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½ May 15, 2015
ok laurel & hardy silent short
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½ January 16, 2012
I'm just never going to be a Laurel & Hardy fan. In this short, their characters are far too impossibly stupid to be enjoyable. So Stan plays clarinet, but doesn't even know how to assemble the instrument? Sure, that's plausible. And these two are broke, yet treat their instruments -- their only feasible means of support -- like garbage? And then the film merely ends with a lame mess of slapstick punches. Ho hum.

Look up the 1935 Disney cartoon, "The Band Concert." Miles more funny and clever.
June 14, 2011
An archetypal L&H short, if nowhere near as funny as its towering reputation would suggest. That rep rests on two specific sequences: the opening orchestra disaster (with Ollie on French horn and Stan on clarinet), which is certainly grander than much of what was to follow in the stars' work - apparently shot in an actual concert hall, in front of an uproarious audience - but proves a little underpowered in its business, reliant on Ollie getting his fingers repeatedly trampled on; and the final descent into mass shin-kicking and trouserlessness, which again is fairly basic business, but shows the advantages to be gained from running with a particular idea - and also serves as a persuasive image of how the comedians' brand of idiocy might just catch on. True, you could show this to anybody who'd never seen a Laurel & Hardy movie, and they'd grasp immediately where this pair were coming from - but there was more sophisticated work ahead of them.
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