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July 25, 2003
Os dilogos so interessantes, as atuaes so excelentes, a direo correta e a narrao envolvente. Apesar disso, o 'relacionamento' homossexual entre os garotos soa de forma forada.
March 13, 2003
One movie you really should see before you pack a bag or get behind the wheel.
March 10, 2003
March 6, 2003
Sexy, beautiful, hysterical, mesmerizing - one of the finest pieces of film I've seen in a while. You need to see it, and your Mama too.
January 21, 2003
The story is set in real world Mexico, not a cleaned-up movie world simulacrum.
January 16, 2003
The funniest and most emotionally charged erotic road movie since Bertrand Blier's Going Places.
January 10, 2003
A fantastically vital movie that manages to invest real humor, sensuality, and sympathy into a story about two adolescent boys.
January 6, 2003
It starts out like one of those brainless teen sex road comedies that make me want to puke, but, thank God, it has a lot more to it than that.
December 31, 2002
Would that we all could 'breathe life' the way this film does.
November 8, 2002
A sexy, funny, sad, uplifting, and, most importantly, human film.
November 4, 2002
Marvelous, merry and, yes, melancholy film.
October 30, 2002
October 28, 2002
This is simply a stunning film.
October 25, 2002
Oft-described as the antidote to American Pie-type sex comedies, it actually has a bundle in common with them, as the film diffuses every opportunity for a breakthrough
October 21, 2002
Do yourself a favor and skip this one.
October 17, 2002
...a lighthearted, risqu romp with dramatic overtones...and an uncompromising view of youth and youthful vitality.
October 2, 2002
If you can handle Cuaron's frank approach to life, love and sex, you're in for a great trip.
September 20, 2002
A tremendous example of what is possible when you take a simple premise, and imbue it with intelligence and dignity
September 10, 2002
One of these movies where I want to jump in and live in these places with these characters.
September 1, 2002
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