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October 9, 2016
I can't believe this movie has such a low rating here. This is one of Gene Wilder's funniest movies. When I first saw this movie I knew nothing about it and had zero expectations, which I find often seems to make any movie more enjoyable. Give this movie a chance and I think you will enjoy it. Resist the urge to read descriptive reviews and/or plot summaries. The less you know!!
November 22, 2015
This movie is hilarious. Why the low rating?
June 5, 2015
Gene Wilder is at his best, but the rest of the movie fails to live up to him.
½ February 6, 2015
The second film written and directed by Gene Wilder after making his debut with the silly and absurd The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975). Here, Wilder makes a tribute to silent comedies his way, but also gives a nod of gratitude to Federico Fellini along the way. It is a very loud and hysterical film but it does have some good old fashioned laughs along the way. In the 1920's, Rainbow Studios head Adolph Zitz (Dom DeLuise) is upset as the studio is losing profit as they don't have Rudolph Valentino, so they decide to hold a contest to find The World's Greatest Lover, a new star to rival Valentino's popularity. Rudy Hickman (Wilder) is an accident prone and neurotic baker from Milwaukee, who travels out to Hollywood with his wife Annie (Carol Kane), so he can take part in the audition. But, Annie has grown tired in their marriage, and when she goes off to find the real Valentino, Rudy's erratic, neurotic nature gets out of hand, especially in the audition, which manages to impress Zitz. Wilder's brand of comedy is more fierce and loud compared to the films he did with Mel Brooks, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but it does have some good set pieces throughout, and it manages to capture the era of the 1920's really wonderfully. It's better than what some people make it out to be.
½ December 26, 2013
Not among Gene's best work, but far from his worst. World's Greatest Lover is just an uneven and undercooked comedy that sums up the excesses of 70s comedies. The plot, in short, is about a neurotic baker who goes with his wife to Hollywood to screen test for a new film. However, his wife is obsessed with star Rudolph Valentino, and decides to chase after him, and well, mishaps ensue. Production values and score by underrated master John Morris recreate 20s Hollywood, and the actors are never awful, with Dom Deluise in fine form as the cartoonish studio boss. Alas, the comedic writing is what makes the film so hard to recommend: it follows an underbaked (and these days, overused) formula of slapstick, awkward situations and plenty of banshee-screaming and eye-bogging from an uncontrolled Wilder. Rise and repeat for an hour an a half, and there you go.
July 30, 2013
Ok, so The World's Greatest Lover is, admittedly, not Gene Wilder's best work as both a performer and a director. However, it's not totally trash either. This movie has a lot of heart and is attempting to do something both sweet and funny. Where the movie lacks in the comedy department, it makes up for in the heart department, for sure. I laughed a lot during the 'Sex with Numbers' scene, which I thought was pretty funny. Other than that one scene, the rest of the movie is void of comedy, at least in my opinion. I highly recommend the movie to genre fans, although most (including myself) will probably enjoy The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother much more. I love Carol Kane, but you can't beat Madeline Kahn. :)
April 16, 2012
It was entertaining.
January 3, 2012
Pretty good. Very funny.
October 2, 2011
not my favorite Gene Wilder movie, but still a good one.
September 13, 2011
Not a great movie, but Carol Kane is so beautiful to look at. I saw this in the theater when it was released and fell in love with her. I've seen everything she's ever done, and she can do no wrong. A real natural beauty.
½ June 20, 2011
This is so Funny, A Spoof on Rudolf Valentino in the way only Gene Wilder could do it
Super Reviewer
½ January 5, 2011
I loved this movie, It stars two of my favourite actors, and it's also directed by Wilder. The story is hilarious as are the jokes within it. I highly recommend this movie to fans.
½ October 2, 2010
Very entertaining slapstick farce from writer-director-star Gene Wilder is packed with over the top characters, goofy set-pieces, and imbued with an almost surreal comic energy (Wilder dedicated the film to Fellini, and there's even of touch of that kind of offbeat whimsy). Some might find it a bit much, but this one deserves a cult following. Great score by John Morris.
½ July 11, 2010
Just finished watching this a second time. I haven't seen it in several years. I would say the movie is a middling comedy that's dominated soley by Wilder's impersonation of Valentino. Some silly moments and genuine laughs, but they're too far apart. Carol Kane is lovely, but her character bounces around indecision more times than a gumball. DeLuise hams a bit, but he's actually quite understated compared to most of his performances. This is my least favorite Wilder vehicle, mostly because it had so much more potential. Look for a cameo from Danny DeVito.
November 21, 2009
En ganske morsom film egentlig.
November 3, 2009
I'm starting to think that the films directed by Wilder are underrated. I thought this movie was really funny.
½ November 19, 2008
Eg lo littegrann, så eg ska gi an ok rating.
August 11, 2008
Wow, is it just me or did Woody Allen mine this flick for all it was worth and make an even better version of it with THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO???
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July 3, 2008
Not Gene Wilder's best.
½ June 23, 2008
Not the world's greatest movie. A decent over the top comedy. Dom DeLuise steals the show as the head of a film studio with anger issues. The problem with this movie is it was written, directed, produced and stared Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder is a brilliant comedian, but really could have used a second set of eyes on this film.
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