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May 19, 2018
A hell paradigm - two brain-scrapingly terrible genres are mashed up into one ultimate torment of the soul.
January 26, 2018
Let's just hope Kevin James stops pissing on things long enough to realize his film career is already sufficiently soaked.
June 23, 2013
Movies like "Zookeeper" make you hate movies, restaurants, animals, and Earth.
March 2, 2013
Kevin James' new comedy Zookeeper may be popular with the kiddos, but slapstick humor and a cookie-cutter storyline doom it for adults.
January 15, 2013
Give Kevin James this much credit -- the dude leaves it all on the field, even when the movie's bad.
January 6, 2012
A high concept-movie falls almost as flat as star Kevin James doing pratfalls.
December 31, 2011
October 15, 2011
The latest in an increasingly long line of misbegotten Kevin James comedies...
September 29, 2011
ksanazestamena romantika klise kai afelh hthikoplastika dilhmmata, poy mporeis na problepseis kai na kalyterepseis monos soy, prin kan shkwtheis ap' ton kanape na pas sthn aithoysa na deis thn tainia
September 28, 2011
Sometimes a kid's movie is just a kid's movie. In the case of Zookeeper, it's a place where young imaginations go to die.
September 14, 2011
Fans of the sight of James falling over will get a big kick out of Zookeeper, but this deranged comedy will leave everyone else scratching their heads.
September 9, 2011
It isn't terrible, it's just dull.
September 8, 2011
Why is Kevin James a top-billed movie star? When did this happen? Why is it happening?
September 8, 2011
Kevin James talks to the animals in Adam Sandler-scented rom-com.
September 8, 2011
Just who will be amused by James mugging and hugging his way into the heart of a good woman (Rosario Dawson? In your dreams, Kevin!) is a question that simply cannot be answered.
September 8, 2011
With the exception of some nice moments, mainly due to Kevin James' wholesome and lovable lead, Zookeeper is a flop and should be watched at your own peril.
September 7, 2011
To produce something as emphatically unfunny as this, the script's five-man team must have whipped themselves into a state of mutual delusion.
September 6, 2011
Failing to succeed as a rom-com or a kids' flick, this feels surprisingly flat with the animals, and Kevin James, never really coming alive.
September 3, 2011
When you hear the giraffe yelling May Day, right at the beginning of Zookeeper, take heed; it's a distress signal that we are about to witness a disaster
August 9, 2011
If a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters can produce Shakespeare, then Zookeeper must have been banged out by one primate pecking away at a keyboard between sessions playing on a tire swing.
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