Youth in Oregon Reviews

March 12, 2017
Youth in Oregon presents euthenasia as it might actually be faced in real life; a dramatic representation of how one might approach the issue as an active participant.
February 6, 2017
Complex dramedy explores issues related to assisted suicide.
February 3, 2017
Oregon is more than a bittersweet look at a man deciding to end his life before he's too invalid to have a say in the matter: It's a study of how plain ol' stubbornness can keep a family forever brimming with dysfunction.
Top Critic
February 2, 2017
Langella's tightly controlled stillness makes Ray's tantrums far less potent than the grim stoicism with which he faces his physical indignities, and his quiet domination of a family that's barely holding it together.
February 2, 2017
Youth in Oregon is a struggle to get through, but it opens up and reveals itself with genuine catharsis in its closing.
February 1, 2017
It may be a predictable ride, but it's still a charming one.
February 1, 2017
Youth in Oregon delivers a heart-wrenching look at euthanasia without being preachy. It talks about dying with dignity and dying amid a sea of love.
January 31, 2017
The caliber of the cast helps make "Youth in Oregon" a cut above what the been-there-before story deserves.
April 17, 2016
A surprisingly uplifting film about a very difficult topic, Youth In Oregon's remarkable ensemble cast elevate the story into something unique and profound.