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½ September 16, 2016
A pair of exceedingly dumb gangster's lose a suitcase full of heroin and need to get it back. Bloody mayhem ensues. Aleksey Balabanov partly satirizes the 90's era Russian gangster flicks that made his name internationally, but also satirizes power relations in Russian society. I get the distinct feeling that this would feel like sharper satire to me if I was Russian. It was a mildly amusing, very bloody decent time, but I wasn't all that amused by what transpired.
March 15, 2016
Take early Tarantino, make him very Russian, add an extra table spoon or two of very dark homur - boom.
½ November 28, 2013
Does watching two movies from the same director in a week make it a festival?

If so, my Alexei Balabanov festival started with Brother, which I credited, despite low budget values, for being a solid story.

I get the more recent Dead Man's Bluff and I see the same production values, which may reflect my lack of understanding on how the Russian film industry works to assume should be better by this stage, and that is a turn off when one considers that the characters and tone of this film, while similar to Brother in some ways, are not drawn as well.

Here we see an attempt to forcefully add a sense of macabre humour that works at some points, but at others is transparent and not funny. There is quite a bit of ultra-violence which adds some flavour to things, but the general malaise of the aimless characters wandering around can lead one's eyes to begin shutting. Acting performances are uneven with most tending towards amateur style.

You can even note a couple of scenes where the director is evidently trying to get in some ladies pants by obviously including them in the production. They walk by the foreground in completely obvious fashion, as also a woman playing a waitress poses. At least the latter had an actual role. This is distracting and again looks amateur.

It provides nothing a film fan hasn't seen before, while reminding me of a cheap Pulp Fiction knock-off.

So ends my Balabanov festival. It seems his movies are all done this way.
½ January 26, 2013
Extreme, quirky and darkly funny. Something like the bastard child of Tarantino's and Guy Ritchie's films, yet much more original !
March 13, 2012
"Let's kill the negro. I don't like them." - Simon.
January 26, 2012
a director that put the cool guys in lead roles for once :)
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May 2, 2010
Just bloody brilliant, hilarious as all hell. A bit disappointed as to how flix portrays these movies...as no one seems to be interested...but have you lot seen Brother? Kinda a combination of Tarantino violence and Ritchie comedy of two brothers who fuck up a job consisting of a suitcase full of heroin...and let the antics commence!
December 25, 2009
Reminds me of a Guy Ritchie flick with all the different groups of gangsters, thugs, and criminals fucking each other over. A little more brutal though. Those who have seen other Balabanov films will not be disappointed with the violence and the social and political messages throughout the story. Not even close to his best though.
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½ October 14, 2009
black comedy, russian style. great soundtrack.
August 8, 2009
Entertaining, fun (can that be said about a violent, Russian gangster film?) with bizarre caricatured characters and a whacky plot line.
April 19, 2009
Pretty damn black Tarantino-esque action comedy gore fest. Definitely not boring - the usual thugs in deal gone wrong scenario with all sorts of dark humor, Russian mafia dealings, tons of shot-outs and blood galore. In this case, I loved seeing the raw Russia - poverty and crime mixing into something altogether unwholesome. If you're interested in going to Russia - you might think twice after this flick.
February 10, 2009
Funny. Something even hilarious. Would I advise watching this film to someone? Perhaps, not to people from Western world.
January 4, 2009
Russian movie. Reality bites: scenes are Fine & music very funny. Its getting better after first 5 minutes. You should see this.
December 11, 2008
Quick, fun and politically incorrect black comedy. No, i'm not talking about 'lock, stock and two smoking barrels' - Zhmurki (Dead People) offers everything you can wish for - jokes, awesome storyline, U-turns, amazing cast and plenty of shooting. Every character is unique - every statement is wrong. Stereotypes? Yes please. Girls who like smoking and drinking while driving on regional roads? Not a single one. Drugs? A case full. Brains? Not at all. So say no to food from McDonald's, give your son some medicine and please, don't muck up the fireplace. Pick up the suit case from the lawyer, hide it in the oven, put on some Nogu Svelo, grab your folder and let's play some Russian roulette. Don't forget the grenades of course.

Simply brilliant - anyone looking for a top black comedy - look no further.
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