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½ June 16, 2016
Functions and performs perfectly like any prequel fashioned as a multi-origin story to the franchise's themes, elements and developments in selective character arcs, done with strong performances and exhilaration and fresh energy into the successful revival attempt. Summing up its position in the X-Men franchise, it's around more entertaining than the original trilogy to settle for the second best behind its successor. (A)

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June 15, 2016
60s Bond + hunt for red October + inglorious baaterds
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½ June 15, 2016
X-Men First Class stars an ensemble cast featuring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence, and is the origin story of how the X-Men came to be. There is a lot to love about this movie if you're like me and enjoy origin stories. The highlight of the movie is by far the performances and chemistry of McAvoy and Fassbender as Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, respectively. Those who have seen the original X-Men trilogy know that these two characters are both friend and foe to each other, and this movie really explores their relationship. We also see how this relationship affects Raven (Lawrence), who has been a longtime friend of Charles but sees eye-to-eye more with Erik. The rest of the cast is very solid as well. We get a look at how Hank McCoy (played by Nicholas Hoult) came to become Beast, which is a solid subplot. The other X-Men aren't really fleshed-out, but they serve their purpose. The villains, led by Kevin Bacon, are very good (except for January Jones' Emma Frost). The film score stands out among superhero movie music as something great. Matthew Vaughn's direction is highly enjoyable, maintaining tone and guiding the actors along. Overall, this is one of my favorite superhero movies and a must-see for anybody who enjoys the genre.
June 14, 2016
The origin story that goes way back is amazing. So fun, and so well done. This may be the best entry in the whole series, incredibly well done and a joy to watch down to the plot that explains so many intricacies and develops the characters into who they later become. Seeing Xavier as a young man is so interesting and I like how huge of a main character he is. This was a lot of fun to watch.
June 13, 2016
A great reboot for the X-men franchise. Just enough homage to the source material while also showing that its going to do some things differently enough that it feels fresh. Great cast. So much potential
½ June 12, 2016
Originally written June 10, 2011--
In the early 1960s, during the height of the Cold War, a mutant named Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) meets a fellow mutant named Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender). Despite their vastly different backgrounds -- Charles grew up with a wealthy family, while Erik lost his parents at Auschwitz -- the two become close friends. As the world teeters on the brink of a nuclear war, Charles and Erik join forces with a team of other mutants to save humanity.

I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this film as much as I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two X-Men films, which were directed by Bryan Singer, but the last two left much to be desired. After being disappointed by "The Last Stand" and the really awful "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," I was afraid that this film would be more of the same. But seeing the future Professor X and Magneto as young men who became great friends working together to save humanity from an awful threat was awesome! High praise to the screenwriters for developing this fun X-Men origin story and to director Matthew Vaughn for deftly handling so many characters with such dexterity and aplomb. Two thumbs way up!
June 12, 2016
McAvoy and Fassbender are phenomenal as the young Xavier and Magneto. They, along with a charismatic cast of young mutants, and Matthew Vaughn's directing (which always creates a sense of wonder) breath new life into a damaged franchise. The screenplay is also very diligent and has fantastic dialogue. First Class is arguably the best of the series.
½ June 11, 2016
While this has the potential to be better than the Marvel movies, it just falls short in too many areas to be great. It's a very enjoyable movie to watch, don't get me wrong, but things like "mutant and proud" just made me cringe. While the villain is interesting, his motivations are kinda basic. He just wants to end the world. Fabulous. His cronies aren't that interesting, and while we're on the subject of side characters, some of them change sides for basically no reason. It's not explained well in that regard and it felt kinda forced. That said, Michael Fassbender and James Mcavoy have wonderful chemistry, and their performances are worth the price of admission alone. The introduction of this new cast is well-handled, and it's a good thing they're likable because if they weren't then HOO BOY.
½ June 9, 2016
X-Men: First Class is the shot in the arm the X-Men franchise desperately needed. It has the style and class of a golden age Bond film, the background and intrigue of a Cold War thriller, and a healthy dose of superhero fun and flare. In addition, it's all centered around the relationship between Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr, played brilliantly and sincerely by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, respectively. Without them, this movie simply doesn't work. The rise and fall of their friendship is believable and ultimately heartbreaking, giving this movie an emotional heft not often seen in superhero movies. If I have any complaints, they're that some of the side mutants aren't as interesting as the main characters and kind of feel like a distraction from the main characters' relationships, but they're not in the movie enough to have a huge impact. All this being said, First Class is one of the most refreshing and pleasantly surprising superhero movies I've seen, and certainly one of the best.
