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April 17, 2013
There are two scenes that are completely entertaining & hilariously bizarre because of their unpredictable nature & creativity, and there's also a really great use of a Radiohead song in the film's opening scene. Aside from those scenes, we are left with terrible acting, an incredibly disjointed plot, awful dialogue & painfully disgusting, highly pretentious moments. Even if it's disjointed plot & awful dialogue were crafted intentionally, the ideas and themes explored were not captivating enough to make it enjoyable.
September 16, 2012
Toronto International Film Festival 2012. A woman who has kinda lost her mind because of the amount of painkillers she downs everyday, returns to her childhood to discover the truths of all the problems that bother her. " I still don't know what the point of this movie is. There is no ending because the woman still returns back to square one right at the beginning of the movie. She doesn't really go anywhere. Sure, she's more aware of her problems, but that conclusion is so implicit, you wonder if that's really what the point of the story was. Idk. She just got annoying. The odd intervening vision scenes that come up now and then were really interesting though, and Sienna Miller is an absolute beast in this movie.
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