Total Recall

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Total Recall: Helen Mirren's Best Movies (28 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Oct. 15 2010, 05:25 AM

She's one of the most highly respected stars of the stage, television, and film, with an Oscar, four Emmys, and membership in the Order of the British Empire to her credit -- but Helen Mirren's eclectic filmography has always had room for more than serious arthouse fare. She's also appeared in plenty of popcorn flicks, including National Treasure 2, Inkheart, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- and this week's Red, which finds her toting a machine gun and blowing away bad guys alongside Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich. It's been a career worth celebrating, to say the least, and how better to pay tribute than a Total Recall dedicated to Dame Mirren's ten best films?

Total Recall: John Malkovich's Best Movies (48 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Oct. 08 2010, 02:53 AM

Acting demands intense dedication to craft, hard work, and plenty of luck -- but actors like John Malkovich make it look easy: He made his Broadway debut opposite Dustin Hoffman, earned an Oscar nomination for his first major movie role (in 1984's Places in the Heart), and has remained generally excellent throughout a career that currently includes more than 70 films. He'll add two more to that tally this month (this week's Secretariat and next week's Red), and in honor of all that activity, we decided to dedicate this week's feature to the ten best-reviewed movies in a filmography stacked with critical winners. It's time to forget Jonah Hex ever happened -- let's go Total Recall!

Total Recall: David Fincher's Filmography (107 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Oct. 01 2010, 04:21 AM

He's given us aliens, serial killers, cerebral thrillers, shocking endings, and a glimpse of Brad Pitt as an old man -- and now, with The Social Network, David Fincher has helped turn the story of Facebook into one of the most eagerly awaited (and best-reviewed) films of 2010. With that kind of track record, folks will bend the rules for you once in awhile, and in that spirit, we've decided to dedicate this week's feature to Mr. Fincher's filmography, presented in chronological order. He may not have enough movies to his credit to round out a Top Ten, but many of the ones he has made are among the most compelling of the last 20 years. But don't take our word for it -- let's see what the critics have to say, Total Recall style!

Total Recall: Michael Douglas' Best Movies (45 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Sep. 24 2010, 05:38 AM

Born into Hollywood royalty, Michael Douglas started his career with easier access to casting directors than most budding actors -- but that will only get you so far, and it's certainly no guarantee that you'll put together a filmography that currently stands at four decades and counting, more than 40 films (and nearly $1.5 billion in lifetime grosses), three Golden Globes, two Oscars, and one AFI Life Achievement Award. We think you'll agree that's a pretty distinguished list of achievements -- and with Douglas' latest film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, arriving in theaters this weekend, we decided to take the opportunity to look back on his finest moments... Total Recall style!

Total Recall: Ben Affleck's Best Movies (92 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Sep. 17 2010, 04:59 AM

A mere six years ago, it looked like Ben Affleck might spend the rest of his career in little-seen duds like Jersey Girl and Surviving Christmas -- a precipitous fall for a guy who won an Oscar at the age of 25 and starred in blockbusters like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and The Sum of All Fears. Now just look how things have changed: Having reinvented himself as a critically lauded director with 2007's Gone Baby Gone, Ben's back in front of (and behind) the camera this weekend with one of the season's most anticipated films -- The Town. What better time to take a fond look back at his critical highlights, Total Recall style?

Total Recall: Drew Barrymore's Best Movies (64 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Sep. 03 2010, 04:56 PM

No matter how talented they are, most child stars have a hard time making the jump to grown-up roles -- and Drew Barrymore, with a pair of rehab stints under her belt before she was old enough to drive, initially seemed to be having a harder go of it than most. But Barrymore's turbulent youth was just the beginning of a career that has seen her starring in, producing, and even directing some of the most successful films of the last 20 years (not to mention one of the most memorable cameos, courtesy of Scream). With Going the Distance arriving in theaters this weekend, Barrymore is poised to add to her already-impressive $1.5 billion lifetime gross, so we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look back at the brightest critical highlights. It's time for Total Recall!

Total Recall: Ice Cube's Best Movies (73 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Aug. 20 2010, 05:41 AM

By the time he celebrated his 20th birthday, Ice Cube had already helped found -- and had departed -- one of the most influential rap groups of all time. But as we soon learned, his time with N.W.A. was only the beginning: Cube quickly went on to start an acclaimed solo career, and with 1991's Boyz N the Hood, established himself as a force to be reckoned with on the big screen. Since then, he's amassed an eclectic filmography -- one with room for action, dramas, comedies, and family-friendly fare, and plenty of critical highs and lows to match. With his latest release, Lottery Ticket, appearing in theaters this weekend, we decided to take a look back at the critical highlights of Cube's film oeuvre. It's time for Total Recall!

