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½ November 22, 2016
Relying on a bigger budget and on Knoller's superbly underplayed performance, this superior sequel works perfectly on its very own as a rich character study about grief and self-acceptance, even though it makes the mistake of ending in an implausible and easy way.
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February 1, 2015
Dr. Yossi Gutmann(Ohad Knoller) is a cardiologist in Israel who spends most of his free time watching television and masturbating to gay porn. So, when his soon-to-be-divorced friend Moti(Lior Ashkenazi) suggests he get out more, Yossi accepts Nina's(Ola Schur-Selektar) invitation for the theatre. And then Yossi gets a new patient, Varda(Orly Silbersatz), who is also the mother of his former lover, now dead ten years.

As thoughtful and sensitive as "Yossi" is when it comes to observing the long term grieving process, it also proves that sometimes too much understatement can actually work against a movie, too. That's not to mention one of the central plot points is a little too convenient for words.(Although, maybe as one character points out, there really are very few good cardiologists in Israel.) On the plus side, the movie ends on a high note, ten minutes before it would have become completely unbearable.
November 28, 2014
" Smart, moving, and deeply empathetic, Yossi is a thoughtful examination of love and grief. "
October 12, 2014
I wouldn't watch it if you're depressed!
½ September 15, 2014
It's time to love again...
August 15, 2014
Supposedly takes place 10 years after Jagger died tragically on the battlefield. Yossi has certainly put on weight! Here he encounters Jagger's parents, and later on an outgoing young lad named Tom. Great to see Tel Aviv, the Negev desert highway and Eilat again. I kinda enjoyed Eytan Fox's short film 'Time Out' more (which was among the dvd's extras)
July 20, 2014
gorgeous little Isreali homo flick. Tenderly explores the complexity of looking for love in the aftermath of tragedy and the presence homopobia (external and internal). also the difference towards the attitude in self acceptance of being gay from a gen Y and gen X perspective.
½ July 10, 2014
beautiful and sad love story. not all doom and gloom makes a nice and refreshing change.
July 5, 2014
This film was mirroring a part of my life I am in. I fell head over heels over Ohad's performance. His emotions and simple smile just made me melt. It is a uplifting film about trying to see things pass the mirror and the past. Yossi is so touching that you should watch it to feel better if your having a bad outlook on life.
½ June 28, 2014
Mejor que la uno, más feliz, pero poco creible. Lindos personajes
½ June 19, 2014
It can get too uneventful and ordinary in the beginning, but Yossi is nonetheless a remarkable film that feels so realistic and fresh in its approach and characters and which largely succeeds due to its sweet, poignant and very relevant ending that rings true and is emotional at the same time.
April 28, 2014
I stumbled upon "The Bubble" which introduced me to actor Ohad Knoller, which led me to "Yossi and Jagger," and now his follow-up sequel "Yossi."

I have to say it's one of the most touching stories I've experienced via NetFlix. Yossi's character resonated so strongly with me, that it put me in deep thought, and made me appreciate lost loves even more.

This movie comes highly recommended, because it dives head first into the anguish of having a lost love that you just cannot share with anyone else. I admit it...I cried.
March 28, 2014
Brilliant movie. I loved it. Nice plot. Great photography. Beautiful message.
½ February 15, 2014
I found it terribly boring, sad, and very unrealistic
November 26, 2013
this movie was amazing.
November 21, 2013
This is a wonderful piece of restrained romantic film making owing perhaps a little too much to Brokeback Mountain.....especially when Yossi visits his dead boyfriend's parental home to tell them about his relationship. With a running time of 83 minutes there is a lot crammed in but it is never strained or forced and it is a little gem the likes of which would not get funded in the US. I will now check out the earlier film. Yossi is a Doc who loses his lover in the war and has become emotionally detached and a bit out of shape. He runs into a group of younger soldiers and one of the falls for him and they become friends and then lovers. Subtle performance by Knoller
September 19, 2013
Picking up 10 years after Yossi & Jagger, this tells the story of Yossi who has become a doctor after leaving the army. He is still fraught with the memories of his tragic affair 10 years later.
This is an amazing pick-up from the good, but far too condensed original and makes up for the haphazard storytelling of it. It's a beautiful tale that throws Yossi through the gamete of emotions and is fraught with sexual tension.
Ohad Knoller is par excellence in his continued portrayal of Yossi. The supporting cast is fine, but it truly is poor, sad Yossi who you long to be happy for throughout. I do love an ambiguous ending and I hope this becomes the Israeli Before trilogy.
August 7, 2013
A sensitive little film, with a fine central performance. But it could've been more daring, both visually as well as narratively.
August 3, 2013
tom & yossi may be a fairtytale (no pun intended, cross my heart) but, give yossi some happiness already.
there was a tenderness somewhere in there that didn't nauseate.
½ July 14, 2013
this movie brought my love for drama movies back to life. charms
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