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December 23, 2011
November 17, 2011
January 8, 2009
The most even-keeled, pleasant and mainstream movie Jim Carrey has made in many a moon.
January 5, 2009
It's a bland, high-concept comedy where the producers seem to have entered the spirit of the thing by saying yes to every random idea the writers came up with.
January 5, 2009
Sort of ho-hum stuff, but nice to see a cameo from Rhys Darby, from TV's Flight of the Conchords.
January 5, 2009
Yes Man is not the edgy hit it so longs to be. When you look into the eyes of Stamp and the rest, what you see is embarrassed amusement. They said yes - to a big fat paycheque - and laughed all the way to the bank.
April 29, 2019
[Jim Carrey] connects with you, off and on, to make you laugh. Only thing is, Carrey's face-pulling, eye rolling antics have been served up once too often to for us to be enamoured anew.
April 21, 2012
October 6, 2011
As self-help comedy, the movie is no more overdetermined than its own highbrow counterpart, Happy-Go-Lucky.
July 14, 2011
It's a decent enough time-killer for Carrey fans and those after something light and non-taxing after a heavy Christmas Day feast.
April 4, 2011
As much as I try to convince myself I'm tired of Jim Carrey, darn it, he almost always amuses me.
April 4, 2011
I have to admit that it was pretty funny a lot of the time.
December 17, 2009
A ready-made Christmas-time crowd-pleaser that pretty much plays it safe, even in its cruder moments, and will be in circulation on cable soon enough.
August 30, 2009
Mr. Carrey's performance is a return to the rubber-faced roles that dominated multiplexes in the mid- to late '90s, and that's not necessarily a good thing.
August 2, 2009
Yes Man is proof that reverse psychology works; No, it's not worth seeing because, no, it's not that funny.
May 31, 2009
The benefits of grounding comedy in reality are never-ending, and Yes Man takes advantage of most of them. Peyton Reed is officially one of my favorite comic directors.
May 25, 2009
[The] lip service to the dark side of 'yes,' but don't do enough to explore what could have made the film more than a bouncy entertainment. [Blu-ray]
May 21, 2009
...Jim Carrey's most entertaining comedy since 1997's Liar Liar...
April 24, 2009
I found myself having a few pleasant chuckles but still frustrated at the movie for not bothering with telling a story that hasn't already been told a million times before.
April 19, 2009
A film that has little plot until the last act, yet Carrey rises above it to bring it to an acceptable level.
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