Total Recall: Sylvester Stallone's Best Movies (84 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Aug. 13 2010, 10:14 AM

Action movie buffs have been waiting for August 13 all year. Why? Because it's the day Sylvester Stallone finally brings his all-star, old-school team of action vets -- a.k.a. The Expendables -- to theaters. For filmgoers, it's 103 minutes of explosive fun; for Stallone, it's just the latest achievement in a successful career that has included some of the most lucrative franchises in history -- as well as plenty of critical highlights. To celebrate this occasion, we decided to take a look back at Stallone's ten best-reviewed efforts. Which of your favorites made the list? The answers may surprise you. It's time for Total Recall!

Total Recall: Mark Wahlberg's Best Movies (86 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Aug. 06 2010, 01:28 PM

During the early 1990s, while he was flashing his abs and modeling underwear as Marky Mark, few could have suspected that beneath Mark Wahlberg's b-boy cap lurked the soul of a thespian. Now, of course, that's no longer the case -- with more than 20 roles and an Academy Award nomination (for The Departed) to his credit, Wahlberg has compiled an impressive filmography over the last 15-plus years. With his latest project, the Will Ferrell co-starring buddy cop comedy The Other Guys, arriving in theaters this weekend, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look back at Wahlberg's best-reviewed major roles. It's time for Total Recall!

Total Recall: Paul Rudd's Best Movies (61 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jul. 30 2010, 11:58 AM

If things had worked out a little differently, Paul Rudd might have become a huge star in the 1990s -- but instead, his breakout performance in Clueless led to a brief appearance in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet and big parts in a couple of forgettable romantic comedies. The decade of supporting roles that followed may not have filled Rudd's bank account with leading man money, but they added up to an eclectic filmography -- and by the time he broke out all over again as a member of Team Apatow, he was one of the more recognizable faces in the industry. To celebrate his reunion with Steve Carell in this week's Dinner for Schmucks, let's take a Total Recall look back at Rudd's best-reviewed movies!

Total Recall: Angelina Jolie's Best Movies (70 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jul. 23 2010, 04:28 AM

Both on and off the screen, Angelina Jolie has been one of the film industry's most eminently watchable celebrities for over a decade. Whether she's appearing in big-budget blockbusters (Mr. & Mrs. Smith), more thoughtful dramas (Changeling), or animated features the whole family can enjoy (Kung Fu Panda) -- or simply hypnotizing the paparazzi with her tabloid-friendly lifestyle -- Jolie hasn't strayed far from the spotlight since earning raves for her Emmy-nominated performance in HBO's Gia. In honor of her return to action with Salt, we decided to revisit the critical highlights of her billion-dollar filmography by counting down her ten best-reviewed performances. It's time for Total Recall, Angelina Jolie style!

Total Recall: Our Favorite Sci-Fi Noirs (214 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jul. 16 2010, 05:30 AM

After months of speculation and slowly deafening buzz, Christopher Nolan's Inception arrives in theaters this week, bringing with it a mind-bending storyline that promises visual thrills as well as thought-provoking themes. It's also the latest in a long line of films that blends the visceral power and dark mood of film noir with the boundless worlds of sci-fi -- so naturally, we got to thinking about our favorite sci-fi noir classics from the past. This week's Total Recall includes plenty of manhunts, an abundance of rich subtext, and -- of course -- plenty of Philip K. Dick. Let's get started!

Total Recall: Laurence Fishburne's Best Movies (81 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jul. 09 2010, 06:25 AM

When Predators arrives in theaters this weekend, it'll mark a renewal for a film franchise that has thrilled action fans for almost 25 years -- and it'll also be the latest chapter in the long and distinguished film career of Laurence Fishburne. Since making his film debut with Cornbread, Earl and Me 35 years ago, Fishburne has appeared in an incredibly diverse collection of projects, on stage (Thurgood, Two Trains Running), on television (CSI, Pee-Wee's Playhouse), and, of course, the big screen. And while you probably remember many of his showiest roles, chances are you've forgotten just how many great movies he's been in -- so we decided now would be the perfect time to celebrate his biggest critical hits with a Laurence Fishburne Total Recall!

