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When an experiment to send three volunteers to another dimension fails, only one comatose survivor is brought back. However, when the scientists discover that the volunteer carried a deadly creature back with her, they must struggle to destroy the creature before it destroys them.
Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Excaliber Pictures


Jan-Michael Vincent
as Dr. Ron Shepherd
Paul Koslo
as Dr. Alex Summerfield
Jano Frandsen
as McShane
Nicholas Lea
as Baines
W.F. Wadden
as Jedburg
Rolf Reynolds
as Zunoski
Nic Amoroso
as Mancini
Rachel Hayward
as Dr. Myers
Tracy Westerholm
as Marshall
Steve Wright
as Helicopter Pilot
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Full Review… | March 5, 2011
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Audience Reviews for Xtro II

Sequel to Xtro is a stupid, painful film that doesn't continue to story of the first film. I really don't see why the filmmakers bothered at making a sequel, as this one just fails to have anything worth seeing. This sequel is filled with a bad cast, a poor plot and poor direction. I really hated the film, and it didn't offer anything to the viewer. The original Xtro was nothing great and quite frankly didn't really stand out in the genre. Not to mention it absolutely unnecessary of being followed up by a sequel, which didn't add anything new to the first film. I really didn't enjoy the film, and I felt it was a painful film to watch that looked cheap and was made to make a quick buck. This is an awful piece of trash that just doesn't work to entertain the viewer. Instead the viewer feel strained, and that's how I felt watching this film as the film tried to introduce a concept was too ambitious, and failed with its ideas due to a poorly written script that lacked in terms of good story. The first entry at least had some effective effects to keep you interested, but this one simply is a mess of a film that simply doesn't pull off anything remarkable. This is a totally unrelated film to the original, and I really don't know why the film bears the Xtro name. This is simply put low budget trash that relies on poor acting, poorly developed ideas and unfocused directing to try an appeal to fans of the original. The first Xtro was decent at best with plenty of imperfections, at least it was entertaining. However this one fails and should be avoided.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer

Eight years is a hell-of-a long time to wait for a sequel, especially to a film so poorly received like 1983 alien gore flick "Xtro". Still, in all its trashy onslaught to the senses, "Xtro" garnered a strong cult following on the home video market after a lukewarm reception in theaters and this small legion of fans were ready to lap up this long-awaited sequel to their gooey guilty pleasure. Despite being made direct-to-video, fans still had hope this sequel could match the bizarre schizophrenic nature of the original since British director Harry Bromley Davenport would be returning behind the camera. All I can say is fans were NOT dished up a sequel they were expecting but instead a steaming bowl of alien excrement left over from extraterrestrial in the original movie. A government experiment goes haywire in an underground facility when some soldiers disappear after being sent to an alternate dimension. In comes Jan-Michael Vincent collecting an easy paycheck as an ex-scientist on the project who begged to come back to save their lives. Soon one of the soldiers returns, but the kicker is she's been impregnated by some interdimensional alien and out pops a killer alien baby out of her chest (sound familiar?) and grows to a considerable size. Now our remaining scientists and soldiers have to hunt it down in air ducts and kill the damn thing before the lab self destructs. "Xtro II" is a sequel purely motivated by money and director Harry Bromley Davenport has even admitted in interviews that he only made the film because he need a job... and it shows. Through a quirk in contract he retained the rights to the title "Xtro" but not to the storyline thus he employed four screenwriters (it took that many to make this mess?) to write up a completely unrelated story, sign on some second rate actors and run with it. The plot is nothing but a second rate clone of "Alien" and "Aliens" right down to Davenport trying to emulate James Cameron's style his celebrated sequel. Unlike Cameron's film "Xtro II" will never be well received follow-up, even among fans, as Davenport seems purely on cruise control giving the film none of the likeable psychotic atmosphere and energy he displayed in the original. To top it off has-been actor Jan-Michael Vincent seems like he could give a shit to appear in such a silly monster movie as his performance is phoned in and is as distant as the alternate dimension the alien creature comes from. I enjoy "Alien" rip-offs as much as the next B-movie enthusiast but "Xtro II" is one of the most lame of the bunch. It's just dull, non-enjoyable and all-around artless film that is completely unrelated to the guilty pleasure original and in turn alienates the fans in the process. Due yourself a favor, check out "Creature", "Galaxy of Terror" or "Forbidden World" for an entertaining trashy "Alien" rip-off and blast "Xtro II" through the airlock into outer space to collect with all the other space junk clogging our heavens. This wouldn't be the last Harry Bromley Davenport would rape the "Xtro" name as "Xtro 3" would infect video store shelves 4 years later after the fact.

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

Full of scifi snore and dork logic. Perhaps if I had seen the first movie, then it might have been slightly more intresting. Still I doubt that.

Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris

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