Yelling to the Sky Reviews

August 6, 2019
Yelling to the Sky comes across like a frenetic bag of disenfranchised teen angst that is never clearly spelled out.
Top Critic
December 13, 2012
Mahoney barely explains her characters' circumstances, which makes the movie obliquely intriguing. But whenever the story comes into focus, it's revealed as fairly conventional.
December 11, 2012
Little more than a rsum film for all involved, it certainly feels more Park City than Bushwick.
December 8, 2012
The film avoids most of its genre's pratfalls, though it also shows little interest in transcending them.
August 25, 2011
Even though 'Yelling to the Sky' tumbles, Victoria Mahoney shows great promise as a director.
February 14, 2011
Strong on texture but taxingly light on narrative.
February 14, 2011
Though the film and its director undoubtedly have a great deal of heart and passion, too many scenes feel like actors' workshop exercises.