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April 6, 2017
The quintessential classic western that includes every myth of the old west - the gold rush, ghost towns, outlaws, greed, loyalty, betrayal, Apaches, love and redemption. It keeps moving at a thriller's pace with great performances by bad guy Widmark and bad-guy-turned-good guy. Peck. The best allusion: greed for gold (riches) ruins every man it touches.
January 25, 2016
I enjoyed the psychology of the rough men treated each other...loyalties of the daughter and her father, and the robbers toward each other...I wish we could see it colorized--don't hate me for that. The B/W treatment is too muddy, and not well-enough carried out. But, the story was interesting, and the acting generally superb. Nice to see a young Anne Baxter, too.
October 6, 2014
Monday, October 6, 2014

(1948) Yellow Sky

One thing I notice upon watching any of the current Western films of today as opposed to the Western films of yester year lack one of three things. The first is the budget. The second is the consistency. And finally, and third point is that it would have to be the originality. And for some strange reason, acting is much more "crucial" for Westerns back then than films about current life since the way people talked during those days was much different then, therefore the director have to convince us that they're really from back then because sometimes there are times the interactions sounds pretentious. If there's any reason why there isn't as many fans of Western films these days it would have to consist one of those reasons.

Made in 1948 and the Western genre was still popular. One of the things I tend to look forward to upon checking some of these Western classics is whether or not it can garner my ability to think. And as a result, it's like a Western novel that haven't been done as a movie before. Adapted from the story written by W.R. Burnett, it stars Gregory Peck as James 'Stretch' Dawson leading his gang of 6 bank robbers to a robbery of a small town. He also happens to take the position as leader, and upon escaping on horseback from the cavalry, one of them got shot and killed to the ground. And by the time they manage to reach the hot desert, it was during that time is when the cavalry finally gave up chase. Once Stretch notices that, he immediately decides to divide up the loot, allowing them the choice to ride back since some were reluctant to travel across. After travelling many miles, they manage to reach to a small ghost town called "Yellow Sky" hence the title. Once there, they start to notice that it's not totally isolated as it's inhabited by the only two people living there, is an grouchy old man (James Barton) and his feisty tomboy-like daughter, named Mike (Anne Baxter). The drama and conflict begins as this so-called ghost town carries itself some dark secrets of it's own, creating conflict amongst the men. Richard Widmark, Robert Arthur, John Russell, Charles Kemper, and Harry Morgan of 'MASH' also stars. Gorgeous locations, great acting directed by a well renown director, by the name of William A Wellman makes this one a winner.

3 out of 4 stars
½ May 17, 2014
Way ahead of its time as a thoughtful, gritty and sometimes reflective western. Sadly the last couple of minutes seem to have a tacked on Hollywood ending which does not befit the excellent work gone before it.
February 21, 2014
good western directed by william wellman (wings).
½ August 19, 2013
Never boring, but never particularly exciting either. Yellow Sky starts off rather miserably with a lizard and a horse getting shot :-/ but after that it becomes much more watchable. An alright 7ish out of 10.
December 23, 2012
One of the essential Westerns. Visually stunning and perfectly paced.
Super Reviewer
September 29, 2012
unheralded wellman western with gregory peck leading a band of outlaws across death valley to hole up in the ghost town of yellow sky. an excellent variation on the tempest/'forbidden planet' theme with anne baxter as a feisty gunslinger and richard widmark a troublemaking 'dude'. the last 5 minutes kinda sells it out but first rate right up until then
½ June 23, 2012
Totally solid, gorgeous, archetypal film about loyalty, greed, and love--Interesting, moody western!!
May 23, 2012
underrated western..never even heard of it..picked it up for 2.50 at a flea paced...great cinematography..ahead of its time....interesting characters - Peck, Baxter, Widmark is great as the villain, and some of Peck's gang stand out as well....some funny dialogue also
May 10, 2012
120509: I'm not sure what to say about this movie. It's a good, cool western.
September 29, 2011
This is an outstanding western noir, with a wonderful cast (Gregory Peck, Anne Baxter, Richard Widmark) and gorgeous direction. It's one of the many westerns shot in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California; and Wellman uses the gorgeous scenery masterfully. The extended sequence in the beginning on the salt flats is unbelievable.

In contrast to the beautiful scenery, 'Yellow Sky' is a dark and gritty film. I haven't seen many westerns that felt this agonizingly realistic. And I mean that in the best way possible. The scorching sun, the dirt, the grime, and the sweet serenity that is fresh water.

This is a vicious, and cold-hearted film. Some of the violence, and behavior of some of the characters made me feel uneasy, and that is saying something. The brutal honesty in the way the film portrays the the gang is wonderful.

Some might have a problem with the way this story wraps up, as it's a departure from the darkness that shrouds the rest of the film. I loved the whole film, even though the ending feels like something the studio might have tacked on. It works well. Overall, this is one of my favorite westerns from the 40's, and a new overall favorite as well.
August 20, 2011
Mad Men + The Tempest + Red River. I'm just relieved there's a William Wellman movie I can finally watch.
June 16, 2011
Despite the fact that it wasn't anything extraordinary, it sure amounted to some inside jokes. Plus Gregory Peck, who can dislike him?
½ June 11, 2011
A western with a young Gregory Peck, as Stretch the leader of a group of bank robbers. Stretch and his men want to get some of the gold that belongs to an old miner and his grand-daughter. The combination of the girl and the gold is enough to give other notions to his misguided men, while he - Stretch - tries to be the honorable thief and stick to his word of only stealing half of their gold. All this in black and white film, where much of the lighting in the movie seems unusual and striking, results in a good and perhaps not as well known Western from 1948.
May 20, 2011
Unorthodox lighting, a great ensemble cast and the novelty of the salt flats make this a Western worth searching for.
December 22, 2010
Yellow Sky has the makings of a great western. It deals with greed, jealousy, betrayal, and lust. Gregory Peck, Richard Widmark, and Anne Baxter give incredible performances. The screenplay is well written. William A. Wellman did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed this film because of the cool characters. Yellow Sky is a must see.
December 12, 2010
Typical and overused storyline is heightened by excellent performances all around. Rare film that shows Peck and Widmark in bad guy roles, although Peck would switch over. Brilliantly filmed and acted make up for a cliched Western script.
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