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½ October 4, 2016
This was quite joyfull and fun, but only scratched the surface of the mother-son relationship I was hoping to see. Still really entertaining and hopeful.
November 7, 2015
cannot watch this without smiling or laughing out loud :p also what an adorable mother
March 31, 2013
Para morirse de la risa esta película, el par de señoras son fabulosas.
October 12, 2012
Fish out of water comedy that is more cringeworthy than genuinely hilarious, there are moments when the farce almost feels forced. Despite this, there is still a heart warming message behind it all, and moments of wonderful comedy that make You Should Meet My Son! I a fun film that anybody with a relatively open mind can enjoy.
July 7, 2012
Great glbt indie film. Ignore the budget-quality, this film has heart.
May 21, 2012
funny random and fun
May 19, 2012
it seems good comedy movie so need to watch it!
April 23, 2012
A little low budget and pacing kind of slow the movie down, but the script has a couple of sharp points and over the top moments which keep it from failing
February 24, 2012
While not a high budget film with any resemblance of known actors, You Should Meet My Son is a surprisingly upbeat and well written art house style movie with a few comedic twists thrown in for good measure.

The actors have been well cast and seem comfortable in their roles which makes for quite a realistic and eye opening adventure into the gay world not only for the characters but everyone watching.
February 5, 2012
First half is awful. Second half is quite good.
½ November 27, 2011
A lot funnier than I thought it would be!
October 31, 2011
I enjoyed it. =) I haven't laughed this hard in ages!
July 24, 2011
Unrealistic and full of stereotypes. The actors do a good enough job though.
July 9, 2011
so funny and inspiring.....
½ June 22, 2011
A movie that can be easily dismissed, I wouldn't be surprised that it didn't even make it into the cinemas. However predictable the storyline may be, it is still a feel good movie for a week night. Plenty of comedy to go around in such a low budget film.
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