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1 ——

Fear of a Black Republican ()

"Have you ever noticed how few African-American Republicans there are? That fundamental question rests at the heart of this eye-opening expose' offering a variety of intriguing answers. "

Posted Apr 14, 2011

Kam Williams

2 76%

Invictus (2009)

"The rainbow nation starts here!"

Posted Dec 9, 2009

Kam Williams

3 ——

Fair Game (2005)

"With colorful characters relying on exaggerated Ebonics, this sitcom unfolds like an extended episode of a modern-day, minstrel TV show except not as funny, especially since the stereotypes on display here are by and large woefully outdated."

Posted May 25, 2007

Kam Williams

4 64%

Roll Bounce (2005)

"For some reason, teasing people about their skin color has become a big theme of brainless black comedies like this. Plus, it unfolds like one long Pepsi ad, with dialogue extolling the cola's virtues in virtually every scene."

Posted May 7, 2007

Kam Williams

5 23%

Freedomland (2006)

"By frequently relying on dizzying, hand-held camera work, director Joe Roth manufactures a palpable sense of perhaps unearned urgency."

Posted Feb 19, 2007

Kam Williams

6 ——

G (2006)

"An intricate update of The Great Gatsby exploring such themes as greed, ambition, passion, infidelity and more greed, all against the elegant backdrop of Long Island's leisure class."

Posted Jan 22, 2007

Kam Williams

7 76%

Brother to Brother (2004)

"A production which earns accolades for so sensitively shedding light on a subject many would prefer be kept in the closet."

Posted Jan 9, 2007

Kam Williams

8 ——

Who Made the Potatoe Salad? (2006)

"The ghetto goes Godzilla! The actors' lips are frequently not synchronized with their dialogue, producing an effect which makes the movie look like a badly-dubbed Japanese monster movie from the Fifties."

Posted Jan 8, 2007

Kam Williams

9 75%

Crash (2004)

"This articulate and particularly poignant mood piece demands nothing of its audience, except for some brutally honest introspection about our unquestioned presumptions about the human condition. Easily, the best film of 2005."

Posted Jan 3, 2007

Kam Williams

10 97%

When the Levees Broke (2006)

"Despite capturing many heartbreaking aspects of the disaster, this is essentially an overambitious mess which ultimately fails to convey effectively the scale or scope of the ongoing tragedy."

Posted Jan 3, 2007

Kam Williams

11 11%

Are We There Yet? (2005)

"This lame excuse for a family flick stars Ice Cube and Nia Long, but features a Ford SUV, the Lincoln Navigator, in what really amounts to an over-extended automobile ad."

Posted Jan 3, 2007

Kam Williams

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