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October 6, 2016
The best part was when all the nobles drank bowls of piss and not the giant Manta Ray.
October 10, 2015
On a par with the film it is a prequel to. Looks good with a nice fantasy storyline.
October 8, 2015
This film is as nuts as it sounds, it's the prequel to Detective Dee and Mystery of the Phantom Flame(you know that film) is ridiculous fun though especially if you like Chinese fantasy detective films with CGI Wire Fu(better than normal wire fu) and has Sea monsters in it(better than regular monsters).So if you are into Chinese fantasy detective films with CGI Wire Fu(better than normal wire fu) and has Sea monsters in it(better than regular monsters) like me, then this is for you.
½ September 27, 2015
While it was better than everyone expected it to be, young detective Dee suffers from subpar acting, unrelatable characters and an overdose of terrible cgi!
July 26, 2015
The idea of a who-done-it set in a fantasy version of historical China sounds intriguing, but I kind of hate this film. It's long, needlessly convoluted and has some of the worst CGI I have ever seen. Large sections of the film look like bad video game cut scenes.
July 8, 2015
Why do you think it's your turn to speak?

The Imperial Family are having issues with strange murders around their village; truth be told, their own corruption led to the strange serial killer and being that plagues them. The first imperial police force is formed and the first case goes to a young Detective named Dee. He will have to be very resourceful to work his way through the family's corruption to uncover the truth behind the murders.

"Can't you see how strangely the sail moves?"

Tsui Hark, director of Once Upon a Time in China I-IV, Dragon Inn, The Banquet, Zu Warriors, Double Team, Knock Off, and Seven Swords, delivers Young Detective Dee. The storyline for this picture is dreadful. The settings are nice but the action scenes are very inconsistent. The cast delivers below average performances and includes Carina Lau, Mark Chao, Angelababy, and Kun Chen.

"You mustn't harm innocent women."

I came across this on Netflix and decided to give it a viewing. I have seen the first one but thought it was mediocre and this is even a step down from there. Overall, this is not a great addition to the genre and I would recommend skipping this.

"It's bird tongue tea."

Grade: F
November 10, 2014
I swear. Tsui Hark must surely be China's answer to Steven Spielberg in his heyday. A ripping great yarn and stunning production. Why oh why though does the lead actress Angela Yeung Wing take on the real life stage name of Angelababy?
October 6, 2014
Great fun romp with some beautiful action scenes.
September 5, 2014
graphic is interesting while the story is pretty fun to watch.
August 9, 2014
Même si on est très souvent dans le n'importe quoi total, le deuxième Detective Dee est infiniment plus maîtrisé que le premier opus, grâce à un scénario moins foutraque, des effets spéciaux toujours aussi moches mais au service d'un univers intéressant et surtout un vrai sens de la comédie aussi grasse et régressive qu'hilarante et bon enfant. Mark Chao, Lin Gengxin et Carina Lau sont excellents, tandis qu'Angelababy est insupportable (mais disparaît assez vite de l'écran heureusement). Tsui Hark ne livre peut-être pas "un nouveau chef d'oeuvre", mais un nouveau très bon film d'aventures. Et c'est déjà pas mal.
July 18, 2014
Quite creative in its action sequences and visual effects
½ July 6, 2014
Lead actor has fun as young Dee on his first case. Excellent special effects. The plot is a tad thin.
½ June 25, 2014
I really didn't think this would work minus Andy Lau, but I was wrong. Incredible sequel that just keeps up with its amazing predecessor. Stunning action and visuals and better than all of the 'Pirates' movies put together!
June 1, 2014
typical movie yet still cool to watch
½ April 30, 2014
It might just be me but I didn't really care for this one. I know it's the same director as the First but this had a weird straight to did feel to ut. Computer effects were blah and extremely noticable, the make up on some of the characters seemed a bit under part and with everyone trying to jump on this shit 3D movie kick, I didn't like it.
The actual martial arts without animation were good and the story was decent but mixed with the rest of the movie didn't catch me.
I liked the first but not this. watch if you will.
½ April 22, 2014
Great effects for the most part. An epic fantasy mystery worthy of continuing the franchise.
April 16, 2014
A watchable fantasy action drama thriller epic... entertaining chinese big budget production comparable to Hollywood standards...
April 11, 2014
Great Kung fu action franchise
½ March 26, 2014
Detective Dee And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame was a fun martial arts mystery and it's success has inspired Hong Kong filmmaker Tsui Hark to have another go around and this time he goes back to the character's beginnings and create a prequel which portrays Dee's first case as a member of the Da Lisi, the law enforcement agency of the city of Luoyang. He also has chosen to add a lot more fantasy elements this time as Dee's first case involves a sea monster, a merman, a vile plot to poison Luoyang's public officials, including the emperor, and a beautiful courtesan (Angelababy... which is the real stage name for actress/singer/model Angela Yeung). The movie opens as Dee (now Mark Chao) enters the city of Luoyang to begin work as an officer of the law but, right away he is thrust into a case involving the attempted kidnapping of courtesan Yin Ruijii (Angelababy) which becomes complicated when a mysterious 'merman' becomes involved. The case is also somehow linked to a massive sea monster that destroyed Luoyang's war fleet and is being investigated by Dee's rival Yuchi Zhenjin (Feng Shaofeng) who thinks Dee is not to be trusted and would rather see him behind bars. The plot thickens as the city's officials have been poisoned and somehow Dee mush earn his rival's trust and find out how all these elements tie together before it's too late. Dee prequel is not without it's entertainment there is definitely some fun here but, it is also a lot more far-fetched then it's predecessor and a lot longer as it is very plot-heavy despite the lighter nature of that plot. Hark seems to really go overboard with the sillier elements of the movie and equally so with the CGI effects and the film tends to be a bit overblown at times like his 2001 The Legend Of Zu which was in CGI effects overload. The previous Dee had fantasy elements but, they were grounded and restrained, here Hark really cuts loose and we get a film that is a lot lighter and a lot more cartoonish then the last movie. Aside from creatures and gravity defying foes, Dee also seems to have an ability that resembles 'Spider Sense" as he can deduce complicated and detailed conclusions just by looking at objects and this 'skill' is vividly illustrated with CGI fueled sequences which make him appear borderline clairvoyant. It's silly. The FX this time are mixed with some CGI being weak and some, like the film's really cool sea monster, are excellently rendered. The film was obviously made in 3D and we get a lot of stuff flying at us and it is really distracting in 2D and the martial arts sequences are really over the top this time and don't even try to seem somewhat grounded in reality. It just seems Hark went really overboard and at 133 minutes, he also stretches things out far too long and despite all the action and fantasy, the film seems very long-winded at times. The cast all perform well and while Mark Chao gives it his all as young Dee, he just doesn't quite have the screen presence of veteran Andy Lau though, his Dee is likable if not a touch smug. The first Detective Dee was an entertaining movie and as a fan of this stuff, I did find much to entertain me here but, it is still an overindulgent, far-fetched and sillier step down from the first movie which, in itself wasn't perfect and and would have been better served by a little restraint. Worth a look for Hong Kong film fans but, it's a bit of a disappointment and just barely avoids being an overblown mess. Also stars Carina Lau reprising her role as Empress Wu from the the original Detective Dee, the only original cast member to return.
½ February 19, 2014
Watchable sequel if you liked the first one.
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