Total Recall: Kristen Stewart's Best Movies (137 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jul. 02 2010, 04:35 AM

For the last couple of years, Kristen Stewart has been The Twilight Saga's Bella Swan -- and the middle of one of the most hotly contested love triangles in recent pop culture history. The debate between Team Jacob and Team Edward rages anew this week, with the release of Eclipse, but no matter which side you're on, there's no denying that Stewart's film career has always been about more than vampires and werewolves. Over the last decade, she's assembled a crowded, surprisingly eclectic filmography, and we decided to join in the Twilight mania by celebrating her work with this week's Total Recall. Without further ado, here are Kristen Stewart's best-reviewed movies!

Total Recall: Cameron Diaz's Best Movies (51 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jun. 25 2010, 05:41 AM

From the moment she made Jim Carrey's eyes pop out of his skull in The Mask, it was clear Cameron Diaz was a star in the making -- and she immediately started making good on that promise, building a diverse filmography that ahs grown to include some of the most successful movies of the last 16 years. Along the way, Diaz has also accumulated a fair bit of critical acclaim -- and since she's returning to theaters this week with her Vanilla Sky co-star, Tom Cruise, for the action comedy Knight and Day, we decided to celebrate by looking back at her best-reviewed films. That's right, film fans -- it's time to Total Recall!

Total Recall: The Pixar Story (179 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jun. 18 2010, 04:35 AM

Once upon a time, animation could be neatly divided into two eras: BD and AD, or before and after Disney. That all changed, however, with the release of 1995's Toy Story, a movie that -- although it bore the Disney logo -- marked the feature-length debut of an upstart studio named Pixar, one which signaled the imminent discovery of brand new, computer-generated vistas for kids of all ages. Pixar has released nine films since then, all of them remarkably Certified Fresh -- and with the studio's eleventh outing, Toy Story 3, landing in theaters this weekend, we thought now would be an opportune time to take a fond look back at the studio's extraordinary full-length filmography in chronological order.

Jackie Chan's Best Movies (109 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jun. 11 2010, 11:54 AM

An international star in the truest sense, Jackie Chan has appeared in more than 100 films over the last 30-plus years -- and even in today's hyper-hyphenated Hollywood, Chan has amassed a dizzying array of credits, serving as an actor, director, choreographer, screenwriter, and stuntman. And that doesn't take into account his career as a pop singer or his voice work as himself (in TV's The Jackie Chan Adventures) or "Master Monkey" (in Kung Fu Panda and its upcoming sequel). Yes, Jackie Chan has had an amazing career -- and as his co-starring role in this week's Karate Kid remake proves, it isn't over yet. In honor of his latest release, we decided to take a look back at Jackie's previous live-action adventures and celebrate the critical highlights, Total Recall style!

Total Recall: Cinema's Greatest Party Animals (54 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, Jun. 04 2010, 03:53 AM

Even with Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, a naked Jason Segel, and a room full of singing puppets starring, Russell Brand walked away with many of Forgetting Sarah Marshall's most memorable moments -- and his scene-stealing character, the drunken polyamorist rock star Aldous Snow, returns this week in Get Him to the Greek. This time, Snow's on the road with a record company intern (played by Jonah Hill) charged with keeping him on the straight and narrow -- a classic comedy setup that got us thinking about the many hard-living men and women who have entertained us with their movie antics. Naturally, we had to make a list, and you know what that's time to get down with our favorite party animals (presented in alphabetical order) Total Recall style!

Total Recall: Jake Gyllenhaal's Best Movies (58 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, May. 28 2010, 03:57 AM

Jake Gyllenhaal has been a Hollywood leading man for only a little over a decade, but in that short period of time, he's taken on an impressive variety of roles -- from time-traveling teen to broken-hearted cowboy to war vet, with a bubble boy thrown in for good measure -- and racked up quite a bit of critical acclaim along the way. One thing he's never done, however, is take the lead in a swashbuckling mystical adventure epic -- at least not until this weekend, when he marks his debut as Prince Dastan in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Watching Jake take out bad guys in sixth-century Persia got us to thinking about all the fine work he's done up 'til now, and you know what that's time to look at Jake Gyllenhaal's best movies, Total Recall style!

Total Recall: Saturday Night Live Movies (69 comments)

by Jeff Giles on Friday, May. 21 2010, 04:01 AM

For decades now, weekend TV viewers have enjoyed two reliable pastimes: complaining about the latest cast of Saturday Night Live, and tuning in anyway. Through deaths, ratings scares, and constant creative turnover, SNL has persevered -- and along the way, it's taken some of its most popular characters and turned them into feature films. Of course, just like the show's ratings, its big-screen success has been through some ups and downs -- and with MacGruber exploding onto screens this weekend, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a look back at every movie that got its start on SNL. Live from Rotten's Total Recall!

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