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April 9, 2009
Maybe the only thing that I will remember about this movie, is me thinking: "Is she wearing again that red shirt?"
½ April 9, 2009
Maybe the only thing that I will remember about this movie, is me thinking: "Is she wearing again that red shirt?"
March 31, 2009
Exellent movie. In a calm and brooding ambiance, a reflection on the blur between life and death, between phantasm and reality. Once you understand the scenario, each character and object takes on a strong symbolic power which will leave you thinking about the inner workings of your mind. Like Yella, can you accept death ?
March 22, 2009
Plot: Narrowly escaping her volatile ex-husband, Yella flees her small hometown in former East Germany for a new life in the West. She finds a promising job with Philipp, a handsome business executive with ...whom an unlikely romance soon blossoms. But just as Yella seems poised to realize her dreams, she finds herself haunted by buried truths that threaten to destroy her newfound happiness.
February 11, 2009
Berlin Film Festival 07' Best Actress
February 9, 2009
Film au climat inquietant, legerement oppressant, a la structure interessante un peu lynchienne, mais dont on ne percoit pas la portee de toutes les sequences : une foule d'autres scenes centrales auraient pu etre imaginees sans que cela change le fond (c'est le cas de le dire !) du recit. Beau travail sonore cependant sur les perceptions, les bruits de la nature. Et belle interpretation aussi.
February 7, 2009
Starts well and then loses it towards the end, disappointing.
January 27, 2009
Wry venture capital satire with quietly surreal Lynch-ian undertones (achieved via Petzold's precise framing, chilly colors and depopulated glass and concrete settings), but the final scene is a huge letdown, recasting our heroine's quick study in the art of shaking down those in need of financing as a manifestation of her guilt over leaving her husband when times got tough.
January 15, 2009
Nouvelle collaboration de Christian Petzold avec Nina Hoss. Sans atteindre les sommets de "Toter Mann", c'est un nouveau coup de maitre ! Comme dans les films precedents de Petzold, on retrouve dans "Yella" ce sens decale du thriller et de la romance qui fait d'une histoire a priori deja vue (ce serait d'ailleurs un remake officieux de "Carnival of souls") quelque chose d'unique dans lequel on plonge. Subtil, elegant et intelligent comme a chaque film. A quand une veritable reconnaissance internationale pour l'oeuvre de Petzold ?
½ December 6, 2008
This film is really intriguing:I mean till right before the last scene, you think it's an average movie,but once you see the ending, the film becomes really interesting and makes you think a lot!The cast is good.
½ November 23, 2008
Depends on what mood you are in when you see it. Your interpretation could be of a broken woman turning life around or life in fast forward that finally gets to you. My 1st tryst with this genre of films, it left me bereft of a wavelength. Some deeper truths though were captured when conflicting but an ambitious mind meets affluence & modernism slaps its cloak on humanism. But weird the way it anti-climaxes as it closes.
October 21, 2008
It's extremely unfortunate that Yella is the most available Petzold for the English-speaking market. Despite a ridiculous ending, platitudinous music, and baffling character motivations, the film showcases Petzold's rigorous mise-en-scene and promising talents for something great. I hope Jerichow becomes available some time soon.
September 18, 2008
Although I like Petzold movies that one was really odd.
It's like a bad dream that doesn't want to end. Urrrgghhh!
½ September 13, 2008
Perhaps I am thick, can anyone explain the final? Pointless to say the least...of a poor movie overall.
½ September 2, 2008
Annoying merry-go-round around the Expo Plaza...
½ August 29, 2008
My English teacher once wrote of me that I tended towards ellipsis. This is also a criticsm that can be levelled against this film. As if fearing that's it's message and it's premise was too slight to justify feature length treatment without being refracted through dreamlike layers of abstraction. Within it's austere mis en scene it probably has enough to say about society, capitalism and the stuggle just to get through each day never mind make it big without resorting to the slightly groan inducing ending. The dreamlike miasma of social alienation and mental instability was probably enough, it certainly got us talking about what it meant, what was trying to be said and conveyed, trying to fill in the gaps of what wasn't being said. Probably also the first film I've seen in quite some time t hat featured balance sheets quite so much, including as a form of almost made accountancy sexy.
August 18, 2008
I wonder if the director/writer ever read Carlos Fuentes and his famous Pedro Paramo. Not recomended for action movie lovers. And if you don't get the end it is not your fault, not everybody has this abstraction. Funny the main character end always looking the same lame man in her matter death or alive.
½ July 20, 2008
"Oh no - not THAT ending!" you'll shout when the credits roll on Yella. It starts well, and the film's low budget and some nuanced performances draw you straight into the characters and story. But you really deserve a better denoument after investing an hour and a half of your life to see it.
June 16, 2008
paranoia, obsession, deceit, sex, death, and.... ergghhh... capitalism. Recipe for an excellent thriller that continues to haunt my dreams
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