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August 27, 2008
Phantom: The Submarine may not be anything spectacular when it comes to the story, the acting, or the directing, but everything is good enough to make this a worth while watch.At 1 hour and 40 minutes, this movie moves at a moderate to slow pace the entire time. It doesn't feel like a slow drag though. The movie finds a way to move along rather quickly, even though 99% of the time is spent on a submarine. That's right. The title says it all.The story is easy to follow and it does a nice job at leaving you in the dark. At least for the first 45 minutes. You don't know the purpose of what is happening and you don't know what really is to come. Once you reach the second half, everything starts to make sense and you just wait to see what will happen in the end.The action adventure aspect of this flick is a tad deceiving, since there isn't a whole lot of it. There is a great submarine action sequence in the latter half, but that is pretty much it. It leaves me wanting more.Along with the action there is the suspense scenes. I'll just say that there is a good suspenseful scene at the 1 hour mark. You can't miss it.The acting is quite good. Woo-sung Jung pulls off the lead as he has done in other films and Min-su Choi is a good choice for the captain. As seen in other films, Woo-sung tends to be a little less animated when it comes to showing his emotions, but it works out nicely in here.While the scenery is lacking and the pace is slow, the story, albeit somewhat political, is able to make up for this.
½ November 19, 2007
Heard so much about it that I was a little bit disappointed. But just A little bit.
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