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Greengrass is a talented filmmaker with a documentary background and a knack for getting at the immediacy of events. With The Bourne Ultimatum, he hits the ground running and just never stops.
Posted Aug 3, 2007
[Filmmaker Ferran] has created the oddity of a rather bland film about awakening sexuality.
Posted Jul 20, 2007
Hairspray (2007)
I would pay to see any film that allows Christopher Walken to dance and in a tux no less.
Posted Jul 20, 2007
Fido (2007)
Fido's humor comes from the clash of genres: bright cheery Americana butting up against the death and destruction of zombie horror.
Posted Jul 14, 2007
Black Sheep (2006)
The human characters in Black Sheep are nothing more than tired stereotypes... But the sheep are fabulous!
Posted Jul 14, 2007
Snape even gets some extended scenes... and is no longer a peripheral eccentric presence but rather he's now showing shades of coloring beyond his dour black.
Posted Jul 14, 2007
Eagle vs. Shark is something of an anti-romantic comedy because its leads are so ill-suited to the conventions of the genre.
Posted Jul 5, 2007
Transformers (2007)
This is a Transformers movie, so why do the humans take up so much of the time, story and heroics? It should be robots with maybe a few humans on the periphery, not the other way around.
Posted Jul 3, 2007
Sicko (2007)
Sicko is not Moore's best made documentary but he deserves praise for forcing an issue to the forefront of national debate.
Posted Jul 2, 2007
It's truly rare to find something this original, honest and insightful.
Posted Jul 2, 2007
Ratatouille (2007)
The scene in which Ego samples Remy's ratatouille is the single best moment in the film and it rivals the moment when the Grinch's heart grows...
Posted Jul 2, 2007
La Vie en Rose provides a tantalizing introduction to the tiny dynamo that was Edith Piaf but it's far from being a definitive or enlightening portrait of the famous singer.
Posted Jun 27, 2007
Showbusiness: The Road to Broadway is essentially a valentine to a profession that filmmaker Dori Berinstein loves and admires.
Posted Jun 27, 2007
1408 (2007)
It's offers a refreshing spin on the horror formula, and joins The Shining, Vacancy and Barton Fink as a film that makes the usually accommodating hotel business seem disturbingly bad for your mental health.
Posted Jun 27, 2007
I'd call it a guilty pleasure only I don't feel any guilt about having enjoyed it so much. It's a big dumb lug of a film but it has no pretenses about being anything else.
Posted Jun 27, 2007
Paprika (2006)
Paprika offers a breathtakingly surreal journey. It's a film that may serve up mass destruction and ponder some nightmarish scenarios, but underneath it has a warm humanity and humor that's utterly endearing.
Posted Jun 15, 2007
But for the second film, Story and company have smartly turned to one of Marvel's most intriguing characters, the Silver Surfer (body by Doug Jones, voice courtesy of Laurence Fishburne).
Posted Jun 15, 2007
Surf's Up (2007)
The mockumentary format of Surf's Up proves entertaining and gives the film a savvier spin than if the story had been told in a straightforward manner.
Posted Jun 11, 2007
Day Watch (2007)
The filmmakers destroy Moscow with the same glee that Godzilla has in stomping Tokyo. Even though Day Watch is probably a good 20 minutes too long, it's easy to forgive its excesses because Bekmambetov just seems to be having so much fun.
Posted Jun 11, 2007
Roth is not you're run of the mill schlock horror director. He's smart, and his films are clever works of nastiness.
Posted Jun 11, 2007
If Ocean's 13 could treat theaters like clubs then they'd place bouncers at the doors so that only the cool people would be let in. That would definitely cut into profits but it would be in keeping with how the film would like to brand itself...
Posted Jun 11, 2007
It's a mindless, occasionally entertaining entry into the genre but it brings nothing fresh or innovative to the table. It's too bad because the first film was so good and Fresnadillo looked like a promising choice to take over.
Posted Jun 5, 2007
Waitress (2007)
Shelly pens dialogue that has both sass and a down home country matter of factness. She conveys the camaraderie amongst the women with warmth and humor.
Posted Jun 5, 2007
Once (2007)
It somehow manages to pay homage to the old Hollywood musicals as it reinvents them. It's a film that's rooted in the real world yet also manages to transcend it.
Posted Jun 5, 2007
Paris Je T'aime is a charmer. It's like a sampler plate of sweet confections, delightful but not very substantial, and with enough variety to please just about everyone.
