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September 28, 2009
There is not much, if anything, in this movie that is worth watching. There are no standout performances, the direction borders on the incompetent, the screenplay is braindead and the entire thing has the unbecoming feel of a straight-to-video dump. Worst of all, it cannot simply be enjoyed as trash because there are just enough hints strewn about as to the film this could have been.

For sure, the idea of a group of dissassociated thrillseekers has been done to death. The film, however, presents a group of voyeuristic thrillseekers who find themselves way out of their league when they attempt to actually replicate what they get off on other people doing. That the killer identifies himself as Iblis (the one angel in the Qoran who refused to prostrate himself before Adam, when ordered to by god) is both a clue and a nice touch. This, however, is the extent of what passes for creativity here. Nothing is done with these ideas so they may as well never have been raised in the first place. The movie insists on playing things by the book (and what a terrible, terrible book it is) all the way to its completely nonesensical ending.

Further evidence that geographic location and quality have little to do with each other.
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