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November 27, 2017
Brosnan's Bond looks like a man who actually has a wife and kids back home. He looks like he owns a juicer. But worse, we're now getting into Bond's mind, which is a dreadful cul-de-sac.
November 2, 2015
What do the James Bond series, the Chicago Cubs, and Master P's No Limit empire have in common? All owe their considerable commercial success more to loyalty, marketing, and tradition than to quality.
November 2, 2015
So long as the Brits are sweeping obsolete institutions like the House of Lords into the dustpan of history, may we recommend the broom for James Bond?
November 2, 2015
While plausibility has never been the Bond films' strong point, The World Is Not Enough takes things to the breaking point.
November 2, 2015
James Bond battles terrorists, criminals, and a sore shoulder in his 19th adventure, which is both propelled and circumscribed by the well-worn formulas that guide its path.
November 2, 2015
Worst of all is a ride through the pipeline in some kind of vague contrivance that looks like the pneumatic tubes from old-time newsrooms when they sent remakes down to composing in the last few minutes before deadline.
November 2, 2015
Most of all, though, I wondered how much longer people will pay to see a walking, running, driving, diving, punning, smirking, swimming, skiing, shooting, parachuting corpse.
November 2, 2015
The action sequences are decent; they just aren't as clever as before.
November 4, 2012
There's plenty of action and typical Bond elements to be found throughout, but the execution felt a bit generic to me. It also doesn't help that Denise Richards drags the movie down every time she appears on-screen.
October 21, 2012
One of the worst James Bond movies ever.
October 14, 2012
Austin Powers seems to have made the Broccolis gun shy about letting Bond have too much fun, lest "World" be mentally lumped alongside an aggressively bawdy parody. Sterile, sluggish and halfheartedly suspenseful, it's the second-worst 007 film ever.
August 21, 2009
Jiggled, not stirred.
January 7, 2009
The latest James Bond flick falls as flat as Tomorrow Never Dies, with decent action sequences and bad soap opera acting.
November 12, 2008
The film tries very hard, and sometimes the effort pays off, but overall this is a compromised effort that recalls LICENCE TO KILL in the wrong way: it wants to be different but lapses back into the same old, obligatory set pieces.
June 17, 2008
Sees 007 undone by villainous scripting and misguided casting and acting in a couple of key secondary roles.
July 23, 2007
Easily the most boring of the Brosnan adventures.
July 14, 2007
Pierce Brosnan has finally settled into the role of James Bond.
March 22, 2005
Even with [its] lame dialogue, the film would potentially have been redeemed had Denise Richards not been cast as arguably the worst Bond girl in the entire franchise.
August 25, 2004
Might be good film, but only for those who haven't seen many Bond films.
May 20, 2003
For a movie whose first order of business is chases and explosions and boats and babes, it is not half bad.
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