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3/4 The Wolverine (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff Even if 'The Wolverine' ultimately can't avoid its comic book roots, the movie is still powered by the morose soul of Jackman's performance. EDIT
Posted Jul 25, 2013
2/4 Red 2 (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff The sight of Helen Mirren wearing an evening dress and combat boots may be funny once. Try to build a second movie around such gags, though, and it quickly becomes apparent they weren't exactly riotous in the first place. EDIT
Posted Jul 18, 2013
3/4 Pacific Rim (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff The deliriously demented 1960s Japanese show 'Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot' proves to be a stronger influence on 'Pacific Rim' than any Godzilla movie. EDIT
Posted Jul 11, 2013
3/4 Despicable Me 2 (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff Almost as much fun as the riotous original. EDIT
Posted Jul 2, 2013
3/4 The Heat (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff So outrageously funny it makes up for a disappointing third act. EDIT
Posted Jun 27, 2013
3/4 Monsters University (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff The only reason to be disappointed with 'Monsters University' is that Pixar used to be capable of so much more EDIT
Posted Jun 21, 2013
2/4 Man of Steel (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff Oh Superman, what did you do to deserve Zack Snyder? EDIT
Posted Jun 12, 2013
1.5/4 The Internship (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff The Google logo appears so often you shouldn't have to pay to see this movie. Google should pay you. EDIT
Posted Jun 9, 2013
2.5/4 After Earth (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff At least Shyamalan has clawed his way from terrible back to so-so. EDIT
Posted May 30, 2013
2.5/4 Fast & Furious 6 (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff This series keeps chugging away on a sly attitude. Although the cast plays every scene with straight faces, it becomes increasingly obvious the actors know these films are a load of malarkey. EDIT
Posted May 24, 2013
3/4 The Great Gatsby (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff As the warning goes, Luhrmann's 'Gatsby' is no substitute for the novel, but it is way more entertaining than reading the CliffsNotes. EDIT
Posted May 9, 2013
3.5/4 Iron Man 3 (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff "Iron Man 3' has a different feel from its predecessors, and that makes it as surprising as it is exuberant. EDIT
Posted May 1, 2013
2/4 Pain & Gain (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff 'Pain & Gain' is still a bad movie. It's just not the same bad movie Bay has been making for the past 15 years, and that has to count for something. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2013
3/4 Oblivion (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff The ending is overlong and disappointing, but for an impressive stretch of time 'Oblivion' is a wonder to behold. EDIT
Posted Apr 19, 2013
3/4 42 (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff It's in the details and the performances that '42' rises above a script that tends to be too calculated and academic and a tone too indebted to 'The Natural.' EDIT
Posted Apr 12, 2013
1.5/4 G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff In the end, the heroes collect their medals and smile as if good has triumphed over evil, not sparing a thought to the allied nation across the ocean whose people will be grieving for decades to come. EDIT
Posted Mar 28, 2013
3/4 Admission (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff Once Weitz makes up his mind, 'Admission' finds its voice as a drama in time to reach a satisfying conclusion. EDIT
Posted Mar 22, 2013
2/4 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff The 'Burt Wonderstone' script is credited to Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who took on the arduous task of going through the 'Talledega Nights' script, crossing out all references to NASCAR and replacing them with references to magic. EDIT
Posted Mar 16, 2013
3/4 Oz the Great and Powerful (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff Raimi's prequel is a beautiful diversion, a colorful and clever homage to perhaps the most loved film of all time. But for all the technical wizardry that goes into it, 'Oz the Great and Powerful' does not live up to its adjectives. EDIT
Posted Mar 7, 2013
3/4 Jack the Giant Slayer (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff If not for its PG-13 rating, 'Jack the Giant Slayer' would be an old-fashioned, family oriented fantasy adventure, the type that local television stations used to run Sunday afternoons. EDIT
Posted Feb 28, 2013
2/4 Identity Thief (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff After setting up the professional and emotional devastation Jason Bateman's character suffers when his identity is stolen, the movie does its best to say, "You know what? Forget about that. Laugh at the crazy car crashes instead." EDIT
Posted Feb 13, 2013
3/4 Warm Bodies (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff For all the ill-fitting elements and plot holes, 'Warm Bodies' pulls everything together with a cheery spirit and a sense of - dare I say it? - heart. EDIT
Posted Feb 1, 2013
2/4 Broken City (2013) Jeffrey Westhoff Despite its talent, 'Broken City' is an unremarkable film. Soon enough, most everyone will forget about it. It's not 'Chinatown.' EDIT
Posted Jan 25, 2013
3.5/4 Zero Dark Thirty (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff A gripping, almost necessary, piece of filmmaking. EDIT
Posted Jan 12, 2013
