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November 19, 2013
Billed as a Comedy, but more of a black Comedy,A young girl who is about to celebrate her 21st birthday has had 3 attempts on her life, for no reason, she has a birthday party at the family mansion,where another attempt is made on her life,her friends who are musicians try to remove her from danger, but the bridge which is the only way on and off the island is hit by Lightning, leaving the poor girl stranded with the killer, with only her friends and psychic Aunt to protect her, It's a good story, mixed with musical numbers,and bad guys, an enjoyable period piece,
Helen Parrish sadly died of cancer age 34, who stars in the lead role.
½ October 30, 2013
way too much kaye kyser ruins this haunted house comedy
April 7, 2013
this is a great movie. amazing movie, amusing comedy with the added creepiness of Lorre, Lugosi and Karloff. Kay Keyser is a bit cheesy but this is still a classic in my eyes.
January 17, 2013
It's a great film! I love Kay Kyser's music and his band. These critics who judge the film by the 3 horror men's appearance are missing the point. It's a frigging MUSICAL! Who cares if King Kong props are used???
August 23, 2012
An enjoyable spooky house comedy with the real band leader Kay Kyser and his band foiling the fiendish plans of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Peter Lorre to murder a young heiress. It's really well photographed, especially the creepy passageways and secret rooms; the seance scenes in particular stand out and are genuinely creepy despite the farcical nature of much of the movie. Karloff, Lugosi and Lorre appear to be relishing their roles and play it straight throughout. The film has perhaps a few too many set piece performances from Kay Kysers Band, but on the whole much better than could be expected.
Super Reviewer
November 23, 2010
"We would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for those crazy band members!" I truly was waiting for that line, because it played out like a Scooby Doo episode. A scary/comedy/whodunit kind of story, with three of the horror greats - Karloff, Lugosi, and Lorre. Fun film for those who appreciate Scooby Doo.
½ October 20, 2010
Recommended only if you're a fan of Karloff, Lugosi or Lorre -- and maybe not even then. Most of the running time is wasted on Kay Kyser and his painfully unfunny band. Karloff and co. do what they can (when they're allowed), and it is fun to see the three of them together for the first and only time, but there's hardly enough here to entertain classic horror geeks, let alone anyone else.
December 18, 2009
Impossible to find, TCM showed it once about 5 years ago.
October 20, 2009
A comedic-horror which takes place in a mansion during a large 21st birthday party for the heiress. Way too much big band music which gets in the way of the story. The heiress believes she is marked for death and tries to snuff out an exotic ?prince? who claims occultic powers. Even with Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff and decent comedy, the focus on the music makes this RKO horror film definitely not a ?must see.?
½ October 18, 2009
Music, romance and comedy with Kay Kyser and a haunted house full of beautiful girls and funny guys facing down three titans of terror: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Peter Lorre. Entertaining from start to finish, this film is a true party that invites you in to join the fun. Good stuff and you got to love the way they introduce each of the villains!
October 17, 2009
It has the triple threat of Lorre, Karloff and Lugosi. Too bad it has the single threat of Kay Kyser, a largely forgotten band leader from the 40's mugging his way through the whole thing. It's not a terrible musical/comedy horror film, it's more a case of Abbot and Costello doing this sort of thing much better.
½ February 9, 2008
I've loved this movie since I was a child watching it with my mother. It's just an old movie with some corny jokes but some funny moments. Anyone who loves the big band era and the old days of radio may enjoy it. The seance is quite unbelievable but that was how it was in a 40's mystery movie i guess. Ginny Simms was a highlight; she was beautiful and so was her voice. I loved the women's clothes too; the men's you could keep. I just read Ish Kabibble's autobiography. He had an amazing life. I think he and Harry Babbit lived the longest of the cast.
I was finally able to get this movie on DVD. I will watch over and over again.
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