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May 5, 2010
like this movie alot but havent seen it in years
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½ April 23, 2010
Excellent Western where Gregory Peck plays an Outlaw with a gang who is chased across the salt flats into what appears to be a ghost town where near dying of thirst they come across the beautiful Anne Baxter who plays the granddaughter of a miner. The gang is going to steal all the old mans gold until Peck goes soft for the young lady. All in All a great western and great acting by Peck, 4 1/2 Stars
September 24, 2009
WOW! Why do people not mention this western more often?! THis is an AMAZING hidden gem of a film. Starring Gregory Peck who is amazing as the gruff bank robber who slowly comes around to the better side (in a very real and not cheap old Hollywood way). Anne Baxter really surprises as the tough-as-nails western woman who takes crap from NO ONE. In a genre that is never usually very good to us ladies it is amazing to watch a woman in a western that isn't a whore, who doesn't need rescuing (and actually gets to help the hero out of the jam) and carries a shot gun and has an itchy finger on the trigger. Baxter plays her role with such contempt and strength- I can't give her anymore praise for what is such a different role for this genre and time.

I can hardly believe this came out in '48. It feels more like the revisionist and darker westerns of the 70's but at the same time takes a few healthy shots of noir from the era.
July 27, 2009
This western has adventure, romance, passion, but a weak ending. The stars, Gregory Peck and Anne Baxter, have great chemistry and their acting is wonderful. Unlike a lot of female characters inserted into westerns, Baxter's Mike fits in perfectly, the tough tom-boy who can shoot and fight as well as many men.
March 18, 2009
The Best Movie Ever, many people find flaws in it but I really think its a great movie. I adored all the actors preformances, especially Gregory Pecks and Richard Widmark. Its my fav movie as of now :)
watched it twice in the same day, its not too long and its amazing
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½ February 11, 2009
Good cast, ordinary western.
January 27, 2009
A really cool western about a bunch of money hungry thieves who discover a ghost town that has a secret. Its really a morality tale about greed. All the leads are great and I really love Richard Widmark in everything he does. Wellman is really underappreciated.
January 24, 2009
the ending is like from another film, but up until the last minute it's a chilling tale of greed and lust with a satisfying emotional complexity. joe macdonald's harsh and geometric photography is something else!
½ July 29, 2008
A dessert is a space... And, a space can be crossed.. U better had taken water instead that whiskey my friend!
July 6, 2008
Gregory Peck's character is the least offensive lying, cheating thief, out of a group of misfits, so he gets the girl. There are some things to like in the movie especially the first reel where the gang is dying of thirst and literally crawls through the desert into a ghost town. Once their base needs of food and water are met, the greed and lust takes over. The plot is filled with holes, the story meanders and at moments it looks like its trying to be a Western epic. It all turns out ok in the end.
June 11, 2008
For a movie this old it had a great story and decent acting
June 8, 2008
Gregory Peck=totally awesome. Gets a little mired in complexities of plot points at the end, and suffers a little from the Western trope of Women Love Being Raped, but overall engaging and exciting and Anne Baxter is pretty kick ass.
½ June 7, 2008
I haven't watched too many western movies but this one surely has made me curious about this genre. Gregory Peck is rock star in this movie. So intense and yet cool as the other side of the pillow.
½ June 6, 2008
Spectacular acting. The movie focused on the greed and betrayal that occur when gold and lust come into play. Really good.
April 30, 2008
Slow moving and predictable but very well shot.
April 28, 2008
A great, overlooked western.
March 11, 2008
Ok it has come to this i now find myself watching westerns just because Peck or Stewart or whoever it may be is in it, argh!!!!I officially need help cos generally i hate westerns, still twas not bad but is it just me or does Anne Baxter look like she was about 10 years old?
December 28, 2007
i just love gregory peck :D
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