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April 17, 2015
It was OK nothing remotely special. Entertaining but immediately forgettable. Could have been a lot better & funnier.
February 13, 2015
A low-brow rom-com with plenty of familiar stereotyped characters throughout. The production is fairly well done but the only real reason to give this one a go is for Rob Schnieder's irreverent character as he's good value, despite only having a minor role in the film.
½ December 21, 2014
This just wasn't a very good movie
October 5, 2014
Not even adequate to act as the background for DIY
½ August 22, 2014
nice and sweet movie
June 21, 2014
Pretty damn boring - it's not a good sign when your main thought during a movie is when did hottie Dave Annable start going grey?
April 26, 2014
Rather silly but very watchable rom com with a mixed bunch in the cast. Vinnie Jons always plays the same character. Katherine McPhee is noi leading lady but Dave anable is rather fun. Nice to see Suvari in a comic role.
Super Reviewer
February 23, 2014
A nice comedy which totally stole my attention, specially Rob Schneider
with his silly appearence.
½ February 1, 2014
This movie is more silly that funny. I found the leading character pretty annoying, and Vinnie Jones is playing his usual cockney hard nut, but if you don't take the movie seriously then it's just harmless fun. The storyline is really unbelievable, and the ending was pretty corny, but that's what you expect from a Rom-Com nowadays. I was surprised to see Kathy Burke in such a weak movie, but she didn't play a major role. As I hadn't really heard of this movie before, I didn't have high expectations so I wasn't massively disappointed. Average!

If this film had a leading character that wasn't so dumb, then it might have been half decent, but he just got on my nerves after a while. It's obvious that the director didn't really think the storyline through that well because it got ridiculous after a while. It just goes from one weird scene to the next, which makes its unpredictable in some ways, but silly in another. It was a waste of a good cast, except for the leading character, but you can tell that there wasn't a big budget so it shouldn't have been a massive lose.

Budget: $6million
Worldwide Gross: N/A

I recommend this movie to people who are into there silly Rom-Com's about an arranged marriage that goes totally wrong. 3/10
December 8, 2013
I just thought 0% sounds to mean
November 29, 2013
Muy buena,muy entretenida,recomendable
½ September 17, 2013
una comedia romantica sin ton ni son, para pasar el rato y nada mas.
½ September 4, 2013
star packed to the core but seen it all before
August 21, 2013
I like the shooting in Tahiti
August 2, 2013
Boring and can't decide whether to be a romcom or action movie. Rob Schneider is a major disappointment.
½ July 24, 2013
Completely what one would expect from a rom-com. We laughed and enjoyed this. Annable and McPhee had great chemistry, and who knew Katherine could act? (No I've never watched Smash). Who is Taylor Hicks? Wrong person won. And aside from Adam Sandler movies, hardly ever see Rob Sneider who is as zany as ever in this. Would give more stars, but obviously this isn't serious film making. Just a fun escape.
½ June 20, 2013
Rob Schneider is always fun to watch
June 3, 2013
I thought that it had a lot of surprises and has a good story plot. Good movie!
½ May 24, 2013
Lol stupid cheesy but still kinda funny
April 13, 2013
I HATE chick flicks. When I was hesitant wanting to watch it because I thought it was a chick flick. The only reason I wanted to watch it was because Dave Annable is HOT. But this movie is NOT A CHICK FLICK. It was great! Intense, action packed, and hilarious. A little romance at the end but whatever. This movie was great an I recommend it to EVERYONE!
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