Janet Leigh is in the kind of role I like her best in and Rooney is FANTASTIC! The scene where Mel Torme is singing "Blue Moon" is a piece of great acting from Mickey.
May 13, 2014
For years, I read again and again that this movie would disappoint me, that it was a waste of talent, that it was badly fictionalized, et cetera. What a load of hooey! The dialog is crisp and rings true, the musical numbers are full to the brim with pep and style, and the performances are nothing short of masterful! If you like music, Broadway, and old-fashioned musical brilliance, then this is the movie for you. I hate to sound like an advertisement, but you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sing along, you'll dance in your seat! This is movie is not to be mistaken for a masterpiece, despite all of this. It is a very standard musical for the period and for the MGM style -- but that's the best!
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½ May 13, 2014
There's some great stuff here, the music of course and the Slaughter on 10th Avenue ballet with Vera-Ellen and Gene Kelly is amazing. Janet Leigh is lovely and impossibly young but is given nothing to do but Drake is bland almost to the point of invisiblity and Rooney is frankly a major hambone here terrible and annoying beyond measure. The songs and dances are five star but the story, most of which is fiction, is one.
May 4, 2014
My kind of musical plus Mel Torme
February 6, 2013
Such a great cast, great musical numbers, good story but something falls short; it's missing that special something. A tad too long aswell, it tends to drag. BUT it still has some special scenes that are enjoyable to watch. And again, if you don't like musicals you wont enjoy this.
½ January 28, 2011
I didn't really care much about the story... I think the highlight of this film was watching Judy Garland sing "I wish I were in love again" with Mickey Rooney... When Judy Garland appeared it changed the whole tone of the film and she lights up the screen... It was nice seeing her perform with Mickey Rooney again. Even Mickey's character changes to a more "happy place" when you see it with Judy Garland... Then of course Judy sings another number by herself and again she lights up the movie... Another thing I loved was seeing her interact with Tom Drake (her lead male role from meet me in St. Louis) it was awfully nice seeing them together again...
May 27, 2008
rogers and hart, with the amazing judy garland
January 10, 2008
decent, but really slow...
½ January 9, 2008
I wish the music was integrated more. God I wish it was. The cast is great but pieces are spotty and I wanted to cry when Rooney's Hart dies.
½ October 30, 2007
Good but kinda sad and depressing.. but Mickey Rooney as always was fantastic, I love the part when Mickey and Judy Garland sing.
October 25, 2007
Horrible, horrible film. This is the kind of story Hollywood would have a hard time making good in this period. They did it successfully with Night and Day, while De-Lovely was an updated and more accurate picture of Cole Porter. Rodgers and Hart are no Cole Porter and Norman Taurog is no Michael Curtiz. They have sapped whatever life this story may have originally had right out of the picture. It's flat, unoriginal, unfocused, and very tired. They skip over most of Rodgers and Harts good songs or merely pay them lip service. It's nice seeing a young Janet Leigh though and everyone always likes June Allyson. Obviously, Cyd Charisse is spectacular and beautiful as always.
September 10, 2007
Such a great cast, great musical numbers, good story but something falls short; it's missing that special something. A tad too long aswell, it tends to drag. BUT it still has some special scenes that are enjoyable to watch. And again, if you don't like musicals you wont enjoy this.
August 24, 2007
Pretty standard musical bio pic based on Rogers & Hart. Mickey Rooney is annoying as hell, as usual, in the role of Hart who goes on massive depressed based binges, all coded for the real story of him being gay. June Allyson is another musical star I can't stand, and Perry Como is like watching paint dry. What saves the picture was Rooney and Garland reuniting for a number, and Gene Kelly shows up to steal the entire movie with his ballet "Slaughter On 10th Street". Worth seeing for that number alone, and why I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 2 or 2.5, that number is that good.
July 18, 2007
If you're a fan of musicals this is a must-rent with a once-in-a-lifetime musical cast, including Gene Kelly, Judy Garland and Lena Horne
½ July 6, 2007
A fun musical full of Rogers/Hart music. Gene Kelly's verison of Slaughter on 10th Avenue is wonderful!
July 3, 2007
This was pretty good, although kinda depressing.
June 23, 2007
want to see it if it has gene kelley!!!
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