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½ August 15, 2016
I'm a very hard viewer to disappoint, but this movie pulled it off. While I applaud the film's ultra-low budget look, which helped sell its angle of being home video shot by the two main characters and eventual school shooters (the whole movie is sort of a recreation - mostly - of the infamous Columbine Basement Tapes), the acting was pretty poor throughout, the writing did not sell the story or the characters at all, and a movie that was supposed to be a thriller ended up being honestly pretty boring. Again, I wanted to like it, its basic premise is a fascinating one - if a bit exploitative, but honestly I found the film pretty tedious and kept counting the ways they could have improved it, which is a bad sign. While certainly not the worst ever, this one is just not very good in my opinion.
June 1, 2016
5/5 One of the most disturbing and realistic films I've ever seen, Zero Day is a horror movie recreating one of America's most notorious tragedies in recent years. It's one of the earlier examples of the found footage style emerging, but it cannot be called entirely original due to the material it mirrors (although this certainly isn't a problem). You know what happened, you know what's coming, yet Zero Day is like venturing into an unfamiliar world where everything feels slightly off. It shocks without pretension and it tells a story without needless fluff. The performances, especially the two leads, are so natural that it was hard to comprehend this film had a written script. They are scarily well done. Zero Day really shook me, in fact I think it's the first film to actually make me cry from fear. There are other films out there that tackle similar stories and concepts, but I believe Zero Day might reign supreme due to its absolutely unnerving realism.
April 13, 2016
With good use of its found-footage, Zero Day has some haunting moments but also has its share of flay, dry moments with some lingering questions about reasonings and motive that leave the film feeling unfulfilled.
February 6, 2016
Zero Day is proof you can make a compelling and interesting film with a low-budget
Super Reviewer
January 23, 2016
Generally speaking, I hate films that are shot on camcorder, but they do make things more realistic. This was a necessity for the film, Zero Day, which gives an in depth look at the psyche of two school shooters. The story isn't unexpected or anything you haven't seen before, but what makes this film unique is how the producers went about casting this film. The entire cast is made up of ordinary kids, with no previous acting experience, to that end, the entire immediate family of the shooters are also used in the film. Given that these kids weren't actors at the time, a lot of scenes also remain unscripted. The kids were told to just talk about things that make being a teenager tough, expressing dark, innermost feelings of rage and hatred of society. It was then that the writers wrote dialogue that corresponded with what these kids were saying. The result of this is one of the most realistic films I've ever seen. It was like actually being able to watch the video diaries of the Columbine shooters, expressing their feelings, and explaining their actions, prior to that tragic day. Both boys featured in the film are terrific and the way the Director just let the story flow, based on what these two kids had to say, was absolutely ingenious. I think this film was an amazing insight into the minds of troubled teenagers and I think it's a must see for anyone in the field of education.
December 1, 2015
one of the best indie movies ive ever seen. a great insight into what eric harris and dylan klebold were going through it disgusts me to say but it actually makes you feel for andre and calvin. the shooting scene is jawdropping. absolutley amazing movie
½ November 20, 2015
It's basically the same as Elephant, but for some reason is a lot more effective in conveying the eeriness in how the main characters are just regular kids who end up doing something awful.
April 2, 2015
Excellent acting; very interesting concept in which the entire film was recorded with hand-held camcorders. A very disturbing and well played theme. My only concern would be the direction, it wasn't necessarily bad, just not all that great and made the film slightly boring at times.
March 3, 2015
The perfect companion piece to 'Bowling For Columbine' and 'Elephant', there's probably a case to be made as to how much each of those films possibly steal from each other but I'm willing to let it slide. This is really clever and never feels either moralistic or exploitative. A really well done mockumentary that leaves you feeling just plain sad it's that realistic and convincing.
February 3, 2015
A highly underrated masterpiece! This movie is inspired by the tapes left by the Columbine shooters and it feels so real it's scary.

