Get a Year-Early Peek at "The Da Vinci Code"

The Quicktime Movie Trailers page brings the very first teaser for next year's "The Da Vinci Code." Based on the overwhelmingly popular novel by Dan Brown, "The Da Vinci Code" 'centers on one of the greatest mysteries of humankind, a 2000 year-old conspiracy, clues to which are encoded in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.'

Sitting in the director's chair for this highly anticipated project is Ron Howard ("Cocoon," "Cinderella Man"), and the filmmaker will once again be working from an adapted screenplay by Akiva Goldsman ("A Beautiful Mind"). Tom Hanks is will play the lead role of professor Robert Langdon, and he'll be flanked by a supporting cast that includes Audrey Tautou ("Amelie"), Ian McKellen ("The Lord of the Rings"), Jean Reno ("Leon: The Professional"), and Alfred Molina ("Spider-Man 2"). "The Da Vinci Code" is scheduled to hit theaters precisely one year from today: May 19th, 2006.



Ryan Meals

Doesn't show much.

May 19 - 07:52 PM


John Hedges

doesn't show anything

May 19 - 10:53 PM


solomon sassoon

[b]Superman Returns[/b]
Superman Returns is going to kill anything and everything about this bullshit movie based on that propogandic bullshit novel-- even if people go and check it out. bye.

May 20 - 12:56 AM


Jason Roberts

yes, because super heros and relegion are comparable.

May 29 - 06:48 PM


Josh Jones

Sigh. #1. I can guarantee you 10 times as many people are interested in this movie over Superman Returns of all things. #2. It's a novel. Not propaganda, just fiction. And pretty good fiction. And a pretty good cast, too, so it's likely it will end up being a pretty good movie. I don't have the same hopes for your odd choice of Superman as being the killer of any movie.

May 20 - 01:13 PM


cameron reesor

i agree with puablo!

May 20 - 05:21 PM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

It's a conspiracy!

May 20 - 10:23 PM


Shruti Sengupta

why is everybody so annoyed with the book? did it make you not want to be Christian? NO! then what is the fuss all about?Its fiction thats all! read Angels and Deamons, that is surely Christian and its by the same author.

May 21 - 10:07 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

Something to do with Christian Fundamentalists. Seems to be all the rage in the States.

May 21 - 11:25 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

Something to do with Christian Fundamentalists. Seems to be all the rage in the States.

May 21 - 11:25 AM


Rob Eaton

I think the Da Vinci code could suck, just because I don't have that much faith in Ron Howard as a director. To tell you the truth, I think he is one of the most over-rated directors of all-time, he hasn't even done that many good movies. You can refer to "a beautiful mind", but just because it won an oscar doesn't mean it is that good. I mean look at Shakesphere in Love and Chicago and Titanic, all not that good, all winners of the Academy Award.

I like the book though and don't think its christian propaghanda by any means. Christian propaghanda is Fox News. Christian propaghanda is James Dobson. These are the people destroying are country based on a belief that has become so distorted that the followers actually advocate the exact opposite of christs teachings. I.E they're all into going to war, continueing a class war, not feeding the poor, ect.

Tom Hanks should be good in the movie, the movie should be good, and on a political note we must stop these religious nutjobs.

P.S. Supermans Returns will most likely suck. Superman is a soap star. XMen 1 and 2 are not very good films at all. If your looking for the next great franchise to get behind, get behind the new Christopher Nolan Batman franchise or the Narnia franchise, both of those are going to kick ass.

May 21 - 05:26 PM


D White

first of all this movie is going to be huge and i am really looking forward to this. i actually see this movie winning the summer and even the year simply because it will draw the same people that saw The Passion, even if they haven't even heard of the book.

Also the trailer doesnt show anything, because it is only a teaser trailer.

X-men 3 looks interesting. Superman is like Batman of this year, another attempt to recapture the glory days for DMG comics and Warner Bros.

and to the idiot that said that Superman is going to effect the gross of the Da Vinci Code, do some research before saying crap like that. Superman opens 6 weeks after Da Vinci, and SUperman faces an uphill battle against Pirates 2.

May 21 - 06:14 PM


J. P.

I thought the book sucked. There are 12 year old girls with diaries that read better than Dan Brown's hack writing. That said, maybe the movie will be good. I was so upset by what a poor writer that man is that I had trouble paying attention to the story.

May 22 - 06:12 PM


Josh Jones

Wow, that's the first person that I've ever heard say the book sucked. But hey, to each their own. I'd rather hear someone simply say they didn't like the book over psychotic people claiming propaganda any day of the week.

I think new_school_critic hit the nail on the head, in that Ron Howard is overrated and therefore could possibly ruin the movie. But that said, I think the book reads like a good movie (I obviously don't think it's a hack job), and with the actors involved and the money they'll put towards doing it right, I have high hopes.

But then again, I thought Timeline was a great book and was destined to be turned into a great movie, and we all saw how THAT one turned out. But I have more faith in the people involved with this one.

And living in the US, I can only begin to imagine how the whole country is going to flip out and go insane, politically, when this movie nears its release date. Yikes.

May 23 - 08:08 AM


Ben Johnston

[b]What's the point?[/b]
Well that's 3 minutes I'm not getting back....

Anyway, why are they wasting money advertsing the film themselves when probably quite a small but LOUD proportion of the church will do that for them? I can hear the "Down with this sort of Thing!" protests already... And I can hear the average punter thinking "Oooh this must have a lot of explicit sex/violence in it lets go and see it twice!"

Does anyone think angels and demons would have made a better book though?

May 25 - 05:39 PM


Jason Roberts

yes, because super heros and relegion are comparable.

May 29 - 06:48 PM


paul lee

[b]new school critic[/b]
you and your lefty friends are losers. i love to hear the whining from your kind. thank god we are going to have a supreme court that will keep your commie/socialist bs from screwing our country up.

Why dont all you wierdos move to Canada, you would like it up there.

Sep 14 - 09:39 PM


f s

Why are so many people so interested in this? There's really nothing there except rehashing a lot of ancient nonsense and superstition. I'm not surprised that the book was written by someone from new hampster--and if you've ever been there you know what I mean by that. What an incredible waste of time and mental energy.

Dec 15 - 09:51 PM

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