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July 29, 2016
Different to the first 2 but enjoyed it all the same, The action and special effects were top draw for its release year, A good end to the original trilogy.
July 27, 2016
What a difference a director makes. While the previous two films in this franchise used Bryan Singer, the choice to go with Brett Ratner in this final film of the trilogy was a mistake. There was a tone and style to the previous X-Men movies that was just never quite captured in this one. The comedy seemed unnatural, the plot wasn't taken quite seriously enough, and the new characters were never given enough time to really fully develop. Perhaps some of the weakness of this film can be blamed on the previous two films being strong, independent storylines, thus not giving much to tie into a conclusive chapter of a trilogy.

Despite X2 (2003) not holding to the traditional form of "the trilogy conundrum", the fact that X-Men III has to start with some very main characters missing is a plot point that requires viewers to have seen the previous film. The concept of a "mutant cure" definitely gives the film a good sense of finality (regardless of its pre- and post-credits scenes), except that much of the focus of the film is on Jean Grey's (Famke Janssen) unrivaled power bringing untold destruction to everywhere she visits. The distracted nature of the subplots and way too many new mutant introductions really waters down the whole film.

I also understand that the end of a trilogy should bring some finality, but I really didn't like how they essentially kill everyone off in one way or another. Of course, this is just below my dislike of the cop-outs to bring characters back after they had been killed or disabled. Now that Bryan Singer has directed two more X-Men films in this six-film saga, none of this even matters anyway; essentially giving Singer a way to show us all how he would have ended the trilogy were he given the chance.

Kind of a weak end to a good trilogy, I give X-Men: The Last Stand 3.0 stars out of 5.
½ July 21, 2016
A mediocre conclusion to a profitable comic-book trilogy. There doesn't seem to be much of a future for the franchise after the number Ratner did on most of the characters, but then again the X-Men universe is expansive and can route off a hundred-thousand different ways. Exactly how many mutants have super leaping/flying capabilities?!
July 21, 2016
I honestly don't know why this is loathed by so many people. Yeah, it's the weakest of the original trilogy, but it's still perfectly serviceable movie. Nothing special, but definitely not the travesty its made out to be.
½ July 18, 2016
I didn't hate this movie with the fiery passion that the other fanboys do, but when the bar is as high as the first two movies, the final chapter has to be just as good, if not better. Mr. Singer's absence was felt.
July 11, 2016
The third installment of X-Men involves a new drug that has been developed that cures mutation. Magneto fears it will be used as a weapon to ensure that no mutants exist any longer. There is also a side plot with Jean Grey becoming the Dark Phoenix. Overall, The Last Stand may have more action than the last two installments, but character's are not as well thought out and the conclusion to the trilogy is disappointing.
July 10, 2016
July 10, 2016
With plenty of action that tries to sustain, this overly determined threequel falls short of the inherent character development delivered by Singer's first two entries and might in general bring about the nagging impression that "Where there's a rattle, there's a Ratner."
June 30, 2016
This third entry is not nearly as terrible as people say. It's actually oddly watchable. However, it's often also embarrassingly dumb. While it lacks the optimism and fun that underline darkness in the better Xmen films, it still has some respectable gravitas (Magneto-Prof X relationship) and cool action (Jean losing it in the house). Unfortunately it also dives full bore into the annoying love triangle, undeservedly kills a bunch of beloved characters, and throws around bad dialogue like Magneto tossing sedans.
June 26, 2016
What I liked:
There's not much so you know this is gonna be short.  
The danger room sequence and the fastball special.  Excellent.
Beast's utterance of "Oh my stars and garters!"
Jean and Wolvie's make out scene, hot!
Jean's costume kicked ass!  
The brief but accurate Moira McTaggert
Fucking Multiple Man!  Yes!  He was awesome!
Callisto was pretty cool too.
Cyclops died early on.  Nice.

