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½ September 14, 2014
No man should be deprived of this awesomeness.
July 29, 2014
Love this movie, one of my favs
June 6, 2014
My best cult horror film in 80s. Watched it again and cried again. Also soundtrack album was awesome.
February 21, 2014
young Charlie sheen,drag racing,cool Chrysler concept car and great music from the 80's ozzy Osbourne! good flick
November 15, 2013
Mike Marvin's supernatural revenge flick is the balls. Randy Quaid is quality as the Sheriff, Sheen is cool as fuck in the lead, and all the naddies are grade A mongs, Cassavetes's baddie is a cross between Biff Tannen and Ike Turner. Text book 80's gold.
October 30, 2013
A bizarre and brutal band of road pirates force innocent drivers into unofficial drag races claiming their cars as the prize.

Then...a mysterious stranger arrives with an unbeatable Dodge Turbo,sleek and awesome. The stranger is "The Wraith", a mysterious other-worldly figure who has a destiny to fulfil and a woman's love to reclaim. He's determined to wage a vendetta against the young punks who ruined his life.

stars Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassacetes, Randy Quaid, Sherilyn Fenn, Griffin O'Neal, Clint Howard, David Sherrill, Jamie Bozian and Matthew Barry.

directed by Mike Marvin.
½ October 10, 2013
i thought it was cool and had a good feel to it
October 3, 2013
best movie ever!!!!!!!!
September 18, 2013
love this move its all action bby
August 22, 2013
1of da best moveeee he ever made
July 28, 2013
its is my number 2 80's movie because pop molly and i so sweaty
May 13, 2013
Bad Dialog, but nice pics of cars!
May 10, 2013
There's almost zero dramatic progression but it's entertaining and has its 80's charms.
April 21, 2013
This 1986 action horror is still a classic! The car that the young Charlie Sheen was driven is still hot! You can not miss the young Clint Howard's big forehead! This movie reminds me of the two classic horror movies which is "The Car" and "Christine". The only thing is the Wraith(ghost or spirit) car is getting revenge by killing the bad guys. I really like Randy Quaid "do not give a damn" role as Sheriff Loomis! It is crazy how almost 17 years later this movie was finally released on DVD in 2002! Mike Marvin did an excellent job directing this movie!
½ April 11, 2013
An entertaining 80's cheesefest.
½ March 31, 2013
Adults and sense don't seem to matter or even exist in this small Arizona town where racing for pink slips seems to be the only pass time. The film is nothing more but car racing and mayhem. This spirit is better left alone.
March 9, 2013
Totally forgettable.
March 6, 2013
I remember enjoying this movie a lot. I remember seeing this in the theater and thinking it was the most awesome-est thing I would ever see. Saw it again recently and was so happy to still be able to watch it all the way through despite the large serving of cheesy corn =)
March 4, 2013
The best thing about the school holidays is that our kids can stay up later and watch movies with me. They're generally keen to watch older stuff too, particularly from the 80s and tonight I introduced The Wraith to my step-son. It was great to see a kid watch this movie and react to it exactly the same way I did when I was 11. The Wraith was one of those VHS movies that I wore out. I loved it and watching it again as an adult I was taken back to those years. The film is basically a supernatural Mad Max (there's even a futuristic interceptor) and the Max character is actually a resurrected teenager who comes back to exact revenge on the gang that murdered him. Its mostly one racing sequence after another and these scenes are shot affectively. Performance-wise it's really flakey, but the dodgy acting gives it a nice b-movie flavour in my opinion. Nick Cassavetes is the bad-ass gang leader and its weird to watch him knowing that he went on to direct movies like The Notebook and My Sister's Keeper... hehe. What happened to him!?? LOL Its hard to not enjoy The Wraith, especially when you're 11 years old!
½ February 25, 2013
A silly early Sheen movie, but cool cars.
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