Workingman's Death Reviews

June 21, 2007
It's a rewarding film with some elements I may never forget.
May 4, 2007
Labor as decorative and devoid of meaning.
May 5, 2006
This documentary about men and women performing brutal work tasks for next to no money is full of arresting and eloquent images.
March 18, 2006
Visually, technically, the film is undeniably a work of art, with all aspects -- sound, editing, cinematography, music -- coming together in a stunning symphony.
February 24, 2006
There's scant dialogue in Workingman's Death, but little is needed when majestic camera work by Wolfgang Thaler tells the story so well.
February 23, 2006
Michael Glawogger's glamorized documentary observes laborers from around the world going to hell and back, day after day, year after year, to eke out subsistence livings.
February 21, 2006
Glawogger is an extraordinarily elegant filmmaker with a photographer's eye for striking compositions.
February 21, 2006
Glawogger's film may be thematically loose-jointed, but Wolfgang Thaler's cinematography is the glue.
September 12, 2005
Astonishingly powerful documentary about really, really hard work.