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August 17, 2017
Young Billy Young is a disappointing film. It is about a vengeful former sheriff who sets out to find the man who killed his son. Robert Mitchum and Angie Dickinson give terrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Burt Kennedy did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.
July 26, 2016
A decent By-the-numbers western.
½ August 10, 2013
130810: Though a bit slow at times, enjoyable. After building tension for an hour and fifteen minutes, the story resolves itself rather quickly, unexpectedly. It's unfortunately anti-climatic. The line between good and evil is blurred and there are no real heroes to be found in this revenge story (ok, perhaps Paul Fix as Charle). This film took me back to my youth however, being a western as I remember westerns being. Six guns, lever actions and cartridge lined holsters. A pleasant ninety minutes for me.
April 21, 2013
Okay enough by-the-numbers western starting Robert Mitchum as a sherif looking to get even with the man who killed his son. Writer/director Burt Kennedy was never a brilliant filmmaker, but he did build up a pretty solid track record of making entertaining westerns. This one was more serious than his usual Dirty Dingus Magee/Support Your Local Gunfighter-type of western/comedies, but it did work to a certain extent. It's all pretty unoriginal, but if you enjoy westerns and like the cast (Robert Mitchum, Angie Dickinson, David Carradine), you'll probably find the film worth watching.
June 4, 2011
glimpse of a young david carradine... also mitchum sings the title song quite nicely.
½ November 15, 2010
Ok western all though poorly directed. reusing the same scenes but from different angles. and unessesary flashbacks. the first one was ok, but the same prolonged flashback two times(or was it three?)?! come on Burt, shiiiit. Despite the lackluster material Robert Mitchum basically carried the whole film and made it watchable. I guess you have to be a Mitchum fan to fairly enjoy this film. luckily i am just that.
October 29, 2010
A straight forward, easy to watch, quick paced western, which has an adequate storyline to it, but in certain areas it could have been done better. The storyline doesn't make the film stand out amongst other westerns. There is a good variety of characters, but there is not a good deal of introduction to the characters' background. There is however some good action scenes and quite a good gun fight at the end, which is particularly well filmed.

As for the acting Robert Mitchum is well cast as the straight talking, tough talking experienced gun man who delivers his tough dialogue very well. Robert Walker Jr plays the part of the young green wannabe gun man quite well. Mitchum and Walker share the best scenes in the film. Angie Dickinson seems very wooden throughout the film and in some scenes completely emotionless. Her tone of voice does not change, despite her characters apparent change of moods.

Overall an enjoyable western which is very easy to watch, which is well paced and a few good action scenes in it. It is also well acted on the most part. The drawbacks are that the characters lack any real back story and some aspects of the story could have been done more in-depth. Robert Mitchum also sang the soundtrack, which was a really big mistake he should of kept to acting!
½ September 7, 2010
Super Reviewer
½ December 28, 2009
Robert Mitchum is a lawman in the twilight of his career, out to get the man who killed his son. Angie Dickinson is the obligatory saloon girl with low self esteem but lots of heart.

Unless you're a huge Mitchum and/or Dickinson fan, there is not a lot to like in this predicable, mediocre western. Very good talent with a very weak script.
May 20, 2009
This one get's three stars, one for Robert Mitchum, one for David Carradine and one for Angie Dickinson. It's a fun little movie, but it's nothing special. If you're looking for a really good Burt Kennedy western, watch "Welcome To Hard Times" (1967) instead.
March 14, 2009
Just another typical Western
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