Posted Jun 5, 2007
Knocked Up (2007)
One of the best scenes in the film belongs to Harold Ramis as Ben's dad. When Ben goes to his father with concerns about his own impending fatherhood, the two share a lovely heart to heart.
Posted Jun 5, 2007
Personally, I'd rather go on the Disneyland ride than to have to suffer through the two sequels ever again. Although the ride has now been changed to include multiple Jack Sparrows, so there's simply no escaping the film.
Posted Jun 5, 2007
Fay Grim (2007)
Fay Grim arrives like a breath of fresh air in a stale summer of big budget sequels. It's smart, breezy, serious and silly. It also allows Parker Posey to shine.
Posted May 18, 2007
Next (2007)
Next might have sounded good as a concept but it bombs in execution. Maybe it should have stuck more closely to Dick's novel and incorporated more of its complexities rather than just skimming one idea off the surface.
Posted May 11, 2007
Red Road (2007)
Red Road is a knockout first feature from Andrea Arnold... Her intimate thriller raises moral questions as it ponders guilt, revenge and redemption.
Posted May 11, 2007
Offside (2006)
Panahi's films represent an evolution, and Offside is best understood in the context of his body of work.
Posted May 11, 2007
Spider-Man 3 (2007)
The topper is Bruce Campbell's appearance as a French waiter. Campbell, who worked with Raimi in the early Evil Dead days, is hilarious as a snotty waiter whose help Peter enlists for a "perfect" romantic evening.
Posted May 11, 2007
Year of the Dog is lucky to have a pack of dogs running through the film. They provide the only warmth and energy to be found.
Posted Apr 27, 2007
Yet not even the Pang brothers' sense of panache can redeem what is a lame script by Mark Wheaton.
Posted Apr 21, 2007
A ponderous, uninspired portrait of a serial-killer-in-the-making with Webber missing every opportunity to build suspense and deliver chills.
Posted Apr 21, 2007
Tears of the Black Tiger is like a fever dream dripping with overripe romantic melodrama. Imagine Douglas Sirk directing a spaghetti western.
Posted Apr 21, 2007
Hot Fuzz (2007)
A high octane, sweetly appealing, absolutely hilarious cop actioner. I never thought all those elements could be rolled together so brilliantly...
Posted Apr 21, 2007
Park forces us to consider a world where good intentions go awry, decent people do bad things, and fate deals cruel cards. But even at its darkest moments, Sympathy finds surprising and heartbreaking shreds of humanity.
Posted Apr 19, 2007
If you have a taste for revenge or just a taste for wickedly well-done filmmaking, help yourself to a serving of Lady Vengeance.
Posted Apr 19, 2007
Oldboy (2005)
As played by Choi Min-shik, Dae-su attains tragic stature. He's like a shaggy King Lear undone by his own foolishness.
Posted Apr 19, 2007
Grindhouse (2007)
It makes going to the movies an event.
Posted Apr 6, 2007
The Departed (2006)
The Departed doesn't improve in any way on Infernal Affairs, which served up a return to stylish Hong Kong action.
Posted Mar 30, 2007
The resulting film reveals an artist who has seriously reflected on his work and carefully considered what to add, what to alter and sometimes what to remove.
Posted Mar 30, 2007
Donnie Darko (2001)
Kelly captures, better than any film in recent memory other than Election, what it feels like to be in high school.
Posted Mar 30, 2007
The Lookout (2007)
The Lookout delivers a fine contemporary noir tale with a lead character that's more richly drawn than most. Plus it boasts yet another wonderfully nuanced performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Posted Mar 30, 2007
The filmmakers reveal a keen eye for oddities in the American landscape be it a pair of conjoined twins trying to look normal, a huge ark sitting in the middle of a Montana town or a rocket nestled in a barn.
Posted Mar 23, 2007
300 (2007)
There's so much testosterone pumping through the new film 300 that the screen seems to sweat the male hormone.
Posted Mar 23, 2007
Blood Diamond presents itself as an action thriller but the genre trappings can't hide the fact that Zwick wants to teach audiences another history lesson and lecture them on political correctness.
Posted Dec 10, 2006
Fuck (F*ck) (2005)
What's great about the documentary is the mix of people Anderson interviews for opinions and insights.
Posted Dec 10, 2006