What I didn't like:
This is gonna be long.
Jean Grey had little action.  She mostly walked around and/or stood there.  WTF is that?
Some GUY started attacking Wolverine by pulling bones out of his body.  I said "Who the hell is that?"  Only to later realize that was supposed to be Marrow.  I wonder if Ratner has ever read X-Men.  Marrow's a chick not a dude.
Peter aka Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin (can you get any more fucking Russian than that - I doubt it) didn't even have a hint of a Russian accent.  And I'm not buying he's just not that talented of an actor.  He had a line.  
Kitty and Bobby what?  Try Kitty and Peter.
Psylocke, unmistakable with her signature purple hair, was portrayed completely wrong. I know she's a ninja but when did she gain the power to manifest out of thin air?  Do your research folks.  She was transformed into a ninja assassin however she always had her British accent.  However, the girl who played her was a total babe.
Anyone who knows me knows I love Vinnie Jones but he looked absolutely ridiculous in his buff man body suit, prosthetic chin and stone (I swear it looked like stone) helmet. The credits read that Jubilee appeared once again.  However, it wasn't the same girl as in X2.  The girl in X2 was way cuter and looked a hell of a lot more like Jubs.
Dark Phoenix is supposed to be all powerful.  There were only two displays of her power.  What?
Beast is much more loquacious than he was portrayed.
I'm warning you mucho spoilers!
Magneto injected with the cure WTF?
I know I've been out of the books for a while but when did they come up with classification of mutants?
And the biggest disappointment of all:
Professor X's explanation of the Phoenix Entity.  He explained it as basically the dark side of Jean's personality that he suppressed.  WHAT???
There is however a nice little treat (which I won't reveal) at the end of the credits.  I urge you to stick around if you didn't already.
½ June 18, 2016
I just watched this recently (like this past week) and quickly forgot about what happened in the movie. I sat and tried to remember, "What happened in this installment?" And the only thing I could come up with is that Frasier became a mutant. Kelsey Grammer is the most memorable part of the movie. Yeah. It's X-Men. Something went wrong here.
June 18, 2016
Killed off too many main characters
June 17, 2016
It's hard to believe that the single greatest X-Men storyline can be turned into poop, but that's what happened. I still love me some X-Men, but they destroyed the Phoenix storyline. Fortunately, time travel has saved this storyline and it can be attempted again, at a later date.
½ June 15, 2016
Spoiler!!!!!!! This movie was not good. They had such a great cast to work with, but the writing and direction of the movie was just shitty. It had no heart. It had too many things trying to happen at once. They turned what could have been a great story with the Phoenix into a weird horrorish psychological issue in Jean Grey. They made Cyclops a pointless little bitch. They took half the mutants powers away. All the new mutants that were introduced were sub par except for Beast. Beast was actually well-portrayed in this movie. Storm and Kitty Pryde also did really well in this movie. I liked the scene with Kitty Pryde & Juggernaut. The fight between Iceman & Pyro was good to see too. But mostly there were just too many big things going on and it couldn't all fit into one movie well enough. The Phoenix story and the mutant cure story should have been two separate movies. i think this movie was one of the biggest letdowns for fans as far as superhero movies go, especially considering how well done the first two X-Men movies were. Phoenix sucked. It's definitely pretty creepy though when Xavier "dies" and he looks at Wolverine and smiles right before he disintegrates. It was weird.
½ June 14, 2016
This is widely known along with X-Men Origins: Wolverine to be the worst in the franchise. Honestly, I didn't see that wrong with it. Sure, this film and X-Men First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past have major continuity issues and sure some of the lines are pretty cheesy and stupid but this film was entertaining. The additions of Ben Foster and Ellen Page were nice touches and the exsisting cast were great as always. Lacked the excellent action sequences of the previous film but the exciting moments were sitl enjoyable to watch. Not the ending to the trilogy that everyone wanted and it leaves a bunch of gaping plot holes for the next film to try to cover up but it's still an enjoyable entry in the franchise. Not terrible but not the best either.
June 13, 2016
It has some cool moments, I guess. Still though, this movie is a mess.
½ June 12, 2016
The movie overrates itself.
½ June 12, 2016
2.5/5. It's decently entertaining and has some fun moments, but it's way too short for the amount of story it tries to tell. Many of the subplots suffer from poor writing. It's not horrible by any means, but it could have been much better, especially when compared to the first two films.
½ June 12, 2016
Messy, muddled, and disjointed, this was the worst example of an X-Men film til Origins came around. They try combining Dark Phoenix Saga and Mutant Cure, two of the most famous X-Men comics, in the same movie. In reality, both of these stories have enough heft to carry their own movies, and it's a shame Fox didn't see it that way.
June 10, 2016
Ratner! Stop it! You're not impressing anyone. Just go away and leave us alone.
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