The two main characters are the driving force, but not in the way of any normal film. They are the driving force because you find yourself siding with them at times even though you know from the start what's going to happen. Andre Keuck and Calvin Robertson deliver standout performances.

This film gives a voice to the most hated kind of human being on the planet: the perpetrators of a school shooting. Now before you assume too much just know that it doesn't put a positive spin on their actions. The shooters themselves don't even put a positive spin on their actions. They know that they are murdering people, and they know it's bad, they just don't care.

The found footage approach was really interesting to me. It's like Ben Coccio puts you on an even keel with them without making you feel like them. He humanized them so that you can relate to their thoughts and feelings.

There were a million ways that the disturbing climax could've gone terribly wrong, but Coccio handles the subject matter respectfully without glorifying the affects of the violence. There's no cringe inducing blood splatters here, Coccio lets the harsh reality of the violence do that. The climax is the moment when you realize that you've been tricked too. Just like all the kids at their school, their friends and family, and even each other. You realize that Cal and Andre are psychopaths and they made you care about them. You almost feel betrayed, but that's my favorite aspect of the character development.

I heard critics call this movie a "pointless exercise" and in some ways I agree, but this movie did something wholly original: it explored the psyche of a school shooter. It moves into some very dark territory but Coccio isn't afraid of it. He embraces the reality of the plot, and plunges you into this world that for a moment you really do believe is real.
June 11, 2014
A very well made and impressively entretaining found-footage kind of film. It boast plenty of personality thanks to its characters and its commentary. The story itself, while not terribly complicated, is extreamly well told and holds some really creative and sometimes bizzare moments that make me believe that the movie couldnt have been made in a better way.
½ January 23, 2014
This may have been an exploit on a unforgivable tragedy, but what a job well done! Truly realistic that it is actually chilling to watch.
January 7, 2014
Very good movie. Zero Day takes you into the minds of two tormented teens and I feel shows us just how human we all are even after being pushed too far
December 13, 2013
One of the most depressing films ever. But worth a watch.
June 27, 2013
The only found footage film that is able to succeed Blair Witch. The intensity comes not from an unseen monster, or the actions of a manic serial killer, but from the performances and characters of two average teenagers on a path to doomsday. The best of the found footage genre and the best film to emerge from the aftermath of Columbine.
½ June 23, 2013
Chilling ,,disturbing and haunting ..
May 3, 2013
I originally found out about this movie from doing school work on columbine and saw that it was shot as a missing tapes POV. Needles to say I wasn't disappointed

Riveting, controversial, intriguing, haunting, and at times even funny, the movie packed more of a punch than I would have expected. The character are very wronged teenage boys, based very well around dylan and eric.

The movie never really makes fun oof the columbine massacre but represents it in a dignified way, even if it is at time very spine chilling and cruel. That school footage at the end will leave a mark on you for days.

I have very few problems with the movie, but I do have them. The very last scene of other kids burning the two shooters crosses was a decent end but kind of unnecessary. The scenes with the parents are kind of pointless and make no sence to me to add in your genocide types. And my main problem, like the actual incident, is their motive. Ok, I get it, you were harassed but they seem to do the same thing to eachother. Especially considering they were almost done with school. I don't know why, but for both the fictional and real events that is just dazzling.

Nitpicking and wondering aside, Zero Day is a very good low budget film, people should definitely give it atleast one viewing.
January 27, 2013
A great study of the lives of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold before and during the the columbine massacre. Although the hand held camcorder filming can get a bit annoying but if you looking for a good film based on columbine, this is the one.
January 20, 2013
This is an eerily real drama about two kids who plot to shoot up their school. There are some flaws in this film, but there is enough emotional depth and creepy stroytelling to save this one from oblivion. The acting from this first time cast was actually really good for a pretty low budget indie that even I didn't know what it was before my friends told me to watch it. It's an unnerving film that is not for the easily offended. Not bad.
January 16, 2013
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