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April 23, 2016
Something curious begins to happen as Mary Bronstein's film begins to take form: It dawns on the viewer that not only do we not really know much about the characters but we know even less about where they are. "Yeast" formulates itself from emotion and minimal action. All that really matters is what the camera captures in often extreme close-ups.

To Brownstein's credit, it takes a while to understand who serves as the film's protagonist. We follow a perpetually frustrated young woman who seems stuck in two different but equally toxic friendships. All three woman appear to have ample "issues," but the core problem is the aggressive passivity of the main character.

"Rachel" puts on the appearance of being a friend, but the truth is she seems more interested in the perversity of pushing her two friends to alarming limits by reacting in opposition to whatever the other two women say or do. A hiking trip turns into an absolute nightmare. Greta Gerwig's "Jennifer" is so immature that it is hard to decide which of the two women is more in the wrong. But by the time "Rachel" returns home to her roommate, Amy Judd's "Alice," it is clear that the problem lies with "Rachel."

There is no plot here. Very little actually even happens. However the film sparks an interest via the most minimal ways. The acting is naturalistic and often feels uncomfortably real. "Rachel" is indeed the component in her friendships that causes everything to rise and bud into ever worrying aggression.

Like its main character, "Yeast" is not an easily likable film. It is often a frustrating experience. And yet from a psychological perspective, this is a surprisingly potent study of an individual hellbent on making everyone around her miserable -- including herself. Of course this is the film's rub. Will "Rachel" ever realize that she is unhappy by her own doing or is she going to be forever in a state of agitation?
March 22, 2011
Caught this on Hulu. A very good character study of three women who are out of control, but that is beside the point. Pay close attention to the acting and you'll see what the meaning of the film is about. After watching this I can not wait to see Frownland.
½ October 27, 2010
worst piece of indi s**t I have ever seen
March 19, 2010
This film is pretty much unbearable to watch: no real plot, minimal development of the characters' pasts, shaky handheld cinematography, and an unabashed ability to cause discomfort in the viewer. That being said, it's an interesting enough experience to make it worth watching, but only if you really want to.
October 12, 2009
"A maddeningly oblivious, tyrannical and emotionally stunted young woman tries her best to negotiate two toxic friendships. With a physical aggressiveness and emotional violence that is surprisingly, yet undeniably, feminine in nature, Yeast explores the grinding mechanics of friendships that have run their course. A recent dispatch from the nascent 'mumblecore' school of indie filmmaking, Yeast marks the filmmaking debut of Mary Bronstein."

This movie chronicles a bitter falling out between friends. It's sometimes painful to watch as a young woman looses her two good friends on account of what seems to be her bossy personality. But it's hard not to feel for her too.

This is a great character study that definitely urges you to look beyond the surface. Yeast shows us that it's just as easy to love the ones who are closest to you as it is to hate them. Ultimately, it's worth checking out.
May 2, 2009
All of the passive-aggressive, dysfunctional, repulsive characteristics that exist in all of us are put to the forefront in this film. It's strange and disturbing, but completely original and kind of brilliant.
April 21, 2009
Very intense character study of a young woman who tries to control her friends behaviors by trying to act like her best friend Jen one minute when she is with her sister Alice and when she is with her best friend Jen she tries acting like Alice. So all in all the main character, Rachel, is very screwed up, but so are her friends. This was a very tough movie to watch. I did love the acting. It was extremely believeable and very scary because I bet there are real people out there that are very much like the characters in this film.
March 30, 2009
are you f****ing kidding? didnt get past 2 min.
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