2.5/4 Les Misérables (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Those who don't know the story going in will be lucky if they know it going out. EDIT
Posted Jan 4, 2013
2/4 This Is 40 (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff 'This Is 40' has moments where vulgarity doesn't impede honesty and Apatow's desire to show off his children doesn't overshadow his depiction of a contemporary family. But these moments are separated by acres of guff. EDIT
Posted Jan 4, 2013
3.4 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Fun, though more than a little trying. EDIT
Posted Dec 13, 2012
1/4 Playing for Keeps (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff At least 'Playing for Keeps' does a service for the late Rodney Dangerfield. His 'Ladybugs' is no longer the worst movie about a youth soccer coach. EDIT
Posted Dec 7, 2012
2/4 Killing Them Softly (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Another one of those films that makes you wish Quentin Tarantino had taken up hotel and restaurant management. EDIT
Posted Dec 7, 2012
3.5/4 Life of Pi (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Ang Lee, in his best work since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, makes 3-D integral to the storytelling in this miracle of a film. EDIT
Posted Nov 20, 2012
3.5/4 Skyfall (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Released on the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films, Skyfall is simultaneously one of the series' most rousing entries and one of its most vexing. EDIT
Posted Nov 9, 2012
3.5/4 Wreck-It Ralph (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff The giddiest cartoon comedy in years. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
3/4 Cloud Atlas (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff At nearly three hours long, 'Cloud Atlas' seldom slows its pace and remains entertaining the whole way through. That in itself is a remarkable feat. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
1/4 Alex Cross (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff So many other things are wrong with the wretched 'Alex Cross' that Perry's somnambulistic performance doesn't even crack the top five. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
3.5/4 Argo (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff While I'm not buying into the early Oscar hype for 'Argo,' it is a gripping and exciting story that is mostly true and mostly authentic. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
3/4 Frankenweenie (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff 'Frankenweenie' is far from his best, but it is a timely reassurance that the old Tim Burton still exists and may be able to work his black magic again. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
1.5/4 The Words (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Nothing, absolutely nothing, makes 'The Words' interesting. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
2/4 Arbitrage (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Not worth a trip to the theater, but it might be worth catching on TV some day you've got nothing better to do. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
2/4 Trouble With the Curve (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff Everyone grins as if 'Trouble With the Curve' has hit a triumphant home run, but in reality it reaches the plate after a series of errors. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
2/4 Hit & Run (2012) Jeffrey Westhoff It's 'Smokey and the Bandit' as conceived by a Quentin Tarantino wannabe. EDIT
Posted Nov 2, 2012
3.5/4 Inception (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff Inception is the rare blockbuster entry as sophisticated and intelligent as it is exciting and spectacular. EDIT
Posted Jul 15, 2010
3.5/4 Despicable Me (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff Most computer-animated movies released in 3-D these days, including Toy Story 3, aren't worth seeing in the format. Despicable Me is one of the happy exceptions. EDIT
Posted Jul 8, 2010
2/4 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff Not as deathly dull as Twilight or as screamingly dull as New Moon, Eclipse is merely dull. EDIT
Posted Jul 1, 2010
3/4 Toy Story 3 (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff The oft-misused term "trilogy" probably will accompany this third film, but Toy Story 3 feels less like a final chapter than a long, superficially satisfying afterword. EDIT
Posted Jun 17, 2010
2/4 The A-Team (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff As willfully brainless as the movie is, it would indeed be escapist fun if its many action sequences were exhilarating. Instead, they are just as chaotic as the plot. EDIT
Posted Jun 10, 2010
2.5/4 The Karate Kid (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff What makes this Karate Kid frustrating is that the movie it ought to be is right there on the screen, but so are 20 minutes of extraneous fluff. Ignoring Mr. Miyagi's advice, the filmmakers let the story wax on and on. EDIT
Posted Jun 10, 2010
1.5/4 Sex and the City 2 (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff Future Bolsheviks will use Sex and the City 2 as a recruiting film. EDIT
Posted May 27, 2010
2.5/4 Shrek Forever After (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff This is one grim fairy tale. EDIT
Posted May 27, 2010
2.5/4 Robin Hood (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff Robin Hood doesn't become the swashbuckling bandit of Sherwood until the final moments, when the tag "And so the legend begins" appears. You may walk away liking this Robin Hood well enough, but wishing you had seen the sequel. EDIT
Posted May 14, 2010
3.5/4 Iron Man 2 (2010) Jeffrey Westhoff Iron Man 2 is as good as the 2008 original and may be even better. EDIT
Posted May 7, 2010