Nov 18, 2011
Nov 17, 2011
Jan 4, 2008
Its odd clash of shifting sensibilities is just as often wearisome as engaging.
Sep 10, 2007 also has an undeniable charm, and the kitschy, CGI-enhanced special effects add greatly to the amusement factor.
Aug 22, 2007
Frequent readers may have noticed my fondness for films by Japanese cult director Takashi Miike. So it pains me to report that his Zebraman is a disappointment.
Aug 18, 2007
This is something you could take your whole family to see.
Aug 17, 2007
Will probably play best to fanboys who love Power Rangers and Ultraman.
Aug 17, 2007
This is a dark and yet playful look at the superhero genre.
Aug 16, 2007
Though featuring cheapo special effects, phony-looking fight scenes and cornball dialogue, this throwback is readily recommended for anyone who might enjoy a campy cross of Mothra and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Aug 16, 2007
Utterly delightful...a loving spoof on the Ultraman tradition of 1960s and '70s low-budget Japanese TV superheroes.
Aug 16, 2007
Miike directs with due care and attention and comes up with the odd striking image, but the material is so inert that nothing can stifle yawns.
Aug 15, 2007
A downtrodden schoolteacher, a disabled boy and a government agent suffering from an embarrassing itch are the unlikely heroes of Zebraman.
Aug 14, 2007
Zebraman has come to save our summer from bloated Hollywood product that takes itself but not its audience seriously (here, it's the other way around).
Aug 13, 2007
Like the faux gays from Japan's defense agency, Miike refuses to get real, but his gonzo, punch-drunk surrealism has never felt so arbitrary.