June 6, 2016
I am going to try to explain this to the best of my ability. Everytime I think about watching an X-Men film, and when First Class comes to mind, I always have a hard time remembering the plot. But, when I saw it again, it all came back to me and it was really entertaining. But as I am here watching it again, I can never remember what events happened in order. Am I making any sense? Who cares. Basically, this film feels fresh everytime I see it. James McAvoy plays a great Professor X, he's smart, witty and very likable in the lead. Jennifer Lawerence, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne and Nicholas Hoult all make good supporting characters and Kevin Bacon makes a suprisingly good villian. Not the best villian a superhero film has ever seen but a fun one. Matthew Vaughn does it again with his stellar production design team. If they ever make a Black Ops film, they should hire him because of the way he shot the 1960's. Overall, if you have never seen and X-Men film, give this one a shot. My sister had never seen one before and she ended up enjoying it. It's a good flick!
½ June 5, 2016
Best one, like Erik and Charles. Some good cast, some terrible.
½ June 5, 2016
Way better than origins and magneto was great.
½ June 2, 2016
Making this a period piece was brilliant. Another great cast inhabit the roles we came to love in the earlier films.
June 2, 2016
This is probably my favourite Marvel film. Henry Jackman's score is excellent and works superbly Magneto goes Nazi hunting. I would have gladly watched him to that for the whole film. Despite dipping in and out of an Irish accent Fassbender owns this film. McEvoy is a nice balance as Charles Xavier and Kevin Bacon is an excellent villain. The whole 1960's vibe really works well and a serious twitch off Jones and Byrne.
June 2, 2016
X-Men first class, the first X-Men movie in the Prequel Trilogy is an epic start to the already awesome franchise. Perfectly acted by James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence the X-men Franchise not only got a boost at the box office but in the quality of film. This is the film that really got me into the X-men franchise! Jennifer Lawrence once again shines and is the biggest scene stealer out of them all. Although it was a bit slow at times and dragged out its a great start to the X-Men Prequel trilogy. I give it 7.5/10
May 31, 2016
So finally got around to re-watching this to see if it's better than I remember or not.
My opinion is still basically the same. It's good but not great. Not great because there are a ton of little problems (not nitpicks, problems) that hold the overall film back. Though I guess my two major problems are the editing (some parts are rushed, the tone feels like it changes from time to time), the changes to Magneto's backstory (it's kinda important to him as a character that it be HUMANS that ruined his life, not a evil fellow mutant) and most of the characters in this ensemble film aren't interesting except the ones who have already been in the other films. But the acting, action and some moments from the writings really do bring it all together. It's certainly one of the good X-Men movies, just for me not the best.
So I've now re-watched all the X-Men films, except X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Believe it or not I don't own a copy, or have any desire to watch it again, strange huh?
½ May 30, 2016
A great way to revive the franchise, this movie is awesome, it has great representations and origins of beloved characters, it proves how great an X-Men movie can be without Wolverine stealing the spotlight and Matthew Vaughn does an amazing job at balancing an interesting story that doesn't follow the regular three arcs formula and at giving every character the screen time and the importance it deserves. Also this movie does a great job (the best since X2) at exploring X-Men's best and most important theme: the intolerance of the human being. It also gives us a great and tridimensional representation and origin of Charles, Mystique and Magneto. The climax of the movie is mind-blowing and it gives us the definitive origin of Magneto as the "villain" that we know.
May 30, 2016
The best of the X-Men films to date. Michael Fassbender portrays a wonderful Eric/Magneto, and James McAvoy also does a great job as Xavier. Mystique is less interesting, though her connection with Beast humanizes both characters. Like earlier films, there are some characters introduced in the panoply who are given little story time, or no backstory at all.
½ May 30, 2016
I absolutely love the body language character development and how serious it is. It feels like a time piece. Magneto is phenomenal in the film. Along with magneto and Charles with their relationship. A very nice starting point from xmen films. This is probably the best movie of the franchise
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